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5.1 Breville BTA630XL



The good

As stated in the Breville BTA630XL toaster reviews this model is durable, and designed to look great in any kitchen.

Not only is this the best toaster from Breville, you also have the benefit of the easy to clean design.

You have the advantage of multiple functions that make it easy to get perfectly browned breads and pastries every time.

This is often considered the best 4 slice toaster for larger families.


The bad

It should be mentioned that this is a plastic toaster which might not appeal to all consumers personal tastes.

Some consumers have noted that the lettering on the touch buttons can wear off over time, but this generally is not a problem once you know how to use the different functions.

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My opinion on this product


This sleek white toaster features longer and wider slots that are ideal for toasting thick slices of bread, along with different types of pastries and bagels. You have the advantage of the modern design that looks great in any kitchen, and the durable plastic casing is resistant to cracking. You can easily slide the toaster under a kitchen cabinet for convenient storage, and it is also designed to take up a limited amount of counter space.


You will love how easy it is to clean and maintain this toaster, especially when it comes to removing crumbs. The plastic housing can be quickly wiped clean to remove dirt and smudges, while the convenient crumb tray in the front is easy to pull out. Simply dump the crumbs out and slide the tray back in, and the toaster is already to go.

5.2 Breville BTA630XL

Not only do you have the advantage of the wider and longer slots for toasting more types of food items, but also the convenient one touch buttons. The slide lever makes it easy to control the level of darkness, and with one press of a button you can extend the toasting cycle. There is also a function to raise the carriage so you can check the progress of your bread, along with the LED indicator light that clearly displays how much time is left until it is done.


This sleek and fully functional toaster is perfect for larger families in the morning, and you will appreciate its easy to use design and wider slots when everyone is trying to eat at the same time. You can brown bread in one slot and pastries in the other, and conveniently shorten the amount of time it takes to get everyone’s breakfast ready.



This toaster is designed to be easy and convenient to use, and is perfect for larger families. With the ability to toast bagels, breads, and pastries in the wide slots you can make everyone what they want to eat in the morning. You will also appreciate how easy it is to keep clean, and the toaster can also be conveniently stored until you are ready to use it again.


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