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1.Brentwood TS-260W Cool-Touch Toaster

The good

Definitely the best 2 slice toaster from Brentwood, the TS-260W will look perfectly at home in a high-end designer kitchen thanks to its neat, white finish.

The toaster features multiple settings for browning levels.

This model does what it’s supposed to do: toast consistently.

The wide bread slots allow you to toast different kinds of bread.

The housing is designed for safety during use.


The bad

One of the Brentwood TS-260W Cool-Touch Toaster reviews says you can’t just pop the lever up when you decide to end the toasting cycle midway. The dial has to be turned to zero first.

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My opinion on this product


If you’re searching for a good basic kitchen countertop appliance, the Brentwood TS-260W is the best 2 slice toaster for you. This toaster has a white finish that will look really great in your kitchen. Affordable and compact, the appliance comes with a practical finish that makes it blend in with the rest of your countertop appliances. It won’t clash with the kitchen décor and neither will it be the odd item in your kitchen gear collection. The trendy exterior goes beyond the square metal box, as this toaster is equipped with a contemporary design to match your modern lifestyle. The toaster stands on four rubber-tipped feet that elevate the unit so it doesn’t just lie flat on the counter. Lightweight at just 2.5 pounds, this toaster won’t hog countertop space with its sleek 7″H x 5.75″W x 9.5″D dimensions.

2.Brentwood TS-260W Cool-Touch Toaster


Everyone gets a chance to enjoy toast just the way they like it thanks to the multiple browning levels that this machine offers. The toaster has six browning levels that allow you to select from light to very dark for your toast settings. The number dial control offers exactness while enabling you to experiment with various levels of browning according to your preference. This eliminates the guesswork that a shade dial can impose.


Get consistent toasting results with the browning level you choose, so even if you toast several batches at a time, you can expect the same level of doneness. The toaster does what it’s designed to do by cooking bread to your desired setting. It has none of the fancy features that higher end models are typically loaded with, but as basic as it may be, the Brentwood TS-260W Cool-Touch Toaster lets you enjoy good toasting results every time. The toaster offers 760 watts of toasting power to accommodate your needs sufficiently.


Geared with wide slots to accommodate gourmet breads and bagels, the Brentwood TS-260W Cool-Touch Toaster offers modern versatility. Despite its diminutive size, this toaster can handle other bread types aside from plain white bread.


The name says it all: Brentwood TS-260W Cool-Touch Toaster. The housing of this toaster retains heat less and will not feel too hot to the touch compared to metal models. That is safety for you. Even if you accidentally touch the exterior, your fingers won’t get burned. It also means you can confidently place the toaster near heat sensitive items and not worry that they will get damaged. The toaster has obtained an Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada (CUL) approval code that reflects a stronger European influence and ensures user safety during normal operations.



The Brentwood TS-260W Cool-Touch Toaster is a modern kitchen appliance that will look perfectly at home with your other kitchen gear. It has a cool touch exterior plus wide bread slots to ensure safe and convenient use. This toaster offers basic functionality and comes with a superbly affordable price, making it perfect as a gift or a replacement or backup unit.


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