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CucinaPro 1443 Electric Tortilla Maker Review


The CucinaPro 1443 is the ideal choice for people who love Mexican specialties, like quesadillas, gyros, or tacos. This tortilla maker can bake any kind of flatbread you need for your recipes and it will make your work in the kitchen as easy as a breeze. Easy to use and easy to maintain, this is a great addition to your array of cooking utensils.


My opinion of this product


Uniform baking makes this tortilla maker stand out

When you are preparing your flatbreads for your Mexican recipes, the last thing you need is for your tortilla, or your pita, to be burned in places, and undone in others. That will definitely ruin your food and no matter how great you are at cooking, a badly made tortilla will just ruin everything. Now you no longer have to worry about such things. This tortilla maker is perfectly capable of distributing heat evenly so that the tortillas and the flatbreads are cooked to perfection. The heavy weight aluminum plates conduct heat and distribute it uniformly, so you can enjoy the perfect taste of your recipes each and every time.


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Baking 10 inch tortillas and other flatbreads have never been easier

Most Mexican recipes are made with 10 inch tortillas and flatbreads and this is exactly what this tortilla maker offers you. Because this is an electric model, you do not have to separate flatting the tortilla and baking the tortilla in two separate processes. All you have to do is to place the dough on the bottom cooking plate and press it so it can flatten to perfection, and let the unit do the baking for you. Your tortillas and flatbreads will have the perfect thickness desired, for your maximum convenience.


Easy cleanup is another great advantage

The cooking plates are completely non-stick, so you will not have to worry about burned spills and the like. After each use, you only need to wipe clean the surfaces with a damp cloth, and the tortilla maker will be ready to use for another time when you are in the mood for eating gyros, quesadillas, tostadas or tacos.



Extra things to like about this model

Besides all of the above, this model also comes with some extra convenient features that will surely be to your liking. The electric cord wraps conveniently, and the tortilla maker can be stored upright, so it will take little space on your kitchen counter or inside a kitchen cabinet.



There are some really great things to like about the CucinaPro 1443. It is a tortilla maker that will help you with all the Mexican recipes you want to try that include tortillas or flatbreads in their composition. Because this is an electric model, it is very easy to use, and the unit will take care of perfectly flattening the tortillas and baking them, so you only need to focus on what to fill them with. The cooking plates are 100% non-stick, so they are easy to clean up, with the help of damp cloth. Extras include convenient cord wrap and upright storage.


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