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The good

Undoubtedly the best toaster from Black & Decker, this model offers a variety of options for toasting.

The toaster is remarkably easy to use.

The toaster accommodates a variety of types of bread.

The unit toasts according to your preference.

The Black & Decker T4030 4-Slice Toaster comes with impressively modern styling.


The bad

One of the Black & Decker T4030 4-slice toaster reviews says the appliance can take a long time to do its job, but results are reliably consistent.

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My opinion on this product


The toaster is built with electronic push button controls so you can toast easily without fear of getting annoying burned results. The toaster comes with a Frozen feature, which lets you handle bread just out of the freezer straight to the toaster. The Bagel option lets you toast bagels browned to perfection on the cut side while being nice and warm on the inside. The Cancel feature allows you to stop the toasting process to either check on the bread or to keep the bread from getting burned.


There are few good 4 slice toasters that you can find at this price point, and fortunately, the Black & Decker T4030 4-Slice Toaster proves to be one of them. The toaster has rotary dials, buttons and levers that enable easy and hassle-free control. The self-adjusting guides enable the toaster to accommodate various widths of bread for toasting, so you won’t have to worry about facing difficulty when the toast is to be removed from the appliance.


This 1400-watt toaster has extra-wide slots that fit bagels, buns and muffins. It takes in a variety of breads so you can enjoy your favorite toast any time of the day. Muffins are toasted on the inside and the crust side is beautifully warmed. Both sides of the bread are evenly toasted. The toasting results are the same degree of brown each time no matter which pair of slots is used, since each set has its own set of controls.


You can toast to a variety of degrees of browning at the same time. The toaster offers you a variety of browning settings from light to dark, so you won’t have to figure out how to control the settings. The slide-out crumb tray enables you to clean off bits of bread easily after every use.


Built to North American Electrical Standards, the Black & Decker T4030 4-Slice Toaster comes with an impressive chrome styling that ensures easy maintenance and cleaning. The chrome body ensures resistance to corrosion and product deterioration. The rich black accents on this toaster make it a great addition to any modern kitchen. The exterior of the appliance stays cool to the touch, keeping you safe from injury. The items placed near the toaster on the kitchen countertop will not get damaged as well.



If you want a toaster that does what it is designed to do, get yourself the Black & Decker T4030 4-Slice Toaster. This model will not disappoint, as it can do what it is designed to do: deliver impressive browning results. Bread is consistently cooked. The controls are easy to handle. The toaster comes with a variety of levels of browning so you can enjoy your favorite breads toasted to your preference.


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