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A way to sweeten up one of your important life events would be to get yourself a chocolate fountain. Generally speaking, it is a device destined for coating various other desserts with warm, delicious chocolate.

The very best chocolate fountains feature a conical figure, in between 2-4 feet tall, with a crown at the top, and a basin at the bottom. The basin is heated up, so that the chocolate remains in a liquid form. The liquid chocolate is afterwards pulled into a cylinder found at the center and then transported to the top by a corkscrew auger. Therefore, it will flow, resembling a chocolate “waterfall”. Evidently, during weddings and other special events, marshmallows or strawberries are typically available to be dipped into the chocolate waterfall.

2.Wilton Chocolate Pro


These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a chocolate fountain:




According to their type, chocolate fountains are divided into 2 categories: personal-use and commercial-use. The latter are categorized as either Pump System or Auger System.

A commercial chocolate fountain is usually the best large chocolate fountain on the market. Sizes ranges from 20 to 50 inches tall, being designed for use in a professional ambient, such as catering events. They’re commonly made of stainless steel, which makes the very durable. Some of the larger chocolate fountain models may hold approximately 35 pounds of chocolate.

In the beginning, chocolate fountains usually displayed multiple tiers which formed curtains of chocolate. However, newer models resemble a “cup” design, being more efficient than previous models, helping people and businesses save money. Naturally, the innovative latter ones function by dropping chocolate from cup to cup. Therefore, if you want a cheap chocolate fountain you should resort to the newer models instead of traditional ones.

Another typical cheap chocolate fountain is destined for home-use. Their size reaches up to 19 inches tall. These home chocolate fountains may display stainless steel components and, usually, plastic ones as well, being dishwasher safe. Of course, there are also all-stainless steel ones as well. In a chocolate fountain destined for home use, a quantity of about 6 or less pounds of chocolate can be held.


Ease of use

Using a chocolate fountain is fairly easy. First thing’s first, you have to melt the chocolate in a microwave oven. Roughly 4 to 8 minutes should be sufficient for the chocolate to melt. Remember to place the top loosely on the container with solid chocolate.  Remove the melted chocolate from the microwave, then pour the melted chocolate into the fountain. Then, turn the power switch to “on”, and there you have it! You can now dip your favorite snacks into the chocolate waterfall – maybe strawberries should do the trick!

In general, the motor’s heat and the friction generated by the auger discharges heat which keeps the chocolate at a suitable temperature. If, by any chance, the chocolate starts to harden, you need to activate the heat switch if your model has one.



3 Best Cheap Chocolate Fountains (Reviews) in 2021



1. Wilton Chocolate Pro Chocolate Fountain


2.Wilton Chocolate ProThis particular chocolate fountain model, designed primarily for home use, is generally priced in the $60 range, but you can sometimes find it for less when online retailers have a sale.

It is a 3-tier chocolate fountain, and since anyone would love the chocolate fondue, it would especially be appropriate for children’s parties, since they are the ones who get the most excited about chocolate “waterfalls”.

The Wilton Chocolate Pro Fountain is ideal for dipping your favorite snacks and desserts anytime, especially if you want to dip, let’s say, strawberries, cookies or marshmallows. It would be ideal for different themed-parties. All in all, everyone is excited when we’re talking about adding chocolate to bananas and strawberries, for a deliciously enhanced flavor!

In terms of capacity, this model holds about 4 pounds of chocolate, which elegantly flow on its three levels. In addition, this Wilton model is very popular because it is dishwasher safe, and all the removable components can be easily cleaned by hand. Its steady design allows you to put it on tables or countertops with no worries, as it comes with adjustable feet and a bubble level just to make sure it can operate safely and efficiently.


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2. Sephra Select Chocolate Fountain Small


Sephra Select CF16E-SSTThis particular chocolate fountain model is a bit more expensive as it it generally priced in the $70 range, but you can sometimes find it for less when online retailers have a sale.

The Sephra chocolate fountain is equipped with a motor that uses WhisperQuiet technology to make it less noisy than other models found on the market. In addition, the manufacturer has included 10 plastic fondue skewers in the package that will allow your guests to enjoy the warm chocolate without getting their hands dirty. Furthermore, this model is also capable of heating its own chocolate thanks to a included heating element that is built into the base, so you won’t have to preheat the chocolate before using it.

This model, just like the one showcased above is easy to clean as all the parts are dishwasher safe, while the basin is made of all-stainless steel. This adds quite a lot of convenience to the machine, as you won’t hesitate to use it just to get away from cleaning it.

The 16-inch Select Home Fondue Fountain is a smaller version offered by Sephra, as they also have an 18-inch model available, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. The 16-inch model is however perfect for most people, making it ideal for small gatherings or parties. But also think about how this could be the best gift for any chocolate enthusiast, amongst your friends!

Its chic design and stainless steel finish makes out of this particular chocolate fountain a highlight for any home event. The basin, which can be heated, allows you to melt the chocolate in the fountain, whereas you won’t have to worry much about cleaning it, thanks to the dishwasher safe parts, but also to the QuickSet tier system.


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3. Ovente 2-Tier Chocolate Fountain Stainless Steel


Ovente CF43SRThis model manufactured by Ovente is a really affordable but chic model, and it is the least expensive one on this list, being priced at a little under $30. Unlike the previous models, this one can be ordered in 3 different color combinations so you can match it perfectly to your home’s current decor.

In terms of size, the Ovente CF43SR is just 9 inches tall and can hold approximately 2 pounds of melted chocolate. It functions using the Auger technology explained in the guide, and it has an intuitive set of controls that allow you to serve the chocolate just the way you like it. Its small size would be ideal for small gatherings, or special occasions and parties where you can share delicious moments with your loved ones!

The CF43SR chocolate fountain is a fairly new addition to the Ovente family so it benefits from all the latest technology available to the manufacturer. Therefore, using this electric chocolate fountain should be a breeze for most people and you can treat yourself with your favorite snacks in the easiest way possible.

The device is an excellent choice for winter holidays, parties and other special events as you can serve whichever snacks suits you fancy, including marshmallows, cookies, strawberries, and even cubes of pound cake. Let your guests indulge in an amalgam of flavors!


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