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Bull BBQ Italian Wood Burning Pizza Oven Review


If you’re the owner of a small Italian restaurant or pizzeria, you’re probably interested in investing in the best equipment possible. Look no further, as you’ve found the perfectly crafted Italian oven, which is designed to awe your guests and clients as it has been built with the best components of which the origin is Italy. This product is not your regular oven that you might find in any home, given that it is a full-size, extra-large oven that’s intended for outdoors use. You’ll have to use wood in order to operate this option, however, as it cannot be powered using gas or electricity.

1.Large Italian Wood Burning Freestanding Pizza Oven

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Durability like no other

One of the reasons you may want to have a look at the specs of the Bull BBQ full-size Italian pizza oven is that it has been constructed using parts made of steel and 441 stainless steel. This makes it possible for the unit to withstand the test of time and look nice. Besides, the stainless steel components are relatively easy to clean so you won’t have to waste countless hours scrubbing the inside and outside of the unit.


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Built to impress

In spite of the fact that it’s not as reasonably priced as some of the other models we’ve seen, the Bull BBQ oven can take your dinners and barbecues to a whole new level, as it will awe your guests with its capabilities and looks. After all, this is a rugged alternative that’s worth every penny, given that you’ll be able to use it for many years to come. Even better, you might be able to open up a small pizzeria shop thanks to this convenient freestanding pizza oven.


It cooks pizza evenly and in a timely fashion

Nothing beats a wood-burning oven when it comes to preparing the perfect pie, and everyone knows it. Instead of paying a lot of money on deliveries, why not learn to make your own? Aside from the dough recipe, you won’t have to investigate too much as the product will do everything on its own, and even include that woody smell in the pizza crust. It takes just ten to fifteen minutes to preheat the unit and cooking the pizza depends on how crunchy you like the crust.

2.Large Italian Wood Burning Freestanding Pizza Oven

Ease of use and convenience

On the one hand, the Bull BBQ option is easy to set up even by people who aren’t necessarily tech-savvy. The instructions that come along with the product are rather straightforward and will let you know everything you need to become acquainted with in order to install the oven in your restaurant or backyard. On the other hand, getting this model is advantageous as it’s portable and can be carried from one place to the other, just in case you want to take your pizza-making skills to a neighbor’s or friend’s backyard and share some tips with them.



If you’ve been looking for one of the most efficient pizza ovens out there, look no further. The Bull BBQ can satisfy your every need. Keep in mind that you need to install it in a rather large space, which is why this unit might be recommended for owners of sizable backyards.


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