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Affordable cotton candy machine – Ratings & Informative guide


In case you are here for the best cheap cotton candy maker, and you feel pressed for time, here is a quick solution: Grandma Jen recommends the Candery, a nice looking cotton candy maker that has conquered many buyers’ hearts by offering a great deal for the money. Whether you want to create delicious cotton candy cones, hard candies, or sugar floss, you will be able to do so with the help of this versatile machine. The machine is portable and easy to operate, and the best part is its quiet operation that makes it ideal for home use. Handy accessories are readily provided, in the shape of 10 cones and one sugar scoop, so you can start creating delicious cotton candy right away. If the Candery is nowhere to be found, the Nostalgia PCM405RETRORED is highly recommended by Grandma Jen as a second best option that you will not regret choosing.



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Invented by a dentist for the 1906 World’s Fair, the modern cotton candy machine developed a faithful following that has made it one of the most popular concessionaire options in events and organization activities. It doesn’t even matter whether one uses a cheap cotton candy machine or a pretty pricey one, as the important thing is the machine has to be able to change sugar into liquid form for spinning in a centrifuge, then forcing the spun sugar out of thin holes to create entrancing floss or strands for wrapping around a cone.

The beautiful plumes of cotton candy can be in a wealth of flavors and colors thanks to the addition of food coloring. You can even have sugarless cotton candy, a sure treat for diabetics or people on a diet.

B. Ceap cotton candy maker


These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a cotton candy maker:



Machine Type

A home cotton candy machine comes in a low price range while being simple in construction. This type of machine is typically engineered as a novelty appliance, needing use only with paper cones and sugar. The price and size ranges is quite limited and the choice depends on the frequency of use of the unit.

Cotton candy machines meant for commercial or business use are made to be more durable than home cotton candy units. Outfitted with heavy-duty motors and large basins with multiple quart capacities, these types provide fast and efficient operation to accommodate their application. Lock-down features enable problem-free portability. Some models are designed to accommodate transportation via a cotton candy cart that enables display of the finished product while keeping it warm.

In-between units are less expensive and smaller than their commercial counterparts. They are ideal for churches, schools and similar organizations that need a cotton candy maker for fundraising and similar activities. Choose from a tabletop unit or a machine that can be operated with an eye-catching cart that can highlight the products you intend to sell while endowing the machine with an authentic old-time touch.

Some specially-made sugarless cotton candy mix or sugarless hard candy can be bought to accommodate the sweet tooth needs of dieters and diabetics.


Safety Features

For added safety, some models designed with greater durability are equipped with suction feet that provide stability to the whole unit. The bowl should be safe to wash in the dishwasher or easy to clean by hand. Some units come with reusable cones so you won’t have to make repeated purchases for these components.

The best cotton candy maker for business boasts an engine with at least 1.5 horsepower to handle the possible massive demand for the lovely plumes of sweetness during special events and occasions. A stainless steel head ensures resilience against chipping and rust or corrosion. A cotton candy cart facilitates easy mobility.


Easy Care and Maintenance

Even a cheap cotton candy machine is designed for fun, and the enjoyment should not end when it comes to cleaning after use. This is especially essential when the machine has to be put in storage for a long time prior to the next use.

Commercial units may need to be disassembled using special types of implements or tools. Taking them apart will require patience and time to ensure that everything can be put back together without incident after cleaning.

For machines made for home use, using a clean cloth and some hot water to wipe the unit down may be all that is needed.

It is best to consult the manufacturer’s instructions for the machine used, especially those that involve procedures on handling sugar-encrusted parts.



4 Best Cheap Cotton Candy Makers (Reviews) in 2020



1. The Candery Cotton Candy Machine


Remember when you were just a child and your mother took you to your town’s fair for the first time? The excitement, the lights, the noise, everything left you with your mouth open but do you remember how that memory tastes? It tastes like cotton candy.

Bring lost memories back to life with The Candery cc-ma. It’s an easy to use machine that will allow your family to enjoy homemade sweets, taking only minutes to easily make cotton candy cones, hard candies or sugar floss. If you purchase this item you’ll add some color in your life thanks to a bright, colorful design that is both kitchen-friendly and easy on the eyes.

