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ClearMax CF-892 Electric Chocolate Fountain Review


Capable of offering a cascade of delicious, mouth-watering liquid chocolate, the ClearMax 3 Tier Chocolate Fountain will serve as a wonderful centerpiece for any table at a special event both indoor and outdoor. Lightweight at just two pounds, the chocolate fountain holds up to 2.5 pounds of melted chocolate. This means there’s lots of chocolate to coat plenty of pretzels, cookies, marshmallows and fruits that you can serve at your party. Create a rich and elegant ambience during special events with this revolutionary device that can deliver an awesome flow of chocolate in which guests can dip a variety of party food that is made truly festive because of the rich chocolate coating. The chocolate fountain has three tiers, not just two, upon which a steady cascade of rich dark or white chocolate can flow endlessly.


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A well designed party attraction 

The premium-quality stainless steel base and tower provide stability and ensure durability. Amazingly easy to use, the chocolate fountain produces a mesmerizing cascading effect thanks to its auger-style mechanism that brings the melted chocolate up toward the top tier, where it all streams down into the base to be once again driven upward, creating an endless stream of rich chocolate. This chocolate fountain has more tiers than mini and personal models so it can hold more chocolate, since the number of tiers is directly proportional to the capacity of this kind of device. This makes the ClearMax Chocolate Fountain a commercial model that can be rented out for parties and events. Quite easy to set up, the chocolate fountain will make a great party fixture even when used regularly.


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Easy to operate

Outfitted with two knobs, the chocolate fountain offers independent controls for the heat motor and the heat, so the user can customize the way the liquid chocolate flows through the unit. Quite easy to set up, the fountain can be up and going in minutes so your guests can enjoy cascading streams of chocolate to make luxurious party food out of ordinary food items. Make parties more festive and grand with this smart solution that imparts that rich texture of chocolate to ordinary party fare. Your guests will be impressed with this bright idea, since you can serve various fruits that can be coated with delicious chocolate. With this device, ordinary finger foods become more exciting and truly delectable.

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Additional benefits

The ClearMax 3 Tier Chocolate Fountain is one of the best chocolate fountain models on the market thanks to its large capacity and multiple number of tiers. Made of food-grade stainless steel, the unit ensures safety in use. The legs at the base have a self-leveling capability to ensure that the unit remains stable and steady on the table. You can adjust the unit to suit the surface on which it is placed. The top of the unit through which the liquid chocolate flows down can be outfitted with a topper to make the unit conform to the event’s theme. This makes the machine truly suitable for the event. The chocolate fountain offers a great way to make special occasions even more classy and elegant.


If you like to entertain guests and host marvelous parties, you can’t go wrong with this chocolate fountain. It will certainly be a hit with people of all ages as they can coat all their favorite foods in tasty hot chocolate. The unit is easy to set up and operate so you won’t have to worry about spending a lot of time preparing it for events. If you’re looking for a reliable chocolate fountain, this model should definitely be on your short list of options.


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