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Cuisinart CPT-160 2-Slice Toaster Review


Convenient features make the Cuisinart CPT-160 a good and reliable choice for anyone in search of a good and reliable toaster. Capable of toasting bread, defrosting pastry and warming up bagels, it is a handy tool for your kitchen. Easy clean up and a sturdy casing contribute to the good reputation of this unit. Anything you need in a toaster will be found here, and many buyers are praising it for its outstanding features.

1.Cuisinart CPT-160


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Handy button controls

Toasting bread should not be complicated, and the Cuisinart CPT-160 makes things really simple. The button controls offer you all the options you need in a toaster. You can reheat, or defrost your pastry, and bagels are easily accommodated by this unit. Because it lets you choose what function to use, the model is particularly convenient. Defrosting is great for the times when you need to defrost pastry brought from the store and kept in the fridge. Reheating is a handy feature, because it lets you bring your toast or pastry to the desired temperature. A lot of people enjoy bagels, and it is a really great thing that this model comes with a function particular for them.


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Browning settings

Getting the right shade of brown can be a real challenge for anyone. Again, the Cuisinart CPT-160 helps you out. Its 6 different browning settings are very convenient and they let you choose from a wide array of options. Now you can bring your toast to the right level of crispiness and brown shading, so you can enjoy your breakfast even more.


Extra lift carriage

A nice touch of this particular model is represented by the extra lift carriage. There is no enjoyment in having to scoop up with your fingers smaller pastry, like bagels, from your toaster. The manufacturer thought about everything and equipped this model with an extra lift carriage that can be used to bring smaller items to the top so you can easily grab them and enjoy them.


Additional features

The model reviewed here already has all the needed features in a toaster, but it does not hurt at all that it comes with some additional ones that make your life even easier. The LED indicator lights let you in the process of toasting, and the slide out crumb tray helps you clean fast and easy. An instruction book is readily available, so you can learn how to best use this unit in order to get the best results. The 3 year warranty offered by the manufacturer is a clear sign that this toaster is built to last.

3.Cuisinart CPT-160


The Cuisinart CPT-160 is a great purchase for anyone who enjoys having toasted bread for breakfast. Capable of heating up bagels, the model comes with a special lift carriage so you can take out the smaller food items without a hassle. The model is designed to offer you perfect satisfaction, as it comes with 6 different browning settings. A plethora of extras contribute to the overall great appeal of this nice looking toaster.


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