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A raclette grill is a nice way of gathering your friends and family around your living room table, while everyone cooks his or her food. It’s a fantastic method of avoiding to spend countless hours in the kitchen while preparing complicated dishes. However, once you have bought your unit, you need to learn how to maintain and clean it properly. After all, nothing beats maintenance when it comes to prolonging the life of a raclette grill.

To make matters considerably easier, we’ve put together a list of tips and tricks that can assist you with using and maintaining your model.



The basics


Prior to any cleaning, consumers are instructed to unplug the grill. If you plan on removing the grill plate, or even switch or flip it, it might be a good idea to allow it to fully cool before doing so. The cord must be kept away from heat sources, partly because it can become damaged and thus affect the durability of the item, and partly because electricity might pose a health risk to the users.

Neither the grill nor the cord should be immersed in water or other liquids, regardless of their density or temperature. The cord is particularly off-limits.

To remove the food from the surface of the grill, the buyers are kindly asked to utilize only heat resistant spatulas, which won’t melt because of the heat. Furthermore, users are advised to avoid using metal spatulas or other utensils, as they will damage the surface of the grill. Try to stick to rubber, wooden, and silicone utensils, provided that they are capable of withstanding high heat.

Other details regarding maintenance are quite understandable, and they may range from understanding that raclette grills are made for one thing and one thing online, which is cooking food. Don’t use them outside of the house and don’t place your unit near hot gas, inside your oven, or near an electric burner. Not all pieces in a raclette grill are made of metal or stone, and so they might be affected by heat.

It goes without saying that just the removable plates should be utilized for cooking.



How to clean your raclette grill


As previously mentioned, the unit must be unplugged before beginning any cleaning. Avoid submerging the entire grill in water. Instead, use a damp cloth to wipe the food, spice, or grease remains. With a mild detergent, the grill plate, hot stone, dishes, and spatulas, can be washed with warm water. Any plate made of cast iron should be dried as fast as possible following the washing.


Cleaners such as wire brushes or steel wool should not be utilized when cleaning a raclette grill. The same goes for abrasive cleaners. Any sort of grime can be removed by leaving the plate to soak in warm water for a while. The hot stone can be cleaned with the help of a scouring pad or a stainless steel scraper.

Some people might find it difficult to clean their raclette cooktops, and they may resort to using various substances, from vinegar to baking soda. The main thing to keep in mind is that a raclette stone gets exposed to tremendous heat levels, and discoloration or caramelization can occur. Most of the manuals provided by various manufacturers will instruct you not to use anything abrasive, which might be a problem for people who are low on patience.

Also, the stone can get a certain tint when marinated meats are used frequently. The rule to keep in mind in this case is that food and grease remains should undoubtedly be removed. However, a discoloration isn’t something you should be disappointed in, even though it will be noticed by your guests.

If you are under the feeling that you would be embarrassed because of using a tainted raclette grill, just get a unit that doesn’t feature a stone. There is a plethora of models out there nowadays that is very easy to clean and maintain, and some of them are pretty versatile. In fact, several units even allow users to cook crepes.


Cleaning and maintaining your raclette grill doesn’t have to be all that hard. All you have to do is consider the measures we’ve pointed out earlier on. If you can’t be bothered by analyzing the best methods to clean your appliance, our advice to you is to buy the unit that’s the easiest to maintain. To find out about several hassle-free raclette grills, just read some of the consumer reviews. Protection Status