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1.Betty Crocker BC-2626CB 4-Slice Toaster, Black

The good

This model deserves all the awesome Betty Crocker BC-2626CB 4-Slice Toaster reviews it has been getting due to its ability to accommodate a variety of sandwich toast and breakfast items.

The toaster delivers the perfect toast every time.

The appliance ensures user safety.

It has features that offer convenient usage.

The toaster is not a hassle to clean after every use.


The bad

The toaster is considered by many to be the best 4-slice toaster from Betty Crocker despite requiring the user to learn the best way to optimize its features.

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My opinion on this product


This is the brand’s best rated 4-slice toaster that enables you to complete the bread toasting task so you can prepare breakfast more quickly. It takes in more bread slices in one go and features everything you want in a basic kitchen accessory of this type. Equipped to handle bagels and thick bread slices, the toaster has generous 30-millimeter slots to achieve that. It can handle odd-size slices when needed so you won’t have to cut the bread in an exact way. The wide toasting slots offer more than enough space to hold bread. This toaster is intended to simplify extraction of the toasted bread thanks to the extra-lift feature that ensures you won’t get your fingers burned on the hot slots.


Bread gets toasted just the way you prefer due to the innovative electronic variable toast shade control that enables you to select the toasting level you want using the numbered dial. Choose from light to golden brown to dark and eliminate the guesswork, unlike other toasters that make you choose the level of doneness according to the type of bread you put in. The built-in Toast Cancel feature lets you stop the cooking process midway if the toast is ready before the time finishes. This feature is useful when you have to halt the toasting process for any reason, as well.

2.Betty Crocker BC-2626CB 4-Slice Toaster, Black

Aside from the extra-lift feature that lets you retrieve irregularly-sized and small bread from the toaster slots, you are also assured of safety with the cool touch housing. The Betty Crocker 4-Slice Toaster gives you peace of mind that you won’t get burned by the appliance’s exterior. You won’t have to fear getting too close to the toaster while it’s running, or to place the unit on the kitchen counter with other kitchen essentials.


The Betty Crocker 4-Slice Toaster comes with great features while being easily available at a great value. The Toast Cancel feature and the numbered dial offer full control. The toaster is usable for small Belgian waffles and English muffins. The unit has two bread-centering guides found in each slot to ensure that the bread is optimally positioned for consistent toasting results.


Anticipating that breadcrumbs are certain to pile up at the bottom of the toaster over time, the manufacturer has equipped the toaster with a pull-down crumb tray so you can simply clean out the collected crumbs quickly. There’s no need to use special reagents or cleaning implements just to ensure that the toaster is always ready for another round of toasting next time.



Able to accommodate a variety of sizes and shapes of bread, the Betty Crocker 4-Slice Toaster is a basic kitchen appliance that enables you to finish breakfast preparation fast and easy. The extra wide toasting slots, extra lift feature and cool touch housing ensure convenient and safe usage. This is a reliable toaster that browns bread to your preferred level.


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