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Best wood burning pizza oven


Wood burning pizza ovens – Ratings & Informative guide


If you want to know the best wood burning pizza oven right away, without wasting any of your precious time, Grandma Jen has you covered. The ilFornino Professional Series is the model that offers the best balance between performance and price. Made from 304 stainless steel, this wood burning oven has a sturdy construction, and you will make a good investment, should you decide to purchase it instead of other models available on the market. What makes this model stand out, even more, is its superior insulation that helps to keep the oven well insulated, five times more than traditional ovens for making pizza. The total cooking area for this model is 990 square inches, which means that it can accommodate three large pizzas or six smaller ones in one go. If you cannot find the ilFornino Professional Series, then Grandma Jen suggest the ilFornino Basic, as a second best recommendation to help you with cooking pizza.



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These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a wood burning pizza oven


Who doesn’t love pizza? The famous Italian dish is famous worldwide, and there is no wonder so many people want to be able to cook pizza at home. If you want to up your game and go even further, then you should consider a wood burning pizza oven, which, if you are to listen to what sticklers for tradition have to say, is the only way to making pizza. Follow the next recommendations to get the best home oven for pizza that works with wood.

Cooking surface

When you are shopping for a wood burning pizza oven, you need to take in consideration things like the available cooking surface. While you are perusing the specs, don’t forget to check this first, as it will tell you exactly how much pizza you can make in one go. Manufacturers usually list the available cooking surface in square inches, but they also point out how many pies can be accommodated.


Perfect insulation

Having the perfect pizza baked in your backyard using the traditional method of burning wood depends on having the perfect insulation. The dome construction many such ovens boast has the quality of focusing the heat in such a manner that nothing is lost. Keep in mind that it takes longer for a wood burning stove to make your pizza, but it is well worth it.

Sound insulation depends on how the walls are constructed, too. Sheets of heat retaining ceramic are usually inserted between stainless steel walls, offering the perfect environment for baking the perfect pizza.


High-performance materials

The best pizza oven reviews highly recommend getting a wood burning pizza oven that is built from high-performance materials. Stainless steel is often the most recommended because it is resistant to corrosion and oxidation and it does not require a lot of TLC.

A solid construction means a good investment. Such an oven is usually quite expensive, which is why you need to weigh your options. Find a model that is made from thicker, more solid stainless steel, and don’t forget that the firebricks should also be made from resistant materials.



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The best wood burning pizza ovens available for sale are listed below. Chosen based on the reviews received from users and their overall performance, these ovens are all great options, and they will help you bake pizza anytime you want with minimum efforts and maximum results.



ilFornino Professional Series 


The ilFornino Professional Series is advertised by its manufacturer as being a necessary upgrade of their basic model, and that should count for something. It looks like the company employed nothing but the best on this particular wood burning pizza oven. The 304 stainless steel construction is a testimony in this regard, and its thicker gage is a significant difference between this and the basic model the company sells.

When you are baking pizza in open air, it is important that your oven is well insulated to keep the moisture inside, and not allow the delicious crust to become too dry. This pizza oven comes equipped with superior insulation granted by two ceramic blankets inserted inside the double stainless steel wall. There is also an extra layer of ceramic that prevents heat from dissipating.

This helps not only with retaining heat and moisture but also with consuming fuel in an efficient manner. The fire bricks used in this wood burning oven are locally made, and they are created to provide increased durability to a model that is already well made. With a cooking surface of 990 square inches, this pizza oven cannot disappoint.


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ilFornino Basic 


Another model made by the same company mentioned above is the ilFornino Basic. While not as superior in performance as the one reviewed earlier, this one still has its high points. The medium grade stainless steel used is still sturdy, and it offers the best advantages when you want to purchase an oven that requires little maintenance. The material used is resistant to corrosion, and it also provides superior temperature resistance.

The cooking area is represented by one large 1-inch firebrick that is capable of retaining heat and baking your pizza to perfection. The insulation blanket is kept lightweight, so you may want to consider this particular model since it is easier to move than other similar products on the market. The cooking surface allows you to cook six small pizzas at the same time, which means no one will go hungry.

As is the case with all wood burning pizza ovens, this one takes 45 minutes to bake pizza, but the wait will be all worth it since you will be able to experience the taste of real pizza, baked in a wood-burning oven, as it is still done traditionally in Italy.


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Bull BBQ 


Another Italian wood burning oven that is worthy of your consideration is this model from Bull BBQ. Its steel and stainless steel construction is durable and dependable, so you will not have to worry about your investment. The reliable welding on the model is another great testimony to the overall excellent quality of this particular pizza oven.

The rock-based insulation is excellent, too, and it corresponds to the way traditional pizza ovens are made. A solid firebrick at the bottom ensures not only high insulation but also good heat retention. You will be able to bake the pizza you want, letting it cook to perfection, while the perfect insulation and construction take care of the rest.

The food grade cooking stones are a great addition and make this wood burning pizza oven a great investment for anyone who wants to have such a great cooking appliance at home. This model needs 15 to 20 minutes to preheat and be ready to use. Another aspect that will help you decide is the portability it provides. The hidden handles offer you the possibility to store cooking tools and have them nearby while you are baking pizza.


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