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Betty Crocker BC-2958CR Review


Still looking for the best quesadilla maker that has really gotten rave reviews? Grab the Betty Crocker BC-2958CR and see for yourself why it is considered by many to be a great machine. This is not just a quesadilla maker, it’s also a terrific machine for making great nachos, quiche, mini frittatas, croissants, hors d’oeuvres, giant cookies and much more. It is a versatile multi-function machine that is not only fun to use but also gets the cooking done quickly and with reliable energy efficiency. Use it to bake scrumptious 12-inch pizzas that boast a deliciously crispy crust, not soggy and gooey. The pizza maker is equipped with non-stick coated baking plates that can bake crusts perfectly while also ensuring effortless cleanups.

1.1 Betty Crocker BC-2958CR


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An unconventional pick

Use the quesadilla maker to bake fantastic homemade pizzas using the freshest ingredients you can think of. In addition, you can also use the machine to make flatbreads topped with your favorite ingredients so you won’t have to switch on a large oven. For the serious kitchen do-it-yourselfer, the appliance also allows you to use frozen pie or fresh dough for large 12-inch pizzas with a delightfully crispy crust any time. Make some creative snacks for the kids or prepare quick meals without intensive ingredient preparation so you can enjoy more time socializing instead of slaving away in a hot kitchen.


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Easy to use

The power-on light tells you the unit is switched on so you won’t have to do the guesswork. The ready-to-bake indicator light lets you know the machine is ready for a round of cooking. The indicator lights facilitate control and easy use so you will know exactly when to add the necessary ingredients. The appliance has a self-regulated thermostat that makes pizza making simple and the pizza crusts always crispy and golden every time. The machine boasts a sturdy and compact built to provide years of use, with no plastic parts or sections that can break off or be damaged easily especially during frequent use. The compact design also makes the unit easy to store in spare cupboard space or just to leave on the kitchen countertop. The convenient cord wrap ensures a clutter-free countertop and easy storage.

1.2 Betty Crocker BC-2958CR (chiar n-am gasit alta varianta ca lumea)

Loads of versatility

The machine has a small size and shape so finding a spot for it on the countertop is easy. The dual heat lid and base with floating hinge enable mess-free use so you can put in your favorite ingredients without worrying about them getting squashed when cooking. This quesadilla maker brightens up snack times and dinner times by giving you many options on what to eat. Experiment with various types of ingredients or make family recipes more exciting by substituting unhealthy ingredients with healthy ones. This kitchen appliance allows you to explore your inner cooking diva to make delightful meals for the whole family. Never send out for pizza again and use only the ingredients you like so you can cut down on fats and oils and preserved meats.



The Betty Crocker BC-2958CR ships with neat snack and meal ideas so you can get started on some terrific food items right out of the box. This and all its other excellent features allow it to be one of the most useful kitchen appliances you can get your hands on. Try it for yourself and see how many wonderful meals you can prepare for your family and friends.


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