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Cotton candy isn’t just for kids. Most adults love the way it looks on the table, whether it is edible or not. Furthermore, it does wonders when it comes to decorating the table, particularly if you have a family over for lunch or dinner and they have kids.

It goes without saying that the greatest advantage of cotton candy when it’s used as a decoration is that it’s perfectly edible and therefore poses no risk to the health and safety of kids. If you have been considering integrating some cotton candy into your serving routine or perhaps would like to spice up a party you are organizing, you’ve come to the right place.

Check out the following ideas we’ve gathered for your consideration. They’ll make you love cotton candy both for its taste and for its looks.





Because it’s sweet, it can’t be served as a main course. However, when it comes to dessert, nothing beats some cotton candy combinations, some of which we felt compelled to jot down in this list. Take cotton candy fudge and serve it with milk. Perhaps you’d like it with some sprinkles on or would enjoy preparing some mini cheesecakes. How about some cotton candy popcorn or dip? Put it in a jar and it’s all into one: food, decoration, and a party favor.

Everyone knows that meringues are very hard to prepare and ask for countless hours spent in the kitchen. It does not have to be all that difficult if you use cotton candy.

If you ever feel unsure about what your guests might enjoy, try some cotton candy melts or some ice cream. The consistency of these two snacks is amazing and will certainly sweep you off your feet.





Even though it might not be the most common thing to drink in the world, cotton candy can be used for various liquid concoctions, such as lemonade, hot chocolate, punch, and even fizz. The vast majority of the formerly mentioned drinks are easy to prepare. Moreover, the neat thing about them is that they have the ability to bring a smile to everyone’s face. They look great and they will taste amazing in the mouth of anyone with a sweet tooth.



The best fun recipes you might want to consider


Since the internet is filled with tips and tricks you may want to use for serving, we have decided to mention the best recipes you’d like to take into account. Based on what we’ve seen from the users’ comments, some of the highly thought of cotton candy serving ideas include candy shoppe party cupcakes, cotton candy cake cookies, pink vanilla cake, no bake cheesecake, cotton candy mousse and s’mores.

Adults might enjoy some cotton candy cocktails, which can be done by simply adding some on top of some champagne. If the cotton candy is colored, it will turn the champagne into a fun, colorful beverage.





Nothing is worse than a boring party, one that you have to attend because of your family and friends, and one that you just can’t wait to leave. Believe it or not, cotton candy can be used even for activities. For one, children love its looks and taste, and even its smell.

That’s why they’ll adore puff paint cotton candy craft or some play dough prepared with the same sweet treat. Cloud dough is an additional fun activity for kids, and if you’re into experiments, you may want to try your luck with some cotton candy scented rice. Everyone’s had enough with the classic, boring recipes that everyone’s eating all year round. As long as you stick to the recipe, cake is good no matter what you put in it, but some cotton candy tricks can take your party to a whole new level.





It’s fluffy, it’s colored, it’s sweet, and it’s downright hypnotizing. It’s cotton candy. No one is stopping you from making some beautiful decorations with this fun treat. These may range from wax melts and lights to invitations and table toppers. Let’s not forget about some cotton candy bouquets, which are not only nice-looking but also remarkably easy to do.



Take a walk down memory lane


Probably the greatest advantage of cooking with and using cotton candy for your party is the feeling you’ll get when looking at it. Nothing beats remembering how your parents or grandparents used to take you for cotton candy. Even if you didn’t go through these experiences, somehow cotton candy manages to make you reminisce about your childhood years. Protection Status