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Cuisinart CPT-122 2-Slice Compact Toaster Review




The good

The stylish and compact design makes this the best toaster from Cuisinart.

According to the Cuisinart CPT-122 toaster reviews this model includes plenty of functions so you can toast all types of bread perfectly.

The affordable price makes this the best 2 slice toaster, along with the available warranty.

This toaster is designed to be easy to clean and operate.


The bad

Some consumers have mentioned that the power cord is in the front of the toaster, and this unique design might not suit all personal tastes.

While there are not any toaster accessories required to use this product, some consumers have mentioned that they wish it slightly larger slots.


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My opinion on this product


One of the first things you’ll notice about this toaster is its classic and modern design. The white metal body is durable, sturdy and features a compact construction. The toaster is designed to fit into smaller spaces, and you’ll love the modern touch the stainless steel accents bring to your kitchen. You have the advantage of being able to place the toaster sideways or front facing depending on the amount of space you have on your counters.


This toaster includes plenty of controls that are also easy to operate. A clearly marked knob lets you choose from 7 settings, so you can have a perfect piece of toast every time. Choose a lower number for lightly toasted bread or one of the higher settings for a dark and crunchier texture. The two bread slots are wide enough for bagels and thicker slices of bread, and the slide lever lets you choose between different controls. Thaw and toast a frozen bagel to perfection, or simply select the setting to reheat a leftover one.


With different settings for toast, along with the ability to reheat and thaw it is surprising at how affordable this 2 slice toaster is. With many of the functions included on the higher end models and a stylish design, it is easy to see why this is a popular household model. You can also have the added benefit of the included manufacturer’s warranty simply by contacting the company’s customer service.


The controls are clearly marked for easy operation, and to ensure you always have great tasting toast and bagels in the morning. The power cord simply plugs into the nearest kitchen outlet, and you will also appreciate how easy this toaster is to clean. The bottom of the toaster is slightly raised to make cleanup easy underneath, and you also have the advantage of the removable crumb tray.



This compact toaster is perfect for kitchens with a limited amount of counter space, and it also features a classic and modern design. It blends in beautifully with almost any kitchen d├ęcor, including modern stainless steel appliances. You have the advantage of two slots that are wide enough for bagels, along with the easy to operate controls. Have your toast as light or dark as you prefer, and you will love how easy it is to clean up afterwards.


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