It ensures good times with your kids or grandkids because it allows you to bond while making cotton candy together. This model features a clear rim guard, stable feet, a simple motif and all that together with its mechanics creates a lightweight and silent machine.

You can use it all around the year at various parties, barbecues or picnics and on the off chance you’ll not be using it all the time, find out that is easy to clean and compact enough for a convenient storage. The Candery cc-ma comes with 10 candy cones and a sugar scoop and its reliability is backed by high-quality construction.



You might like this product because it offers you the choice of having homemade sweets available all the time that both you and your family would enjoy.

The Candery cc-ma would look great in your kitchen thanks to a playful design with bright, colorful design, meaning that your kids will surely fall in love at first sight.

You don’t have to keep a watch on it all the time in fear of your kids breaking it because it is childproof thanks to its durable bowl and stainless steel base, also it has a protective safety shield to avoid unwanted accidents.

It often happens that you come home after a tough day and your kids demand a treat, but thankfully this product is both easy to use and quiet so you won’t have to look at it like at a torture device.



One of its users felt that it runs a little slower than anticipated.


Buy from for ($44.99)





2. Nostalgia PCM405 Retrored Series Hard & Sugar-Free 


2.Nostalgia Electrics PCM405RETRORED Retro Series Hard and Sugar FreeStanding 11 by 11 by 8 inches, the Nostalgia Electrics PCM405RETRORED Retro Series Hard and Sugar Free cotton candy maker is also lightweight at 3 pounds, ensuring effortless transport and setup. This unit makes cotton candy creation convenient and fun as it converts sugar or hard candy into fascinating plumes of melt-in-your-mouth fluffy candy floss.

Operation is simple, as one only needs to plug the unit in, switch it on and put yummy candies into the center floss head for the machine to start spinning fantastic sweet clouds of cotton in a range of colors and flavors. A terrific machine for family use, this cotton candy maker brings the child out in everyone, instantly transforming gatherings into awesome party times.

Owning this machine is like having two machines in one, as it spins both hard candies and sugar into lovely candy floss that can be collected on the two included reusable plastic cones. The unit also ships with one extractor head and one sugar scoop to provide out-of-the-box functionality.

Built to North American electrical standards, the machine boasts 450 watts of power for reliable performance. You can view each batch being made through the clear rim guard, ensuring easy operation. The machine comes apart to facilitate effortless cleaning of the components, ready for the next use.



With an attractive vintage design, this Nostalgia cotton candy making machine is perfect for all those who want to rekindle childhood memories at a more than an affordable price. Basically, for just $40 you will get to experience the same juicy texture and taste from your childhood.

Comes with numerous accessories such as two reusable cones, one sugar scoop and one extractor head for easy removing and cleaning the machine.

Helps you save money, especially when you have little children. This amazing candy cotton machine is totally portable, can be placed anywhere and with just one tablespoon of floss sugar, you will make two small cones of candy cotton, just the way you use to eat back in the days.



It may be hard to open and clean its reusable parts so unless you are a powerful person, choose another product.


Buy from for ($29.99)





3. Nostalgia PCM305 Vintage Hard & Sugar-Free Cotton Candy


3.Nostalgia Electrics PCM305 Vintage Collection Hard and Sugar FreeLightweight at five pounds, the Nostalgia Electrics PCM305 Vintage Collection Hard and Sugar Free cotton candy machine can be easily placed on a tabletop thanks to its compact 12.5- by 12.5- by 9.5-inch profile.

Resembling the authentic carnival cotton candy vendor carts made in the early 1900s, this model incorporates modern technology to make candy floss spinning pretty convenient for the entire family. This is another two-in-one machine from the Nostalgia brand, capable as it is of spinning both hard candy and sugar into lovely, colorful candy strands that collect in a beautiful cloud of unparalleled melt-in-your-mouth sweetness. Built to North American electrical standards, the machine offers 450 watts of power to deliver reliable performance consistently.

