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Cleaning a raclette grill


Learn how to keep your raclette grill clean


The raclette grill is terrific for cooking marinated food such as meats. The granite stone can get pretty hot and is able to keep its temperature, making it the favorite part of many users in their raclette grills.

However, the discoloration and caramelization on the granite stone may make it look like a scary thing to behold indeed. When it’s time to clean the slab of accumulated dirt from all that cooking, you can choose to bake the dirt off in the oven, which may not be something that most people are willing to do.

The granite stone or cooktop of the raclette grill should never be cleaned immediately after use. Some raclette experts recommend waiting overnight for the granite slab to cool off. Putting the slab in water too soon could result in a broken slab.


Others recommend putting the dirty granite stone inside an oven to make the burnt-on debris come off.

Once you have finished using the raclette grill, unplug it from the AC outlet. Scrape off any cheese or food debris off the surface while the dirt is still easy to remove. Use a thin wooden spatula to do this. Do not use sharp scrapers that can scratch the surface.

Leave the slab to cool for at least two hours or overnight, depending on your preference. Wipe the rest of the unit using a damp cloth.

Typically, the raclette grill cleaning instructions say not to use abrasive cleaners including tough scrubbing pads to clean off dirt and debris from the granite stovetop or slab. This doesn’t mean you just have to leave the appliance in the basement though.

Some users suggest immersing the granite stovetop in warm water and letting the residue simply slide off.

With some patience and a bit of elbow grease, you can get the stone stovetop ready for the next grilling session or raclette grill party. Avoid scrubbing too hard or pressing too much on the slab to avoid damaging it or creating cracks in it due to too much pressure. Since the surface of the stone itself is made smooth, the food debris should slide off easily with the hot water.



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The good thing about the granite stove top is the gutter-like design going around the perimeter of the slab that catches the drips from the oil and food grease to simplify cleaning.

Before putting the stone slab into the sink for cleaning, make sure it is completely cooled off. All you clean the slab with is hot water and a nice wet face towel or dishcloth. Let the hot water from the faucet run a bit around the plate, so it can clean off a good portion while running off the granite stone. Rub the cloth on the stone till all the dirt and debris come off. Doing this loosens the chunky bits off the surface. The oil will also be gone by the time you finish.

Some models only come with an enameled cooktop made nonstick for easy cleaning as well.

Never use stainless steel scrubbers, either on the granite slab or enameled cooktop so as not to damage the surface.

Some raclette grills do not come with drip trays but the stovetops themselves are built in a recessed manner or with the edges ridged, which enables them to efficiently catch the oil and grease that comes out when cooking. Other models do not have these trough-like design on their edges so consumers refrain from grilling meat on them.

The clean granite slab can be left to drip dry fully then wiped using a very dry dishcloth to a nice finish. Absolutely avoid placing a wet granite stone directly back on the heating element as water may get into the electronic components and damage the entire unit. Cooking with a wet stone may also result in cracks.


The granite stone can be placed in an oven and baked for a little while to help kill the germs. The granite slab can also be allowed to just air dry. Either one of those recommendations are fine. Since the stone is used for direct surface-to-surface cooking, the use of cleaners or chemicals is not recommended. Wire brushes and scouring detergents should not also be used for cleaning the cooktop.

The raclette trays allow cheese to melt while making it easy for the food item to be scraped off. They are teflon-coated so the food just slides onto the diner’s plate.

Some premium models are made for washing in the dishwasher, as are the raclette trays and spatulas.

Wipe away with a soft cloth any grease or oil on the control knob. Protection Status