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Best white 2 slice toaster


White 2-slice toasters – Ratings & Informative guide


Toasters come in a variety of colors, but the best white 2 slice toaster offers an element of neatness and simplicity that no chrome or black finish can quite match. Most major brands offer a white option in their various models of two-slice toasters, which can be both a good and a bad thing for buyers who want something basic but may not be able to determine easily what distinguishes one from the other.



These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a 2-slice toaster:



Ease of Use

You don’t want to have to figure out by yourself how to fit an especially thick slice of bread into the bread slot. Fortunately, most best white 2 slice toaster models are built with an automatic lower and lift feature that lowers and raises the bread slots for easy, problem-free placement of the bread in the slots and effortless removal of the toast after cooking. This is a convenient feature, as you won’t need to use a tool to remove the toast.



The best 2 slice toasters offer more than basic toasting of bread and bread-based items. They also have the Defrost function, which allows you to take bread from the freezer and toast it directly, eliminating the need to first use a different setting to thaw it. A variety of browning levels lets you select the perfect doneness setting you want to cook bread just the way you like it, so you don’t get stuck with just one way of cooking bread.

A Bagel feature lets you enjoy your breakfast staple nicely toasted on the cut side and perfectly warmed on the uncut side.


Helpful Features

Some models come with a setting that lets you cook bread just a bit more, which ensures that bread is always sufficiently browned.

Other features that prove to be useful in this type of kitchen appliance include a slide-out crumb tray, rotary or push button control dials for easy selection of settings, and an LED panel for effortless viewing of settings.



6 Best White 2-Slice Toasters (Reviews) in 2022



Nowadays, it can be quite a challenge to select from the myriads of brands and models which one is the best toaster in the two-slice configuration. You may need to consider each and every one of them and study their individual features. To simplify the shopping experience, we offer descriptions of four models that are top notch in our book.



1. KitchenAid KMT2203FP Pro Line Series Frosted Pearl White


cuisinartBoasting a cool frosted pearl white finish, the KitchenAid Pro Line Series White 2-Slice Toaster will look really nice on any modern kitchen countertop. It is able to keep toast warm automatically for three minutes without over-toasting, thanks to the Keep Warm feature.

The bread is lowered towards the heating element then raised high up for easy removal thanks to the nifty automatic lift-and-lower feature of the carriage. You and the rest of your family can enjoy bread cooked to your favorite levels thanks to the versatile seven shade settings, which enable you to select the doneness or browning levels you want for your toast.

Toast bagels perfectly with the cut side crispy and the uncut side beautifully warmed using the Bagel function. The Defrost feature allows you to cook bread straight without thawing it first even if it has just been brought out of the freezer.

The bread racks have self-centering guides that ensure bread is optimally positioned for consistent toasting results. The toaster ships with the manufacturer’s five-year limited warranty as proof of reliable craftsmanship and quality.



The beautiful frosted pearl finish used for this toaster lends it a sophisticated air, which makes the KitchenAid KMT2203 Pro Line Series a fantastic addition to any kitchen counter.

The automatic Keep Warm function is very convenient for people who don’t enjoy their toast cold.

You can pick your choice from seven shades of browning, so you will never be disappointed; also, your other family members can choose their own favorites.

The unit comes with a bagel function, so you fit your favorite pastry inside the wide slots, and enjoy it warm; other large pastries can be accommodated, as well.

The automatic lift feature is considered by many an excellent addition since most people don’t like burning their fingers when trying to take out their toast.



One important thing must be mentioned about this beautiful looking toaster, and that is that it is costly for a toaster.


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2. Fortune Candy Extra-Wide Slot 2-Slice Toaster 


This elegant toaster can surely tie your kitchen together, especially if you have other white appliances. It is a versatile and convenient option that needs to be given some thought to, and that’s because it appears to be perfectly capable of doing what it has been designed to do, namely providing you with evenly toasted slices of bread every morning.

The fact that this unit has been equipped with a slide out crumb tray is a benefit in itself, as you will likely enjoy the less time-consuming feat of having to clean the appliance from time to time. Also, the design of this product enables you to choose any of the available settings.

So, if you ever feel like toasting a bagel or defrosting a frosted treat, be sure to come back to the trustworthy services ensured by the Fortune Candy KST-0009.

The feedback with regard to the performance and capabilities of this choice is mostly favorable, which is why we have selected it and have decided to showcase it in this article. The model can be utilized with muffins and even waffles, so it can conveniently allow you to make the most of it. Besides, it doesn’t cost a fortune, much unlike many of its competitors.



The sleek design of this appliance can allow it to integrate into the kitchen design of any prospective buyer.

There are four toasting settings that you can utilize with this model. You can cancel, reheat, use the model for bagel toasting, as well as defrost any treats you might feel like enjoying early in the morning.

Since the unit has been equipped with a convenient slide-out tray, you won’t have to waste too much time cleaning it.

Something other you will benefit from consists of the nonslip rubber feet that this model has been outfitted with. It will safely rest in the same place on your countertop, thus preventing any mishaps.



It is not an entirely white toaster, which is to say that its sides boast a brushed stainless steel look.

Sometimes, the toast might pop, which might be an inconvenience you may have to deal with if you decide to go for this product.


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3. Aicok 2 Slice Cool Touch Toaster with Wide Slot


Thanks to its wide toasting slots you can use this 2 slice model for everything from regular sliced bread and English muffins to bagels and thick Texas toast. This way everyone can enjoy their favorite type of bread for breakfast or any other time. It also comes with multiple toasting functions, which is always an advantage.

You can easily defrost frozen bagels and other bread with just the press of a button. There is also a function that will reheat already toasted items without burning them. The convenient dial allows you to find find the right setting with ease, so that your bread is always toasted perfectly.

