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The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Wine Glass Set for Gifts + Reviews


If you want the best wine glass set without wasting any time, Grandma Jen has an excellent recommendation for you: the DuVino King and Queen. Perfect for a gift, as well as a present you may want to offer yourself, this set scores high in consumers’ preferences and it is appreciated by experts, as well. These beautiful glasses come in pairs, one for him, and one for her, so that they can celebrate any important occasion in their lives while feeling like royalty. Whether you have someone close getting engaged, married, or celebrating an anniversary, you will find this set ideal. The beautiful design is printed on the glasses, and it will not come off when washed. The gift box is also designed to be sturdy and reliable. In case you can no longer find the DuVino King and Queen, Grandma Jen suggests the Sonoma Artisan Stemware Handcrafted as a second ideal choice.



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If you want to offer a friend a special gift, and you know they like wine best of all beverages, the ideal present could very well be a wine glass set. Many people will enjoy such a gift, and you can rest assured that you will not go wrong. The following guide will help you decide on the best wine glass gift set you can find right now.

Elements of design

Did you know that the overall design of a glass wine can have an important impact on how you are going to enjoy the exquisite taste of the beverage? The bowl-like configuration is ideal for serving red wines, because of a very simple rule that applies here. The larger surface allows the wine to oxidize and evaporate.

That means that first the smell will hit your nostrils and that will affect the taste you will experience afterward. Wide bowl models are ideal for red wines, and narrow ones are for white wines, as those need less oxidation.

Stemmed glasses are an ideal choice for serving wine because they allow you to hold your glass by the stem so that the temperature of your hand is not transferred to the beverage, affecting its taste. Stemless models are considered more casual, and they can be used for serving water, as well.

Another element of design that you may be interested in learning more about is the rim. A tapered lip lets you swirl the wine in your glass to release aroma, without having it drift away. Connoisseurs are also fond of flared tapered glasses, as they direct the flow of liquid towards your front palate. This helps with reducing acidity while allowing you to experience fruity flavors to the fullest.


Crystal or glass?

The material the wine glasses are made of counts as a matter of preferences. The wine glass set reviews you can read online will tell you the main differences between the two. Crystal is thought to be more resilient than glass, and because of the very fine abrasion on its surface, it can retain aroma longer.


The fun factor

Since you consider getting a wine glass set to offer as a gift, some other aspects may come into play. Even if it is a cheap wine glass set you may be able to purchase, you should not overlook certain things. For instance, opt for a set that comes in a sturdy gift box, so that it does not get damaged during transportation.



3 Best Wine Glass Sets for Gifts (Updated Reviews) in 2021



Now that you are familiar enough with the most important aspects of wine glass sets let’s see together what popular items are available for sale. You will be able to impress your friends and offer them the perfect gift if you opt for one of the following sets.



1. DuVino King and Queen


This is the ideal wine glass set if you have friends who get married, engaged, or celebrate an important occasion as a couple. The set contains one glass for him, and one for her, so they can enjoy their special event feeling like real royalty. The glasses are made in the US, and they have beautiful royal patterns that will make a first great impression.

You don’t have to worry that your gift will feel cheap. The beautiful graphics are high-quality, and they will not wear off when they are washed, even in a dishwasher. No matter the occasion, your friends will surely appreciate your gesture.

The company making this set is known for creating fun wine-related accessories, so you can browse through their offer to see what you can pick for someone dear to you. A nice touch is the exquisite gift box that is also durable so that it does not get damaged by accident. This is a funny wine glass set that everyone will love.

While other wine glass sets may not already be wrapped to be offered as gifts, this one does, and that is a great plus. You only need to order the item and have it delivered to your friends’ door, so you can make them an excellent surprise.


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2. Sonoma Artisan Stemware Handcrafted


When looking for quality wine glasses, you should take a look at this fantastic-looking item. The Sonoma Artisan Stemware Handcrafted offers two large wine glasses. Besides allowing wine to release its aroma so that the user can experience it to the fullest, these glasses are also exquisitely designed.

They are handcrafted, and the painted pattern makes them stand out. Everyday glasses may not be a good idea to offer as a gift because you will not be able to have your present differentiate from any other. However, if you opt for this set, you will have no regrets.

The particular construction of the glasses allows the wine to breathe correctly. That helps with releasing the exquisite flavors of the wine, while the tapered rim will make sure to trap the beautiful aroma inside. Wine enthusiasts will surely appreciate such attention to detail, and you will make an impression on your friends, too.

Another excellent thing about these glasses is that they are suited for a broad range of occasions. Whether you want to throw a dinner party or a casual one, you will find them to be ideal and up to snuff.


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3. Villeroy & Boch Ovid


Everything about this wine glass set spells quality. The material used for the 12 glasses is lead-free crystal. As durable as blown glass, and beautiful as you may quickly expect from crystal glassware, these will make a long-lasting impression, should you decide to offer them as a gift. Attention to detail is pushed to new boundaries in this set.

It contains all the important glass shapes for serving wine. You will get enough glasses for serving red wines, white wines, and Champagne. Nothing is amiss in this set, which is why it is such an excellent choice for a gift, as well as a personal purchase.

The package is secured for any damage, so you don’t have to worry that it will not get to the destination as it should. Made in a German factory, they are designed to withstand the strictest quality standards.

A company specialized in fine porcelain and glassware starting with 1748, Villeroy & Boch has a name that stands for superior quality in every way. For any celebration, this wine glass set will be put to good use, and all the guests will be impressed with the beautiful appearance and outstanding quality they exhibit.


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