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9.1 Cuisinart CPT-435

The good

Regardless of whether you want to defrost, reheat or toast, this model will get the job done in no time, while you are making coffee or handle other chores in the kitchen.

A lot of adjusting options are available, so you will encounter no troubles when wanting to warm some bagels, or toast thicker slices of bread.

You will have no issues with reading the countdown timer, as it is displayed on an LCD screen that is easy to read.

The removable crumb tray is a great feature, because it makes keeping the toaster clean very easy.

The overall style is appealing, and many consumers appreciate having an efficient toaster with great looks, as showed by many Cuisinart CPT-435 toaster reviews.


The bad

Certain breads sold on the market are wider or longer than standard sliced bread and this can be a small issue when someone tries to stuff them into a toaster. While the Cuisinart CPT-435 Countdown 4-Slice Stainless Steel Toaster can accommodate pretty wide slices, if you want to toast deli bread that is usually longer than others, you will need to apply some trimming, to make sure that all the bread gets toasted evenly.

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My opinion on this product


When it comes to toasting bread, things are usually pretty straightforward. However, there are some toasters that come equipped with extra functions like the Cuisinart CPT-435 Countdown 4-Slice Stainless Steel Toaster that can do more than toast bread. This toaster can easily warm up your bagels, reheat snacks that have gone cold, and defrost when needed. All in all, this is a great toaster that can get you an entire meal ready while you get prepared to leave for work. In case you have never thought about purchasing a toaster with extra functions, this is the best 4 slice toaster you can find with such options available.


Do you care a lot about making various adjustments to your toast? Then you will find this particular model to come in handy. With no fewer than 7 browning settings available, and self adjusting slots that can accommodate thinner or thicker slices of bread, you will find that there is hardly something this toaster cannot do, when it comes to heating, toasting and defrosting pastry treats.

9.2 Cuisinart CPT-435

The LCD screens the models comes equipped with lends it a nice look, but they are also practical, because you will always know when your toast is about to be ready.


As a toaster with removable crumb tray, this Cuisinart model is easy to clean and to maintain, which is a great plus for anyone who wants to enjoy tasty toast for a long time.

Another aspect mentioned by many users is the overall design of this toaster. Its stainless steel case makes it a good option for any kitchen and any layout.



When you want to get good tasty toast and enjoy other functions, like warming up your bagels and defrosting your favorite treats, this is a recommended buy. Considered the best toaster from Cuisinart, it is ideal for anyone wishing for perfect toast every morning, with zero effort.


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