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Black & Decker TR3500SD Rapid Toast 2-Slice Toaster Review


The good

Designed for faster yet perfect toast, this is definitely the best toaster from Black & Decker.

The toaster delivers efficient performance complemented by a variety of shade options.

It’s always easy to take the toast out without burning your fingers.

The toaster comes with plenty of convenient features.

The streamlined design makes the toaster a perfect appliance to have on your countertop.


The bad

One of the Black & Decker TR3500SD toaster reviews says the appliance is primarily made for toast but using it to toast croissant requires some monitoring.

The sides of the unit tend to get finger smudges that can be quite difficult to clean off.

The sides of the appliance can get very hot.


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My opinion on this product


This is the best 2 slice toaster according to many happy users due to how it is built to toast at a 50% faster rate than earlier models. Using the toaster helps you speed up breakfast, perfect for on-the-go individuals. Saving you time for the things that matter, this toaster enables you to prepare breakfast in half the time so you can enjoy leisurely meals with the family, enjoy the early morning light, read the paper and really nurse a perfect cup of coffee, your toast, eggs and sausages.


The toaster’s innovative bagel and frozen functions let you customize the unit for special tasks, while delivering perfectly toasted results every time. You can toast thick artisan bread and bagels easily. The illuminated function buttons make special toasting jobs easy. Bagels get toasted on the outside with the bottom nicely warmed.


This toaster features an extended lever that provides the extra lift needed to let you take out the toast easily without burning your fingers. The extra-wide slots enable you to toast a variety of breads thanks to the self-centering guides that make the slots adjust to any thickness. You won’t have to slice breads too thinly just to ensure that they fit into the toaster bays.


The toaster with frozen function lightly toasts frozen breads and waffles. The Cancel button ends any function and pops the bread up instantly. The Toast Shade Selector enables you to choose the browning level according to your preference, whether just warmed or crisply toasted. With timed options ranging between 1 and 7, this toaster puts you in control. Easy and quick cleaning is provided by the swing down crumb tray.


Built with a chrome finish complemented by rich black accents, the Black & Decker TR3500SD toaster adds a modern look to your kitchen countertop. You will love how the toaster fits smoothly with the rest of your kitchen décor. The chrome styling gives the appliance a streamlined, smart look that makes it a perfect appliance to go with the rest of your modern kitchen appliances. This is an ideal replacement toaster for people planning to upgrade the look of their kitchen.



With its must-have features including frozen, bagel and Cancel buttons, and the distinct chrome styling with elegant black accents, what’s not to like about the Black & Decker TR3500SD toaster? Adding a modern look that will make you want to constantly display it on your kitchen countertop, this superb toaster heats up evenly and powerfully to deliver perfect toast in half the time.


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