The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Wood Fired Pizza Oven for Home + Reviews


Are you looking for the best wood fired pizza oven for home? Grandma Jen will tell you all about it in this short paragraph. The model chosen from dozens of reviews from buyers is the ilFornino Professional Series, a great wood fired pizza oven that you can purchase for home, in order to enjoy the same great pizza taste as you would when going to your favorite restaurant. Sporting an impressive cooking surface that offers you the possibility to bake six small pies or three large pies at the same time, this model is reliable and convenient. Its dome construction ensures superior insulation, and you will feel like a traditional Italian cook when using it. The preheating time is 22 minutes, so you will not have to wait a lot to start cooking. If you cannot find the ilFornino Professional Series, because it is no lponger in stock, try the Forno Allegro Nonno Lillo, a model that Grandma Jen considers another good fit for home based pizza baking.



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Have you ever dreamed of baking pizza at home like a veritable Italian? Then you need to get yourself a wood fired pizza oven for home use. These models do exist, and they offer many advantages, which is why we decided to give you a helping hand and tell you all about the most crucial aspects to consider when you are shopping for the best wood burning pizza oven.

How many pizzas can you bake in one go?

This is a pretty important question, especially if you are organizing a party, and you want all your guests to be well fed. Keep in mind that pizza ovens that work with wood take more time to preheat and actually to bake when compared to modern electric models. However, the taste is unbeatable, and this is the most important thing to keep in mind.

Get an oven that can bake several pizzas in one go. This way, you will make sure that no guest of yours will go hungry. To have an idea of what we are talking about here, an oven with a cooking surface of around 980-990 square inches is capable of baking three large pizzas or six small pizzas, depending on your preferences.


Things to learn about the firebricks used

The firebrick is a major component of a wood burning stove. It must be capable of retaining heat and transferring to the pizzas during the baking process, so you can obtain that excellent taste that only pizzas baked in wood-burning ovens can have. It is much enthused by the best pizza oven reviews that you should never overlook the importance of a real firebrick when you are shopping for this type of oven.


Solid construction

Since you will be making quite a substantial investment when you pick a wood burning oven for baking pizza, it is important to get one with a solid construction. Stainless steel is the most popular choice among manufacturers because it cleans well and it is also resistant to heat, as well as corrosion and oxidation. Your oven will continue to bake pizzas for you for a long time.



3 Best Wood Fired Pizza Ovens for Home (Updated Reviews) in 2020



If you are looking for the best wood fired pizza ovens for home use, currently available for sale, you will find them right below. Their features will help you cook the perfect pizza you can even bake and they will never let you order pizza over the phone ever again.



1. ilFornino Professional Series 


Many buyers agree that you cannot get any better than the ilFornino Professional Series. Created by a company with a focus on making upgrades to their existing products, this model does not disappoint at all. The first thing you may like to learn about it is that it can bake six small pies or three large ones, given that its 990 square inch cooking surface allows it. Your backyard parties have just received an upgrade, too.

The oven takes a bit to preheat, and you will have to wait for 22 minutes to be ready for use, but this is a small sacrifice seeing that you will get to enjoy perfect pizza, baked the Italian way. Also, it must be mentioned that it takes other similar ovens, even more, to preheat, so this should not stand in your way of purchasing this great wood burning pizza oven.

Let’s talk a bit about the excellent insulation this model comes equipped with. The dome construction is already doing its job of retaining heat inside, but this is not all. Three layers of ceramic greatly increase the insulation capabilities of this wood burning oven. The double stainless steel wall brings its contribution, as well.


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2. Forno Allegro Nonno Lillo 


The Forno Allegro Nonno Lillo provides the user with plenty of advantages, as far as using a wood burning oven for pizza goes. It must be mentioned that the model is made in Italy, which means that you will benefit from the craftsmanship of local wood burning oven makers, delivered right to your backyard, so you can start baking pizza like an Italian cook.

This oven is beautiful to look at, not only due to its construction that will immediately spring into your mind images of delicious pizzas being taken out and ready to be served. You can choose between anthracite and hammered copper for the finish, depending on what you think it will integrate better with the rest of your layout. Since many manufacturers do not offer such conveniences, this small aspect needs to be mentioned.

A volcanic lava stone is placed on the bottom of the oven, to provide significant advantages to those in the mood for baking pizza Italian style. This stone is capable of retaining heat, and it can help cooking pizza to perfection. The volcanic lava used for the stone comes from Mount Etna so that you can bring a piece of authentic Italy to your home.


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3. Fontana Forni Gusto 80 


Italian pizza ovens are the most appreciated, for the mere fact that they are made in the country that brought pizza to the world. If there is someone on the planet capable of making the best pizza ovens, they should be Italian, which means that you can place your trust in the craftsmanship and performance offered by the Fontana Forni Gusto 80.

The overall weld construction is robust and dependable, and you will be more than pleased with the quality of the heating and oven chambers. It is critical for a pizza oven working with wood to be well made since it is more expensive and should last longer than other similar models. The materials used for the making of this particular wood burning pizza oven are stainless steel, cast iron, and galvanized steel, which increase the durability of the model.

The cooking stones are certified for being in contact with food, so there is nothing to worry about. You will find the overall design of this oven to be quaint and appealing, and that happens because the same style employed for over 40 years still stands the test of time. You can use this oven for baking more than just pizzas, as you will be able to use it for meats, desserts and various bread recipes, for an authentic Italian experience.


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