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The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Wok Electric Stove + Reviews


Although a good wok electric stove is very useful, it’s hard to find one that has a decent price and practical features. This type of product was designed especially for wok pans, but you can use other kitchen tools on it as well. If you are wondering what the best wok electric stove is, we can mention the top two, according to many customers’ preferences. Most wok electric stoves reviews place the NutriChef Electric Cooktop on the first place in the category of quality kitchen appliances. It has two heating zones and multiple cooking modes that will allow you to prepare delicious food every day. The model is convenient and easy to use and seems to meet most owners’ expectations. If this product is not available for sale in your area, you could head your attention towards the second popular item on the list, the Ovente BG62B.



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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


An electric stove is safe and easy to use even by those who are making their first steps to being cooking pros. The latest models allow people to adjust the temperature and enjoy a well-cooked, fresh meal anytime.

If you handle it the right way, such an appliance will serve you right and it will help you learn some secrets about the perfect heat for cooking your favorite dishes. Next, let’s find out what you should look at when you want to buy a good and cheap wok electric stove.

Safety and temperature adjustment

When you are dealing with an electric stove, safety is the most important factor. Unless you are an expert, you shouldn’t install your appliance by yourself. The best idea is to get professional help for installing it and making all the necessary connections. After the setup is complete, make sure that it is entirely functional.

Until you get used to your new kitchen appliance, it is better if you cook at a lower temperature. In this way, the food becomes tasty and keeps all the necessary nutrients. Also, in order to prevent an accident, don’t forget to follow all the safety instructions.



Durability should be on your checklist when you want to buy a new wok electric stove. Since you are about to make a long-term investment, choose an item made from resilient materials because it will become your new best friend in the following years.

If you want to have top quality at a decent price, look for items that are said to last a long time. Materials like cast iron, ceramic, and others are a good warranty for the future. Don’t forget that you have to take good care of it and keep it clean.


Technical features

Most of the times, we forget about technical specifications when we buy something and this is not in our best interest. When it comes to the type of wok stove we are talking about, the electricity bill should be our main concern.

Size is another aspect to keep in mind. You can choose from products with one or two hot plates, according to your needs and space. Also, you are free to move the stove around the house if you choose a portable alternative.



3 Best Wok Electric Stoves (Updated Reviews) in 2021



It’s hard to select a good wok burner when there are so many options out there. We want to help you decide, so next we will mention some of the customers’ most popular choices these days.



1. NutriChef Portable Cooktop 


This digital countertop with dual induction is equipped with 2 circular heating zones on the top panel. The temperature from these zones can be configured independently and will show up on an LCD Display Screen.

You have the possibility to switch from one cooking mode to another with just one push of a button. The manual cooking function allows you to choose to fry, steam or select the perfect mode for easy cooking. Also, you have the possibility to keep food warm thanks to the dedicated function.

The NutriChef Portable Cooktop comes equipped with a Built-in Child Safety Lock. This extra protects children from injuries by locking all off the operating buttons of the cooktop when you are not using it.

If you are concerned about your electricity bill, we have to mention that this heavy duty 120v model has the capability to cook food by using electromagnets. In this case, the heat is maintained between the cooking surface and the pot. This function makes the NutriChef unit highly energy-efficient and cooking becomes a lot faster and easier.

This 6.7-inch cooktop is compact and portable. You can use it inside the house or outdoors because it is provided with a flat non-stick glass ceramic surface that makes cleaning easy.



This model comes fitted with two circular heating zones that have independent temperature settings. An additional digital display has also been included in its design.

It has a lock function that you can activate, especially if you have children and you want to prevent any accidents when you are not around.

The option is energy efficient as it does not lose heat between the pot and the cooking surface itself.

Plus, this choice is compact and it has a versatile construction because it is compatible with steel, cast iron, and emailed iron pots. It is also very lightweight.



There was one reviewer who said that the temperature that the product displays is not correct. However, this might be a consequence of her using a defective unit.

One issue that other owners have noted is that the model might not perform as expected when both of its heating zones are on at the same time.


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2. Ovente BG62B Electric Double Ceramic


If you are looking for a quality double hot plate, the Ovente Induction Cooktop is everything you need. Powered by 1800 Watts, this practical and cost-effective wok burner uses the Electromagnetic Induction Technology to heat up twice as fast as a conventional gas range, helping you save money on electric bills.

The cooktop’s innovative Electromagnetic Induction Technology transforms the cookware itself into a heat generator. This means that it prepares the food evenly and keeps most of the nutrients.

The Ovente model has 8 variable temperature levels ranging from 140 to 465° F. This feature allows you to change the heat according to your needs. You also get a timer which helps you keep track of the food while doing something else.

If you buy this great wok electric stove, you won’t have to worry about safety either. It includes an overheating sensor that will automatically turn off the appliance if you are not using it. In addition, the ceramic glass surface is always cold when you touch it. The model also features child safety lock and comes with a hot caution light for extra safety.

Besides the practical features described above, the Ovente Induction Cooktop looks nice in every kitchen décor.



This alternative is powerful, quick and, surprisingly also heat efficiently. It is powered by no less than 1800 watts.

It was constructed to feature electromagnetic induction technology, a type of technology that does not transfer the heat to the cooker as other similar models do.

The unit has eight variable temperature levels that range from 140 to 465 Fahrenheit degrees. Thus, you can switch between them when necessary.

Besides, this device is relatively safe as it comes provided with an overheating sensor that can turn off the product when no cookware is detected.



One problem that some owners had to face is that the product is somewhat difficult to return. Most buyers are happy with it.

It has been noted that this device can only be utilized with special types of pans that are made of certain materials. So, make sure that you own the needed cookware before investing in it.


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3. NuWave Precision Precision Induction


The NuWave Induction Cooktop is a convenient electric burner which offers precise temperature control and the possibility to adjust it in 10-degree increments. The minimum temperature limit is 100 Fahrenheit and the upper value can reach the limit of 575 degrees.

Thanks to its easy-fluctuating temperature, the appliance can be used in more ways than just as a cooktop. You have the possibility to prepare complex recipes very easy and also to use it for keeping the food warm.

In addition, you can use the delay function which allows you to schedule when you start cooking. The NuWave Cooktop will automatically turn off when the cooking time is completed. The model is a piece of magnetic cookware, so it needs induction pans to work.

It is very practical; it uses up to 70% less energy than conventional gas or electric ranges. Also, it is lightweight and portable, so you can carry it around as you need. You can use the NuWave induction cooktop both indoors and outdoors. It gives you the possibility to boil, simmer, deep-fry, stir-fry, steam, cook slow, melt, grill and sear.

The tool will help you cook delicious recipes for your loved ones.



This option has up to 52 temperature settings and it can reach temperatures that range from 100 to 575 Fahrenheit degrees.

To reach the desired temperature, one can modify the settings by 10 increments at a time. Therefore, this model is perfect when experiencing with various recipes.

It features a delay function that enables the user to select the time when the cooking process begins.

This alternative works perfectly with any induction pans that you might own. It also uses 70% less energy than other similar products.



Before you decide to purchase this model, you should remember that this unit is only compatible with induction pans. If you do not own any, you have to make some extra investments.

Some customers remarked that this choice might be a bit too expensive given the limited features that it incorporates. As expected, there are buyers who strongly disagree.


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