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Cuisinart CPT-320 2-Slice Toaster Review


The good

As stated in the Cuisinart CPT-320 compact toaster reviews you have the benefit of the durable construction, and sleek design.

You will appreciate how easy this toaster is to operate, and the versatile design also makes cleaning a breeze.

This is often considered the best toaster from Cuisinart, and it includes plenty of options to ensure your bread is evenly browned every time.

This 2 slice toaster features extra wide slots that are designed to toast everything from bagels to thin slices of bread without burning.


The bad

While this is considered the best 2 slice toaster some consumers have mentioned that the separate sides do not brown evenly, but this is usually due to one half of the bread being thicker and not an issue with the product.

The touch buttons are labeled, but some consumers have mentioned that it can be difficult to see in low lighting.

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My opinion on this product


This 2-slice toaster features a sleek stainless steel construction that is designed to last. The toaster blends in beautifully with your other kitchen appliances, and features a compact design that is easy to store. The black side panels stay cool to the touch when the toaster is in use, and also give it a modern appeal. Designed to last and look great this compact toaster is perfect in almost any kitchen.


Like most toasters with a slide out crumb tray this model is easy and convenient to clean and operate. The four touch buttons are labeled to make selecting the right option quick and easy, and you also have the advantage of the removable crumb tray. The convenient tray prevents crumbs from getting stuck in the bottom of the toaster, and it simply slides out for easy emptying. This 2 slice toaster also features a versatile design that includes a convenient cord that allows this compact appliance to be used facing any direction.


You have the advantage of being able to choose from several options to ensure that your bread is perfectly toasted every time. The four touch buttons are labeled so you can choose to reheat cold toast, defrost frozen breakfast items, or find the perfect setting for your bagel. There is also a convenient “cancel” button, and with 6 toasting settings it is easy to get your bread to the perfect color. The dial makes it easy to select a lower setting for lightly browned toast, or you can choose one of the higher numbers to give your bread a darker color.


With wide toasting slots that measure 1 ½ inches it is easy to toast everything from pastries, thick bagels, and all types of bread. The functions include one that is designed specifically for denser bagels, and helps to ensure that each one turns out perfectly toasted every time. You also have the advantage of the bread carriage that raises the toaster higher than some similar models, making it easier to grab your food without burning your fingers.


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