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Cuisinart CPT-180 4-Slice Toaster Review



The good

This model has unique controls for each double toast unit, allowing easy and efficient customization when needed.

Its excellent toasting options can be used to adjust the desired toast level or help defrost food. All these options help cover the entire range of possibilities offered by a dual toaster.

It comes with extra wide toast slots capable of adjusting to even the biggest kind of bread slices or frozen toast available.

The resistant stainless steel construction assures great durability over the years and makes it the best toaster from Cuisinart money can buy today.

A comprehensible guide book is included.  Covering all its options and detailing its functions, this excellent manual helps the user accommodate fast with the model as they have all the necessary information at hand.


The bad

While performing our testing on this model, we noticed a small inconvenience. Although this is not a big problem, we found it worth mentioning. The toaster had a bit of an issue keeping the bread evenly toasted. We acknowledge that this is a common problem for many toasters and sandwich makers, and that most users will not pay the same attention to this detail as we did.

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My opinion on this product


Designed for efficiency and comfort, the dual control set is an excellent addition, allowing complete independent control for each separate double toasting unit. This feature, along with its excellent customization and control panel makes it the best 4 slice toaster we tested so far.


Unlike many other models on the market today, the Cuisinart CPT-180 offers an impressive amount of customization. From the toast duration function to the baguette mode, this toaster with dual reheat has it all. Easy to adjust and use, each option gives more control over the final results.


Loved by all the Cuisinart CPT-180 toaster reviews, the extra wide toaster slots come in handy each time a large bread slice or frozen toast product is used. Created to accept a large variety of bread slices and frozen toast products, from the smaller ones to the largest available, this toaster is an instant hit among its users.


When it comes to durability, this toaster comes on top of all others. Almost indestructible and featuring an excellent stainless steel casing, the Cuisinart CPT-180 is built to last. With its excellent retro design, superb functionality and rugged construction, this toaster is by far one of the best buy choices of the year.


Together with the toaster comes a superb manual that details all its functionalities and options. Simple to read and understand, this manual will make anyone a toaster expert whenever they are using the Cuisinart CPT-180.



Designed for both comfort and durability, simple to use and featuring a superb classic design, this toaster is one of the best models money can buy today. With its excellent double controls, it places the user in full control, giving them an entire range of possibilities and customizations. Replacing with ease two separate toasters, the toaster Cuisinart CPT-180 is one of the best toasters you can get at the moment and we highly recommend it.


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