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3 Best Wine Savers – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Wine Saver + Reviews


Are you interested in getting the best wine saver, but you’re pressed for time? Grandma Jen is here to help you with an excellent idea of what model you should get. According to reviews from both experts and buyers alike, the number one product on the list is The Original Vacu Vin 08542606. With its help, you can easily keep your wine tasting fresh for a week, and that without experiencing any loss in flavor. If you are looking for a universal wine saver, this one is an ideal choice, as it works with the same efficiency for any wine. This version comes in white, and the manufacturer also offers a wine stopper, as an extra. In case The Original Vacu Vin 08542606 is no longer available, you can always opt for Grandma Jen’s next in line recommendation, The Original Vacu Vin 09814606.



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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Any wine connoisseur can tell you that the passion for wine gadgets available now for sale is a tad too much, since drinking wine should not be over-engineered. However, even famous sommeliers agree that a good wine saver can make a difference. If you are new to the world of wine gadgets, you should start with purchasing such an item, and make a solid choice, based on the below recommendations.

Simple or complicated?

You choose how simple or complicated you want your wine saver to be. There are some that come as gas cartridges, and you merely spray some combination of argon, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide over the wine, and it creates a layer that keeps the oxygen away, the number one culprit for flavor loss.

Of course, it is not necessary to go for something complicated. Some models just need to be placed over a wine stopper and use a vacuuming system to remove the air from the bottle, so that the wine inside is kept at proper parameters.

It is up to you what kind of system you will choose. Always bear in mind how often you are going to use the wine saver, and how much you are willing to spend. There are plenty of wine savers on the market sold for fair prices, and they are very durable, too.


Does it work for sparkling wines, too?

One important aspect to consider when you go shopping for a wine saver is whether it works for sparkling wines or not. Sometimes, the manufacturer will indicate if the product they sell can be used for preserving the flavor of sparkling wines. However, if you cannot seem to find this detail anywhere, check some of the wine saver reviews offered by other users, so you can identify the ones that work best.


What accessories are also provided?

A vacuum-style wine saver will be the kind that works by putting it over a wine stopper and then sucking the air out. If that is the case, you may want to consider a model that offers a good deal, such as one that comes with at least one stopper, if not two. This way, you will have an entire set at your disposal, and you will be able to keep your wine as fresh and flavorful as the moment you opened the bottle.



3 Best Wine Savers (Updated Reviews) in 2021



Do you want a good quality wine saver? We selected the most popular models on the market, based on their ease of use, performance, and other aspects. No matter which one you pick, you will be satisfied with your choice.



1. The 08542606 Original Vacu Vin


This model is very popular with many wine enthusiasts due to its ease of use and its simple design. Not many people want something complicated when it comes to wine gadgets, especially if they are new to this. That is why this one is an excellent introduction to the world of wine savers and other gadgets. It is easy to use and easy to figure out.

The model works with a vacuum pump. You simply put a wine stopper in the bottle and then start to pump. You will notice that, at some point, a sound will be heard. That is your cue that your bottle of wine is secure and you don’t have to do anything else but store the bottle in the fridge.

Regardless of whether you are a lover of red wines or white wines, you will find a use for this wine saver. It works for all sorts of wines, and it is a good option for anyone looking to spend little on such a gadget.

Made in the Netherlands, it is an excellent choice for any wine lover. This version is available in white, and you also get a stopper as an extra. All the reviews of wine savers say that this one is a keeper.


Buy from for ($12.95)




2. The 09814606 Original Vacu Vin


You cannot go wrong with this particular wine saver. If you are looking for something easy to use that can serve for keeping wine fresh and tasty one week after opening the bottle, then you should stop and consider this product. If you prefer your kitchen utensils to come in black, this one is an excellent option for you.

The elegance of the black vacuum pump-style wine saver is complemented by the two grey stoppers that you can use to make sure that your bottles of wine are correctly sealed. You will find that this wine saver is easy to use.

You will have no trouble with keeping the flavor of your wine for up to one week if you decide to use this particular model. An option to consider for reds and whites, it is a solution for wine lovers who don’t want to spend a lot of money on such a gadget.

The mechanism used for vacuuming the air inside the bottle is very straightforward. Once the air is removed from the bottle, you will hear a click sound that will let you know that your wine is now safe from any oxidation.


Buy from for ($14.99)




3. Coravin Model Two Elite


If you intend to go for something more advanced, maybe you should stop at this particular model. The Coravin Model Two Elite will not only prevent oxidation, but it will also let your wine continue the aging process, without any intervention from the outside.

The mechanism on this model is a bit more complex than what you saw in vacuum pump style models. A needle is passed through the cork, without causing any damage and allowing you to pour wine into glasses. And this is not everything it does.

The wine saver inserts argon, a special type of gas that creates a layer between air and the wine, thus preventing any oxidation from taking place. This gas is inert, and it is used when the wine is made, so you don’t have to worry about chemicals getting in your favorite beverage. The wine saver comes with a capsule cap that automatically creates a seal.

The only thing you need to do is to pressurize the wine bottle, by pushing on the trigger mechanism. Each time you want to drink wine, all you have to do to release the trigger and pour the wine into glasses. Ease of use is excellent for this gadget, and the handle is ergonomic.


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