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Best white 4 slice toaster


White 4-slice toasters – Ratings & Informative guide


Do you want the best white 4 slice toaster, but your time is limited? Find out from Grandma Jen what model from the ones available on the market is really worth the money. The Cuisinart CPT-142 Compact proves to be an excellent choice, as many customer reviews indicate. You can place this compact toaster on your kitchen counter, either facing forward or to one side, without losing any space. Pick the brown level you desire from seven possible, and make breakfast toast that is just to your liking. A unique tray collects all the crumbs and keeps the mess to a minimum, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning all the time. If the Cuisinart CPT-142 Compact is discontinued and you cannot find it anywhere, pick the Sunbeam 3823-100 as the next choice, as Grandma Jen considers it another excellent option for your kitchen.



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If you like the color of simplicity, purity, innocence and perfection in your kitchen, going for the best white 4 slice toaster can make breakfasts more like home and really comfortable. In other words, just perfect! White is said to awaken creativity, and a white 4 slice toaster may yet inspire the user to try out new bread-based items aside from regular bread slices. Like any other product of its kind, a white four slice toaster should come with the following.

A.2 White 4 slice toaster

These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a white 4-slice toaster:




The best 4 slice toasters offer a variety of browning settings to suit any personal preference or recommended cooking level. The more settings, the better. Some models have six while others have up to seven shade settings. These settings allow the user to choose the degree of doneness for their toast, from the lightest to golden brown to the darkest, with the requisite crunchiness to the bite. A Bagel function enables cooking of bagels to perfection, nice and warm on the round side and browned and crunchy on the cut side.


Ease of Use

A pull lever makes it easy to choose the degree of doneness, and a rotary knob also does the same. Some models have both levers and push buttons for controls. A high-lift lever enables easy raising of the cooked bread high up to facilitate removal, especially of small items. A Cancel feature allows you to stop the toasting cycle midway or before it ends when you feel the bread is cooked enough. Wide slots enable easy placement of items in the carriage.

Separate controls for the two pairs of bread slots allow the user to cook items using different settings.


Helpful Extras

Some premium models have a Keep Warm feature, which keeps the cooked bread warm for a few minutes till the user is ready to eat it. The best white 4 slice toaster have A Little Longer feature, which keeps the toast in just a bit longer, usually for 30 seconds when it’s not cooked enough, yet while still preventing over-toasting. A Defrost/Frozen function incorporates thawing and cooking of frozen items in one setting, saving on time and energy.



4 Best White 4-Slice Toasters (Reviews) in 2021



It definitely pays to know your four-slice toaster, and what better way to ensure that than to do a decent amount of research and reading on the top brands and models on the market and what really makes them stand out. However, if that is not exactly your cup of tea, we recommend these three top sellers, any one of which could really get you started on a perfect day!



1. Cuisinart CPT-142 Compact 4-Slice Toaster White


2.Cuisinart CPT-142 Compact 4-Slice ToasterConstructed with a compact design, the Cuisinart CPT-142 Compact 4-Slice Toaster can be easily placed on a kitchen countertop without eating up too much space, either sideways or facing front. The stainless steel accents provide a great contrast to the white color of the housing, offering an eye-catching feature that makes the toaster easily blend in with other kitchen appliances.

Thanks to the seven-setting shade dial, the user can choose the exact level of cooking preferred or recommended for the specific food item. The Reheat function warms up the toast to optimum level without burning or over-toasting it. The Defrost feature brings frozen food such as waffles to optimal cooking temperature then toasts it, eliminating the use of an extra step.

Thanks to the Bagel controls, your favorite breakfast staple can be enjoyed with the uncut side sufficiently warm and the other side exceptionally crunchy and browned perfectly.

The 1 ½-inch wide toasting slots accommodate a variety of bread types, so you don’t have to eat toasted regular bread all the time. Cleanups are a breeze thanks to the slide-out crumb tray.



Its attractive compact design makes it blend well on any kitchen countertop while taking in little space. The color white generally works well with anything around a kitchen.

The small size and light weight don’t come at the expense of usability, the four 1.5 inch slides can easily accommodate medium sized or large-ish pieces of bread, enough for the needs of an entire family.

It has seven browning settings, a specialized bagel setting, defrost and reheat. It can also be shut off at any time by using a specialized cancel button, and all dials are doubled so it can be utilized for toasting two separate items independently.

The high-lift carriage allows for easy removal of small sized bread that would otherwise require a spatula or other kitchen implement to clear off the toaster.



The power cord is located at the front of the toaster which might make it unsightly, but there is a specialized wrap that can hold it at the back.


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2. Sunbeam 4-Slice Toaster White 003823


If you’ve been looking for an affordable 4-slice toaster that goes well with the rest of your kitchen design, perhaps this Sunbeam model might be the right choice to bear in mind. It’s compact, versatile, and above all, convenient. Besides, it comes with two separate lift-and-lock mechanisms that can allow you to use it either as a 2-slice or 4-slice model, depending on your momentary needs.

