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If what you have in mind is getting a full-size pizza oven that can be utilized outdoors, perhaps it’s just the right time to give a chance to the Blackstone 1575. For one, this model is capable of excellent performance, since it is able to produce up to 60,000 BTUs. In a nutshell, this feature makes it possible for the oven to prepare a pizza in under four minutes, which is a significant time economy when compared to the minutes you might need if you were to choose a countertop oven. Let’s take it all step by step to see what makes the Blackstone stand out from the plethora of models that are available in today’s market.

1.Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven

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Efficiency at its best

As previously mentioned in the intro, what seems to make the Blackstone 1575 unique is the convection design that allows it to cook pizza, sandwiches, and other dishes in as little as four minutes and even less. The neat thing about this model is that it features a rotating surface that makes it possible for the heat to penetrate the pizza layers on a deeper level. You’ll have to keep your eye on the pie once you place it inside the oven, though, since it can be cooked very fast but it also can be burnt just as fast.


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Easy to use

In spite of the fact that the Blackstone 1575 is a full-size outdoors pizza oven that gets the job done in a timely fashion, some people might find its dimensions a bit daunting, particularly if they are strictly accustomed to using countertop versions. Nevertheless, since most of the parts and handles of this product have been constructed out of stainless steel, all you have to do is move it around when you’re wearing mittens. Of course, if the oven is not hot to touch, you can safely move it elsewhere and tend to your tasks. Plus, the power source of the Blackstone 1575 is not wood. Instead, the appliance relies on batteries or electrical current for it to do what it’s supposed to, which basically means that you’ll be able to pack the unit up and take it with you when you’re out on a picnic with friends.

2.Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven

Evenly cooked pizzas

There’s a high chance you’ve tried cooking pizza in a regular oven before. You probably noticed that sometimes, if the heat doesn’t get distributed evenly, the crust might be less crunchy or even soggy. The Blackstone pizza oven takes care of everything for you as it comes with a rotating stone that can even accommodate a pie measuring up to sixteen inches. In case you run into any issues with the bearings, the Blackstone customer support is more than helpful when it comes to setting up the rotating surface.



If your budget allows you to get an outdoors pizza oven under four hundred dollars, why not consider the Blackstone 1575? After all, this model has garnered a myriad of favorable reviews over time, and some of these buyers were even kind enough to include photos and videos to show just how convenient the product is.


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