Engineered for out-of-the-box use, the cotton candy maker comes with a pair of reusable plastic cones, plus an extractor head and a sugar scoop for convenient operation. You can see each batch as it is being made through the clear rim guard.

The machine disassembles easily to facilitate hassle-free cleaning. Make family times with this cotton candy machine become terrific bonding moments, where everyone can take turns spinning cloudlike confections in a wealth of colors and flavors. Easy to use, the cotton candy maker only takes ten minutes as initial warm-up time, and only two minutes after that to begin spinning sweet webs of lovely candy floss.



Affordable design and comes in a beautiful pink vintage package design aimed to bring back beautiful child memories. Don’t get fooled by its cute pink exterior – this machine can deliver both candy floss made from regular sugar or hard candy.

Comes equipped with all necessary accessories – reusable cones, sugar scoop and even an extractor head for easy cleaning.

Buy the whole kit, and you will also receive delicious sugar flavors for your cotton candy desserts. Choose from flavors such as pink vanilla, blue raspberry or strawberry.

Suitable and perfect for home use and small parties. Be your child’s hero and throw amazing kids parties with help from this wonderful and cutely designed cotton candy machine – you will surely be appreciated!



Not suitable for outdoor use or for serving large groups of children as it takes a lot of time to deliver the cotton candy cones.


Buy from for ($30.47)





4. Homgrace Cotton Candy Machine Electric


Cotton candy is a popular sweet treat all around the globe and who could blame it? It is so sweet and soft, making you feel like you are floating in the sky and chewing bubbly pieces of clouds.

With the VIVO CANDY-V004 you can offer this amazing feeling to your family and friends. It is an electric cotton candy machine that can become the center of attention at your next party, barbecue or picnic and it guarantees that it would make your children’s friends jealous.

This product is capable of producing up to two or three servings per minute, so it runs quickly enough to satisfy the cravings of all the present guests that have a sweet tooth without the risk of creating an angry mob. It comes with a large stainless steel bowl that is sure to endure the test of time and an included sugar scoop.

The VIVO CANDY-V004 is capable of turning hard candy or sugar into wooly cotton candy and best of all it disassembles for easy cleaning because hardened sugar can become quite difficult to remove. This product comes with a manual that will allow you to learn how to run it and a spare parts kit for when something malfunctions.



The VIVO CANDY-004 is an electric cotton candy machine that is big enough to make as much cotton candy as possible to satisfy many people and thanks to its capability to produce up to 2-3 servings per minute it will do so quickly.

It is easy to use, you’ll just have to turn it on, wait 5 minutes for it to warm up and pour in the sugar after which you’ll be able to collect the delicate webs of cotton candy on cones.

This product is detachable for easy cleaning which might come as reassurance for those who worry about this kind of chores.

It has a heavy-duty bowl made of stainless steel that won’t break so easily, meaning that after you purchase this item you’ll be able to enjoy it for a long time.



One user felt that it’s too loud and advised to place a towel under it to keep it from moving around.


Click to see the price on Amazon!




Unavailable products


Bella 13572


1.BELLA 13572Easily earning some of the best cotton candy machine reviews, the BELLA 13572 features a clear bowl, lid and extractor head made for dishwasher-safe cleaning on the top rack. The components can also be cleaned by hand in warm, soapy water. The components come apart for effortless cleaning. The machine needs little maintenance and has no user-serviceable parts, as servicing that requires disassembly is to be carried out by a qualified technician.

This machine can be used with a variety of sugar and sugarless candy in cinnamon, peppermint, coffee, root beer and delicious fruit flavors including orange, lime, grape, cherry, strawberry and mixed fruits. The user can create their own personalized cotton candy flavors too by putting together several hard candy varieties. This model is quite easy and quick to use. For floss/sugar, the initial preheat time is ten minutes, while hard candy only needs five minutes for the process to complete. When the spinner runs out of floss, no preheating is needed any longer. Just switch off long enough to refill the spinner, then switch the unit back on.

Even kids can quickly learn to use the machine, but they should always be supervised during operation. The base is outfitted with suction cups to ensure stability. The backlit power switch simplifies operation.




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