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Everybody loves cake pops, that’s a fact. Young and old alike allow their taste buds to be fascinated by this simple dessert, so easy to make and so easy to have fun with. If you have a ton of ideas about how to make the most spectacular cake pops, and the only thing you are missing is the right tool to make that happen, you have come to the right place. We want to help you get the best cake pop maker on the market, by showing you the most important aspects to keep in mind when shopping for one.


Top Features – An overview




How many cake pops do you want to make at the same time? If you are preparing for a party of hungry kids who all want their cake pops and they want them now, you should consider getting a larger model. Some of the most popular you can find right now can cook 12 cake pops or donut holes in one go, which means that you will be ready to face the avalanche of requests from your kids and their friends. You will find great models that make fewer cake pops at the same time, as well, in case you simply need a unit capable of creating a few sweet treats on the spot.

Nonstick coating

Nonstick surfaces have made our lives easier, from the first moment they were introduced to kitchen appliances. Right now, nonstick coating is a fixture for most items you use in the kitchen, especially for baking, so cake pop makers are no exception to the rule. The most popular brands offer today high quality models that come with nonstick coating, in order to make your life easier. Not only you will be able to remove the baked cookies from the pan with great ease, you will also find it much easier to clean the mess that will result from trying out different recipes with your cake pop maker.

Most of the cake pop makers available on the market come with silicone surface that is very easy to cook with and also very easy to clean. Models made of metal are less popular and they need you to use cooking spray, so you can create a nonstick surface and remove the cake pops, once done, without any trouble.



If you get a cake pop maker, it is almost a must to get some accessories along with the unit. Cake pops are so fun, because are practically delicious lollipops made with baked goodies, and not with candy. That is why many manufacturers provide, along with their products, sticks for creating the final product with ease. All that remains is for kids to grab their cake pops and enjoy the tasty treats.

A tool for decorating the cake pops, or for inserting filling inside them, is another accessory you will often find in your package, once you decide to try a cake pop maker. If you are unsure which model comes with what, a good idea would be to start reading the best cake pop maker reviews written by users, so you can see which models are the most popular and also come with a nice range of accessories.

Other accessories, like a fork tool or a cake pop stand, come in handy, especially when you want to organize a party. The kids will gather around the cake pop stand and impatiently grab their treats, as soon as you bring them to the table.


Recipe cookbook

In case you are new to cake pops and you don’t have a clear idea what you want to make, it is recommended to get a cake pop maker that comes with its own recipe cookbook. Manufacturers are quite generous with offering tips and recipes on how to make great and tasty treats, so you can have a good starting point with your creations. Of course, your own imagination is welcome to come into play, and expect your kids to go nuts for your cake pops.

Don’t forget that you can make more than just cake pops with such a wonderful machine. It is not unheard of to use your cake pop maker for muffins, mini brownies, mini corn dogs, cinnamon rolls and many other recipes that will simply melt in your mouth.

Other considerations

There are other things you may want to evaluate before deciding whether the cake pop maker you set your mind on is the best cake pop maker or not. For instance, a power cord that is long enough to allow you to place the cake pop maker in a place that is convenient for you is important for many people.

A latching handle is another thing that, as small as it may seem, it can make your life much easier, once you start cooking. The handle lets you handle the unit with ease, and it also makes sure that your cake pops are baked well before taking them out.

Lights that tell you when your cake pops are ready are a great convenience, too. Basically, you will only have to pour the cake mix into the molds, close the lid and see about other chores, letting the machine alert you when your cake pops are ready to be decorated and served.



6 Best Cake Pop Makers (Reviews) in 2020



1. VonShef 12 Cake Pop Maker Machine Set Includes Sticks & Stand


2.VonShef 12 CakeIts versatile design makes this model the best crepe maker and it can also bake up to 12 cake pops at a time. This small appliance makes it easy to create a variety of sweet and delicious treats. It comes with 50 sticks so you can easily turn your mini desserts into fun cake pops, which are perfect for parties and any other occasion. You can also take advantage of the included stand that lets you display your cake pops like a professional baker.

You will love how the bright red color pops in your kitchen and this cake pop maker is also easy to store when it is not being used. It features a compact design that can fit into cramped spaces, and it can even be stored vertically. The non stick plates ensure that the cake pops simply slide off, and it also makes cleanup quick and easy.

The lid tightly seals to keep the batter from leaking out and to keep heat in so the cake pops bake evenly. The non slip feet will protect your counters from ugly marks, and keep the appliance firmly in place when you are using it. You also have the benefit of the indicator lights that let you know when the appliance is ready to be used.