If you want to stop the toaster before it is finished, simply press the “cancel” button. Best of all, this model is incredibly easy to use.

What really sets this 2 slice toaster apart is its “cool touch” exterior. No matter how hot the toaster gets inside, the outside will stay cool. This means you don’t have to worry about singed fingers if you accidentally touch the toaster before it is finished. This is also a bonus if you have curious children around.



This compact toaster will take up little space on your counter, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to accommodate it; it is also ideal for other cramped spaces, like an RV.

The wide slots can be used for all kinds of bread, and you can even fit inside some pastry, so you can have it warm and tasty.

The manual lift lever allows you to push out the bread, so you don’t have to worry about burned fingers when you try picking up the toasted slices.

The defrost function comes in handy when you have frozen pastry in the fridge, and you want to have some first thing in the morning.

The cancel button allows you to stop the browning process whenever you see fit.



The toaster is made from lightweight materials, so you have to be careful when manipulating it or pressing buttons, as it may slide or lift off the table, if, for instance, you push the lever too hard.


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4. Elite Cuisine ECT-231W Maxi Matic 2-Slice Cool Touch Toaster


The ECT-231W is a good choice for prospective buyers searching for an entirely capable white 2-slice toaster, which is why we felt compelled to add it to our selection. The model boasts a variety of settings that render it easy to use and convenient, as well. The variable functions can allow you to toast bagels and even use English muffins if you cut them properly.

You can defrost a broad array of frozen treats and heat them up every morning. Also, it is worth noting that the LED illuminated buttons will assist you in preparing your breakfast in case you do not wish to turn on the light in your kitchen so as to wake up the rest of the house.

As for its design, it is no wonder that this model is so highly spoken of as it is white in its entirety. Therefore, if you have other appliance that might go along with it, make no mistake, it can satisfy you with its performance, capabilities, and looks.

There is, however, a detail that ought to be mentioned with regard to this product and it deals with the fact that you might have to deal with the smell of plastic the first couple of times you use it. This issue has been reported by some of the people who have bought the ECT-231W.



Given that the ECT-231W is one of the most budget-friendly models we have stumbled upon, it will not ruin your budget. It’s destined for individuals who like good-quality appliances but aren’t willing to spend a fortune on them.

The three available settings can allow you to take advantage of the product as much as possible.

Something other that needs to be given some thought to is that this model is outfitted with LED illuminated buttons, which means that you can prepare your toast in the morning without having to wake up the rest of your family.

The six-shade selector is a benefit that can’t be denied given that it allows you to have complete control over how light or brown your bread comes out.



The slots can become quite hot, so be sure to be cautious when handling the toast beside the appliance so as to avoid touching it by accident.


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5. Cuisinart CPT-122


3.Conair-Cuisinart-CPT-122The Cuisinart CPT-122 2-Slice Toaster is a compact and innovative kitchen countertop appliance that will look neat in any setting. It has stainless steel accents that make the unit look smart and elegantly sharp in your kitchen.

The stainless steel accents offer value by ensuring lasting use compared to ordinary plastic components. The toaster lets you cook bread just the way you like with its seven shade settings on the easy-to-use dial, letting you choose from the lightest to the darkest levels for bread to cook. The Reheat function warms the toast so you don’t have to make do with cold toast every time.

The Defrost functionality allows you to toast frozen bread to perfection even if it’s brought straight from the freezer, eliminating the need for using a different setting first before toasting.

The Bagel control lets you cook bagels perfectly with one side warm and the other nice and crisp. The 1.5-inch wide toasting slots can accommodate thick bread slices with ease, without getting them stuck after cooking.



The beautiful design of this toaster makes it an exceptional choice for any kitchen, and white is a nice color for all layouts; the stainless steel accents make it look more expensive than it is.

Choose your favorite shade of browning from seven possible options, and never settle again for toast that is too brown or the opposite.

The available controls include a unique function for toasting bagels, one for reheating pastry, and one for defrosting frozen items.

The crumb tray slides out of the unit, so it is easy just to take it away and wash it when the need arises.

The wide slots allow you to accommodate various types of bread and even larger pastry.



The browning does not seem to be even, as noticed by some customers, but the same people say that this small drawback is not enough to convince them against this toaster.


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6. Breville BTA630XL


2.Breville-BTA630XLThe Breville BTA630XL Toaster employs motorized one-touch technology, which lowers and raises the carriage using simple push button controls, so you always have easy access to the bread after cooking.

The toaster also has one-touch A Bit More feature that adds extra seconds to ensure that bread is nicely browned, crisp and with a fantastic texture when you want it. The toaster has adjustable browning controls, letting users select the perfect setting they want to enjoy their bread in. This means you can choose how light or how dark your bread will be after toasting.

The LED toasting progress indicator lets you know how much time remains before the toasting process is complete, so you can use the waiting time productively in the kitchen.

The cool Bagel setting toasts only on the inside or cut side, so your bagel is cooked to perfection. The toaster is built with extra wide and long slots to accommodate bagels, pastries and artisan bread with ease. The crumb tray comes with front pull-out feature for effortless cleanups without having to flip the appliance over to ease out the crumbs and bits of bread.



The lowering mechanism ensures that you will be able to handle your toast with care, without the need to shove it in, just to make it fit.

The lift mechanism is motorized and a nice touch since you can easily make the toast rise only to check it, and then lower it back.

The LED indicator that lets you know about the progress of the toasting process is one of those features that make the Breville BTA630XL look cooler than most toasters on the market.

The sleek profile makes this model an excellent choice for your kitchen, and you will quickly find a way to integrate it with the rest of your layout.

The brown level can be adjusted, and you can pick how toasted you like your bread to be.



Some details may not be up to snuff, as the lettering next to the buttons wears off rather quickly, especially after wiping clean the housing.


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