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These days, it might be hard to get a convenient and efficient quesadilla maker. Luckily, we’ve found that the Black & Decker QM1088 meets and even exceeds the expectations of most tortilla and quesadilla aficionados who have bought it and have expressed their opinions using the Amazon rating system. The model is an entirely capable option that does the trick for when you come back home from classes or work and want something to satisfy your hunger quickly. Besides, it has a myriad of useful features, which may range from a drip tray to the fact that the cooking surfaces have been coated with a non-stick material.

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Easy to use and quick to do its job

One of the main advantages to consider the Black & Decker QM1088 consists of the fact that it’s very easy to use. It’s true that it might be smaller when compared to some of its competitors, since it features 8-inch plates. Even so, if what you’re looking for is a unit capable of excellent performance, then this one is the right product to get. What’s more, it’s capable of cooking tasty quesadillas in as little as five minutes. In addition, the unit has on/ready indicator lights, which can let you know when the plates are hot enough for you to place the tortilla, fill it up with the contents, and then cover it with another tortilla.


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Cleaning and maintenance are a breeze

Another neat thing about this model is that it has non-stick plates. What does this mean for the end-user? In a nutshell, you’ll be getting both the right value for a fantastic price but you’ll also avoid wasting time on cleaning the item extensively. Thanks to the non-stick surface, the Black & Decker QM1088 makes it possible for owners to clean the plates with just a moist towel, once the appliance has completely cooled down. Even if you use multiple fillings that might risk come out the side, the model is still reasonably easy to clean.


Convenient storage

It’s a pain to have many appliances in the kitchen that you might use rather often and have no space to store them in. Fortunately for you, Black & Decker was inspired enough to make this model tailored to the needs of the modern user. As such, there’s nothing stopping you from taking advantage of the vertical storage, as this will allow you to use a significant portion of your countertop for cutting veggies and preparing other foods, as well.

1.Black & Decker Quesadilla Maker


To sum it up, the Black & Decker QM1088 is a noteworthy item to take into account if you want to spend your money wisely. While you won’t be able to use larger tortillas with this model, it’s still worth considering if what you’re searching for is a product under thirty dollars. Furthermore, many owners have taken the time to discuss the functionalities and excellent design of the option in the favorable reviews they have written over time.


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