Its 12 templates are relatively sizeable, and allow for substantially sized pop cakes. This has been preferred by the manufacturer (as opposed to a higher number of templates) because it offers the user more freedom to apply decoration to the cake.

Towards inspiring creativity, the product also comes with bonus items such as a display stand and 50 sticks for pop cakes.

Customers are impressed by the speed with which the unit reaches optimum temperature, thanks to its aluminum construction that ensures even heating and its tight lid, that keeps both the heat and excess batter from dissipating.

It has the usual convenience feature, including non-stick plates, anti-slide contact surfaces, and vertical balance for easy storage.



Some users remark it doesn’t handle thin batter all that well (cakes won’t rise properly). To avoid this, we suggest you add thicker batter to form a mix.


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2. Babycakes Mini Cake Pop Maker


3.abycakes Mini Cake Pop MakerIt’s not hard to see why this is often considered the best Babycakes cake pop maker. It is designed to be easy and convenient to use, and comes in a pretty color that looks great in any kitchen. You will also appreciate its compact size especially if storage and counter space is limited.

This cake pop maker is capable of baking up to 9 mini cakes at a time, and the non stick coating on the baking plates ensures that every batch turns out perfectly. Not only does this prevent the cake pops from sticking to the plates, it also makes cleanup quick and easy.

The outer surface can also be easily wiped down when you are done. The lid tightly latches for even baking, and you will love the convenient handle. The four non slip feet help keep the cake pop maker securely in place, and also protect your counters from damaging marks. The power light indicates when the appliance is turned on, and can also help prevent accidental burns. It also comes with a convenient cord wrap that helps make storage a breeze.



As easy to use and store as a sandwich maker, the babycakes mini scores top marks for portability and convenience.

It has a latching handle to ensure the heating surfaces close tightly.

The two heating plates are coated with an anti-stick material, which makes the product both easy to use — since the cakes will just slide out of their forms — and easy to clean — because you won’t have to scrape stuck batter off of it.

Fairly safe to use. The four non-slip feet keep it from sliding off the kitchen counters. The indicator light adds another degree of safety by letting you know when it is in use.



It can only handle nine pop cakes at once, which means you’ll spend more time baking multiple batches.

Some users noticed the latching handle might come loose during baking as the batter rises. You could ensure it stays locked by manually applying pressure.


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3. Holstein Housewares HF-09014R Cake Pop Maker


1.Holstein Housewares HF-09014MThis cake pop maker will add a bright splash of color to your kitchen, and it is also fun and easy to use. It comes with a helpful recipe book that is filled with great tips and ideas. The non stick plates ensure that the batter doesn’t stick to the top or bottom, and also make cleaning up afterwards quick and easy.

You can bake up to 14 cake pops or doughnut holes at a time, which makes this small kitchen appliance great for birthday parties or anytime you want to make a sweet treat for your family to enjoy. The lid tightly latches to keep the heat inside, and to prevent the batter from accidentally leaking onto your counters.

The sleek magenta finish is also easy to wipe clean, which is always an advantage when you are baking. It also comes with non slip feet that will keep the appliance firmly in place, while protecting your counters from scratches and marks. Easy to use and affordably priced it’s easy to see why this cake pop maker is a favorite with consumers.



This Holstein Housewares product can fit no less than 14 pop cakes between its large cooking surfaces. This makes it ideal for large families or children’s birthday parties.

It features an anti-stick coating which ensures the pop cakes will be easy to remove after you’re done and also makes cleaning a lot easier.

The lid closes tightly with the aid of a safety clip, to ensure that no heat is being wasted and no batter seeps to the sides of the unit.

For extra convenience, it can be stored vertically to take up less space in your kitchen. It also features abrasive contact surfaces, so it doesn’t slide off the counters while in use.



Some users found that the pop cakes sometimes come off flat on top. If this happens, you can work around it by flipping the cookie maker 180 degrees during the baking process to ensure that the batters grows within the forms evenly.


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4. Nostalgia JFD100 Cake Pop & Donut Hole Bakery


2.Nostalgia Electrics JFD100Having a kitchen helper to get creative desserts done is really great, especially with the holidays around the corner. The Nostalgia Electrics JFD100 Cake Pop & Donut Hole Bakery offers you the possibility to make plenty of desserts and savory treats that you cannot easily make otherwise. With seven stands for cake pops or donut holes, you will be able to make plenty of tasty snacks for everyone.

The model comes with non-stick coating, so that you do not have to worry that you will have to deal with burned remains later on. Also, when it comes to cleaning, non-stick cooking surfaces are the best, because they need very little maintenance.

Accessories are also provided along with your purchase. 25 bamboo sticks for cake pops that you can use for easy decoration, as well as for serving the treats in the form of lollipops. Especially kids love having their cake pops this way, but adults who want to have a taste of their childhood favorites do not mind this setup, either.