Plus, the somewhat wide slots that the unit has been outfitted with can give you plenty of freedom in regards to the types of bread you can use. There won’t be anything stopping you from toasting bagels and even hamburger buns, as long as you decide on this option.

The exterior of the appliance is cool to touch, thus giving you the reassurance you may require if you’re afraid of any accidents involving burnt fingers. Children can sometimes be less attentive when operating such appliances, so it’s a good idea to pick one of this kind.

You’ll also find that this unit has been equipped with an anti-jam mechanism and comes with a removable crumb tray. These two increase the value offered by this all-around reasonably priced toaster.



This very affordable plastic model banks on simplicity and safety to offer you a reasonably pleasant cooking experience for the price.

A nicely rounded body and its cold white color with soft gray highlights make it look well on any kitchen counter.

It comes with a couple of safety features, such as a cool to touch frame, an anti-jam mechanism and a high raise toast lift which will make it safer to work with around small children.

It has also been equipped with a removable crumb tray to facilitate cleaning and two separate lift and lock mechanisms, which will allow you to toast multiple slices of bread at two different settings simultaneously.



Multiple users accuse problems with the heating elements. The bagel function can burn the pastries if not handled with care and uneven toasting might occur with long term use. Given the affordability of the product, these sort of reliability issues with some units are to be expected.  


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3. Proctor-Silex 24203 4 Slice Cool Touch Toaster


3.Proctor Silex 4-Slice Toaster (White)Enjoy bagels just the way you like them, all crunchy and brown on the cut side and warm on the round side, thanks to the variety of cooking settings on the Proctor Silex 24203Y White 4-Slice Toaster.

This Silex model is equipped with six different cooking settings, from which the user can choose to cook bread exactly how they want it.

Varying from light to dark, the cooking results demonstrate the level of control that this four-slice toaster can deliver. The exterior of the housing stays cool to the touch, even when the machine is running. This prevents injury due to burns when the unit is touched accidentally during operation.

The Proctor Silex 24203Y further ensures user safety thanks to the automatic shut-off feature, which switches the machine off when bread gets stuck in the slots.

The toast pops up for easy removal, thanks to the Toast Boost feature, which eliminates the need to use a kitchen utensil just to extract small items. Easily combining function and style, this toaster has a slide-out crumb tray to enable hassle-free cleaning out of crumbs and bits of bread after use.



With an almost anthropomorphic look (the two slide handles remind one of a pair of Android “eyes”) the Proctor Silex can be a warm, friendly presence on any kitchen counter.

Luckily, it’s only warm in a figurative sense, since the plastic body stays cool during use, making it safe around particularly groggy users and children. As an added safety feature, the machine also stops automatically whenever bread or bagels get stuck in the slots.

It also features six different independently adjustable toaster settings, and the openings are big enough to handle both bread and bagels, up to four at a time.

Thanks to its toast boost mechanism the user won’t need to use any tool in order to clear off smaller pieces of bread and the removable crumb tray will facilitate cleaning.



Some users note the Proctor Silex is rather slow when dealing with English muffins or bagels. The fact that it can handle four such items at a time somewhat makes up for this.


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4. KitchenAid KMT4203FP Pro Line Series Frosted Pearl White


1.KitchenAid Pro Line SeriesThe KitchenAid Pro Line Series Frosted Pearl White 4-Slice Automatic Toaster offers a clean and neat look. It keeps toast warm automatically, thanks to the Keep Warm feature, so the user doesn’t have to end up eating cold toast.

Ensuring effortless toasting every time, this machine keeps the cooked bread warm for up to three minutes after the cycle is finished, enabling the user to finish up on kitchen tasks before eating. The Frozen feature simplifies handling of frozen food items using a single setting. Once the toaster senses bread in any of the slots, the machine lowers the bread automatically into the self-centering racks to put it in contact with the heating element.

Once the selected setting is finished, the toast is also automatically lifted high for hassle-free extraction. The toaster is equipped with seven shade settings, enabling one to choose a level of doneness they enjoy eating bread in.

Select from the lightest to the darkest settings, with just the right amount of crunchiness. The Bagel function ensures consistent cooking of the popular breakfast staple.



This toaster is one of the best looking appliances that have ever graced your kitchen counter. With the frosted pearl white exterior, it surely won’t go unnoticed.

It’s also worth mentioning that it has all the features of a great toaster. It features several functions, one of which is for bagels and another is intended for defrosting, all to help you cook better and more efficiently for your family.

The automatic lift and lower functions help prevent accidents when trying to remove to toast from the slot, while also keeping the contents warm until you decide you need them.

You can pick the shade you want your toast in using the designated knob on a scale from light to dark, including seven tonnes. Get your toast just as crunchy as you like it every day.



The voltage power this toaster uses to function is specific to the USA, so it might be unfit for customers in other countries.


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