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The good

It comes with four long toaster slots, excellent for any type of bread slice or bagel.

The unique Lift & Look technology allows the user to lift the bread and check the toasting level without stopping the entire process.

The model has a toasting alert with three different settings and complete toasting controls, including defrosting, bagel and even a cancel button.

The Breville BTA730XL has a classy, durable and easy to clean stainless steel frame, making it one of the best 4 slice toaster available on the market today.


The bad

After a lot of testing, we only found a minor issue, common to many similar stainless steel toasters. Like all other metal frame models, the Breville BTA730XL can become a bit hot when toasting for a long time. Letting it cool off for a couple of minutes before touching it with bare hands should be enough to solve this issue with ease.

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My opinion on this product


With its large and long toasting slots, this toaster can accommodate even the largest types of sliced bread and bagel models that can be brought today. Capable of delivering an even and uniform toast to all the slices at the same time, the Breville BTA730XL is one of the most efficient and versatile toaster models that you can buy right now.


One of the most interesting and unique features of this toaster is its Lift & Look technology. Unlike any other toaster, the Breville BTA730XL offers its users the option to raise the bread during the toasting process in order to visually check the toasting level. This excellent feature takes the guess work out and makes it ideal for anyone who wants a perfect quality toast.


In order to alert the user when the toast is ready, this model comes equipped with a great three mode alert. Using its high volume alarm, the Breville BTA730XL is perfect for dynamic people who like moving from room to room, while the low volume suits best those who stay near it. The mute setting is mainly for those with small children who can visually watch the toaster and do not need to be alerted when the process is over.


Simple and classic, the design of this toaster allows it to fit perfectly in any kitchen. With its elegant lines and quality clear finishing, the Breville BTA730XL is both good looking and functional. Its stainless steel frame keeps the dirt away and can be easily maintained. Durable and functional, this model is built to last, making it a great investment and the best toaster from Breville that you can purchase right away.



Loved by its users and praised by all the Breville BTA730XL The Bit More toaster reviews, this toaster is one of the most versatile, reliable and practical models you can find on the market. With its robust construction and superb stainless steel frame, this toaster gets top scores for its stylish look and durability. Simple to operate, allowing users to check for the browning level without interrupting the toasting process, this quality toaster is a great addition for anyone who enjoys comfort and functionality.


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