You will receive a booklet with recipes for cake pops, muffins, brownies and other desserts you can make with the Nostalgia Electrics JFD100 Cake Pop & Donut Hole Bakery. It is, indeed, like having your own bakery in the kitchen, ready to serve you when the need arises. Even if you are not planning a large party, and you just want your family to enjoy a small treat, this is a great device for making tasty treats, no matter if you prefer standard cake pops, brownie bites or donuts.



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5. Babycakes Multi-Treat Baker


4.Babycakes Multi-Treat BakerWith the Babycakes Multi-Treat Baker, you will be able to make any kind of treat you like. Whether you prefer cake pops, donuts or cupcakes, you will only have to use this device that does all the heavy work for you. As it comes equipped with three interchangeable baking plates, this is more than a simple unitasker. Offering you the possibility to cook a wide range of delicious treats for birthday parties and other festive occasions, the Babycakes Multi-Treat Baker is a nice addition to your kitchen.

The way the model is designed takes out all the guessing work from making cake pops and other similar desserts. It has power and ready lights, so you know exactly when to use it. A booklet with valuable tips and suggestions on how to make tasty desserts is readily available with your purchase.

The cake pop maker from Babycakes is built for convenience. The latching handle makes sure that the device is properly locked during cooking, to avoid any mishaps. The non-skid rubber feet are very useful, as they do not allow the device to slide off the counter. The cord wrap is convenient and it helps saving up space, making this model really compact.

You can make 7 cupcakes, 7 donuts or 12 cake pops, using the various baking plates this model comes with. The Babycakes Multi-Treat Baker is really easy to use and to maintain, and your kids will surely love its playful design. Indispensable for most families with kids, a cake pop maker offers you a great solution whenever you are in the mood for something sweet.



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6. Bella 13547 Cake Pop & Donut Hole Maker


5.BELLA 13547The BELLA 13547 Cake Pop & Donut Hole Maker is very convenient and easy to use, which is why it enjoys so many positive reviews from users. Cake pops can be made using an oven, but this process can be very time consuming. This cake pop maker is much faster than an oven, not to mention that it is more convenient, as well.

With 12 places for cake pops readily available, this kitchen helper will be put to good use when preparing for birthday parties and other occasions. Kids love cake pops, but adults can enjoy them, too. If your family is really into cake pops and donuts, you will find this kitchen tool to be very helpful.

The cooking plates are non-stick, so you will find using the cake pop maker really easy. Once you are done with it, you will only have to wipe the surface clean and set the cake pop maker aside, until you decide to use it again.

The nice design of the BELLA 13547 Cake Pop & Donut Hole Maker is an added plus. If you are looking for a kitchen aid capable of offering you the possibility to make sweet and savory treats fast and easy, there is hardly a better choice than this.

Once you are done baking, all that remains is to decorate your cake pops with various frostings and sprinkles. You will surely be able to impress your guests, and the best part is that you will not have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.



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Benefits of owning your own cake pop maker


Cake pops are a very popular dessert in this day and age, as it looks like nobody can resist the temptation of round bite size cakes dipped in icing. Making cake pops by hand is a really big hassle, which is why some kitchen tool manufacturers came up with a cool idea: a cake pop maker. This is a pretty straightforward type of machine and it does exactly what its name says. It creates cake pops fast and easy, so you can serve at parties without having to toil in the kitchen for hours.

There are many benefits to owning your own cake pop maker. For instance, you can indulge in your favorite dessert just by using some cake pop mix and your cake pop maker. Another great thing about these machines is that they can help you feed an entire pack of rowdy kids when you don’t have much around the house that can count as dessert. Many people love cake pops and kids are not the only ones to have a really sweet tooth for them. One great advantage of having a cake pop maker is that you can focus on what kind of icing to use, and play with ideas that will certainly make your party shine.

Cake pops count as dessert, but they are not as loaded in calories as an entire cake, which is a good thing. People invited at parties will not feel forced to eat the entire cake portion they are served, which can be too much for what they would usually eat, and, instead, enjoy a few cake pops, completely guilty free. Even someone who is on a diet can eat one or two cake pops, so they are not forced to watch from the sidelines how the rest is having fun, while they need to focus only on what they must eat, according to their dietary guidelines.

These are all good arguments in favor of owning a cake pop maker. While it is important to know which is the best cake pop maker, what is more important is to learn that there are such great kitchen appliances on the market, and that they are really inexpensive. Keep in mind that cake pops can be successfully used as a dessert for kids, but also as the base for some really fancy bites that work well with holiday meals.

