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Breville BTA820XL 2-Slice Toaster Review


The good

This is the best toaster from Breville with its sleek and durable construction that looks great on any kitchen countertop.

The smart toaster is easy to use, and includes all of the functions you need for bread, waffles, bagels, and more.

You will appreciate its functional design that is also easy to clean and maintain.

As stated in the Breville BTA820XL toaster reviews the compact design makes this model easy to store when you are not using it.


The bad

It should be noted that while this is consider the best 2 slice toaster, it might not be ideal for larger families.

Some consumers have mentioned that this toaster may not always brown the bread evenly, but this is usually due to plugging it into an outlet with lower wattage.

While some consumers have mentioned the slightly higher price, this toaster does include several innovative functions that are not found on other models.


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My opinion on this product


One of the first aspects you’ll notice is the sleek and modern design of this toaster that looks great sitting on your countertop. The die cast metal blends in beautifully with your other kitchen appliances, and you will also appreciate its durable construction. The toaster fits easily under most cabinets for convenient countertop storage, and it also includes a one year warranty for additional peace of mind.


With the smart chip included this toaster will do everything but put the bread in it for you. It is designed to be easy to use, and to give you perfectly browned toast every time. The LED panel is easy to read, even on dark mornings, and it will even let you know how much time is left until your toast is done. The screen only displays the cycle you are currently using to make it easier to read, and you also have the advantage of being able to adjust the time without interrupting the toaster will it is on.


The die cast metal is easy to keep clean with a damp cloth, and you will appreciate its functional design on busy mornings. You can defrost, toast and reheat bread, bagels, and waffles, and the two wide slots will accommodate almost anything you want browned. The carriage can be raised while the bread is toasting so you can check its progress and ensure that your breakfast isn’t burnt. With a 900 watt heating element inside, you can defrost and toast everything from bagels to thickly sliced French bread.


While the slots on this toaster are wide enough to accommodate thick slices of bread, it is also easy and convenient to store when you are not using it. The electric cord can be wrapped and stored underneath the toaster, and its compact size makes it easy to slide in or underneath a kitchen cabinet. With two wide slots and a convenient and easy to use design, everything you need to enjoy having toast on a busy morning is included with this model.



This 2 slot toaster is easy and convenient to use, even on hectic mornings. The die cast body is durable and the modern design blends in great with your other kitchen appliances. The LED screen lets you know how long until your toast is done, and you will love also being able to toast bagels and waffles in this small kitchen appliance.


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