3.VonShef 12


How to use a cake pop maker


It is very important to know how to use this type of kitchen appliance in order to make great cake pops. Luckily, it is a pretty straightforward type of machine, so you will have no problem getting done any number of cake pops you want. Here is a short guide on how to make the best out of your cake pop maker and delight your guests with some really swell treats.

First things first, you need to make a mixture for the cake pops. What kind of batter you make totally depends on your preferences. To make this guide simple, we will use a basic recipe with vanilla cake pops. For the batter, you will need one egg, two ounces of butter, two ounces of sugar, two ounces of flours (self raising), a bit of milk and a bit of vanilla essence. Mixing these together will create the batter.

Now, you need to get to using the cake pop maker. A model with non stick baking plates is the most recommended. The best cake pop maker to buy right now comes with non stick baking plates and other useful features, so you can always make the best desserts. Keep in mind to read all the cake pop maker instructions before actually starting to use one. This is, after all, an electric appliance and there are some risks associated with improperly using the device. Make sure to never touch the baking surfaces after turning on the machine, as you may end up burning your fingers. Other important safety precautions are listed in the user’s manual, so it is mandatory to start with it.

Make sure that the cake pop maker is clean before plugging it in. Since you are dealing with non-stick baking surfaces, it is recommended to have them wiped clean with a damp cloth. It is never a good idea to immerse an electric cake pop maker in water or its cord in water or other liquids. To avoid any accidents, first learn how to use electric cake pop maker machines, and always follow the clear instructions provided.

Now that you have everything in place, and your machine is plugged, turn it on by pressing on the start button. Some machines require preheating, so after turning on the device, lower the lid and let the cake pop maker preheat for a couple of minutes. When it is ready, an indicator light should let you know. Open the lid carefully, using an oven mitt, and pour batter in each small reservoir. Make sure to avoid overfilling the form, as batter tends to expand. Lower the lid and allow the cake pops to bake for several minutes, as indicated in the instructions. When done, remove the cake pops with a fork and let them cool so you can decorate them later.



Types of cake pop makers we have reviewed with the help of Grandma Jen


Best Babycakes cake pop maker


1-best-babycakes-cake-pop-makerAmong the best brands of cake pop makers on the market, Babycakes takes the cake, so to speak, being on top of the list when it comes to superior kitchen appliances that will help you cook fast and easy.

Because this company enjoys such a great reputation, we decided to focus on cake pop makers made by Babycakes, and show you why it is worth spending money on them. First of all, these cake pop makers are really fun and easy to use.

Any cake pop maker from Babycakes you may choose, you will discover that it is a simple task to just follow the instructions and get really delicious results. What you will also notice about these cake pop makers is that they come equipped with all the needed accessories for making great desserts, such as a fork for easily removing the cake pops or donut holes, and sticks for holding the pops when decorating them, and for presenting them when served.

Booklets with recipes are provided and chances are you will find the best cake pop recipe for cake pop maker if you go through the many great ideas offered by the manufacturer with your purchase.





Best cake pop makers in 2020


2-cake-pop-maker-reviewsCake pops are delicious, bite size desserts that can be served in any setup and on any occasion, from birthday parties for kids to fancy dinners.

While you may get cake pops from your local bakery, you can also make them at home, provided that you have all the ingredients and a machine called a cake pop maker. Now you may wonder: what is the best cake pop machine? We are here to help you, which is why we created this section dedicated to the best devices for making cake pops that are currently available on the market.

Cake pop recipes are very simple and they require just a few ingredients. Seeing that manufacturers now offer their buyers recipe booklets, it is really easy to start making these at home. In our selection of the best machines, we focused on a few important features. You will notice that the cake pop makers included in our list enjoy an overwhelming positive feedback from users, so you will not go wrong, no matter which one you choose.

These cake pop makers come equipped with non-stick baking plates and are easy to clean. They also help you make plenty of cake pops in such a few minutes, so you will be able to keep your guests well fed, regardless of how many people you have over.





Popular brands


While there are many cake pop maker manufacturers on the market, there are a few who stand out, due to the great quality of their products.



Babycakes – the cake pop makers offered by this manufacturer catch your eye and snatch your heart away from the very first glance. Their quirky shapes and playful colors make them an instant hit with kids and the high quality construction recommend them.



VonChef – this is a company renowned for scoring high in any top concerning various cooking utensils and appliances, from ice cream makers and food processors, to, of course, cake pop makers.



Nostalgia Electrics – if you are looking for kitchen appliances that will take you back in time with their gorgeous retro looks, search for Nostalgia Electrics models and you will not be disappointed. Their good looks make a fine match with the great quality they offer.



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