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3 Best Water Bottle Infusers – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Water Bottle Infuser + Reviews


Are you too busy to read all the information below to find the best water bottle infuser? Grandma Jen is here to help you, by offering you everything you need in this paragraph. The Bevgo Fruit Infuser is the product that meets all the requirements of an excellent water bottle infuser and can offer you great value for the price. Made from Eastman Tritan, and completely BPA-free, this water bottle infuser makes sure that you stay fresh, hydrated, and healthy. Due to the hydrogel used as an attachment, you only need to place this in the freezer and then enjoy cold drinks without adding ice, by hooking it up with the infuser. The carry handle is useful, as is the hydration tracker that lets you know how much you have drunken. In case you cannot find the Bevgo Fruit Infuser available for sale, Grandma Jen recommends using the Hydracy 32oz, as it is the next excellent buy to consider.



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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


What do you need in a water bottle infuser? If you are too busy to run comparisons and do a lot of research on your own, the next buying guide will offer you a great shortcut to finding that one product that is just to your liking. The best water bottle fruit infuser is out there, and by using these recommendations, you will be able to find it for sure.


One of the first considerations to keep in mind when you go shopping for this type of item is the material the bottle is made of. Stainless steel is a good option because it is safe and there is no danger to leak chemicals into your water. It is easy to clean and can be reused as many times as you want without signs of wear and tear.

However, it is heavy, and that makes it a problem if you want to take it along with you on trips. Glass bottles are attractive, too, and they are also safe. However, they may break, and that poses a serious problem, since you may need the bottle on cycling trips and the like.

Even the best water bottle infuser glass can present some disadvantages. Aluminum can be another option, but it is known that this material cannot offer proper insulation.

Plastic is a cheap alternative, but you need to keep in mind to choose only bottles that are made from BPA-free plastic. This material does not break, and it is lightweight, two significant advantages over those mentioned earlier. Eco-friendly options are also available.


Extra features

A few things can be essential when you pick such a product. For instance, the lid style can contribute to the convenience factor. Twist-on models allow you drink a lot of water, while a push and pull style is famous for sports bottles.

Some insulation is highly recommended for keeping your water fresh. And you must not forget about BPA-free bottles. The best water bottle infuser reviews seem to favor BPA-free models, due to their many advantages.


Other considerations

For maximum convenience, you should consider getting a bottle that is sturdy and has a guaranteed long lifespan. Also, a model that is dishwasher safe is much easier to take care of than any other. Pricing could be a consideration, too, and you must bear in mind that there are many affordable alternatives available.



3 Best Water Bottle Infusers (Updated Reviews) in 2021



The top rated water bottle infusers currently sold on the market are showcased below. Based on the feedback received from users, these models offer excellent value for the money, and they will help you keep properly hydrated every day.



1. Bevgo Fruit Infuser Hydration Timeline Tracker


This 32oz bottle is made from high-quality materials and ensures that you will be well hydrated and happy while traveling when you are exercising, or simply when you need to keep water close. Drinking enough water daily helps with boosting metabolism and losing weight, and choosing the Bevgo Fruit Infuser will assist you in your quest.

Tritan is the name of the material used, a type of plastic that is entirely BPA free and safe for human use. An interesting attachment included with the package is the FDA approved hydrogel that can be hooked to the infuser basket so that you can enjoy cold drinks all the time.

The insulation sleeve makes sure that your fruit infused water will remain fresh and palatable all the time. Many conveniences are included in this particular model, such as a carry handle that lets you take the bottle anywhere you like. The hydration tracker will let you know the amount of water you drink every time.

You can use the infuser for mixing all kinds of flavors, such as fruits, veggies, and herbs. The infuser basket is not very large, so the balance between it and the bottle itself is maintained. This can be an issue with this type of containers, so it’s nice to know that the Bevgo Fruit Infuser does not sacrifice the practicality of their design for a larger infuser basket.



The material used is Eastman Tritan, a type of plastic entirely BPA free that does not leak any dangerous chemicals in your water.

The drinking spout is large and offers you the possibility to drink substantial amounts of water with ease.

The lid comes with a flip lock for preventing any leaks, and the extra latch makes sure that you will get 100% seal on your bottle.

You can keep this bottle in the car, as it matches most holders installed in vehicles for water bottles, ensuring extra convenience.

If you just want to use it as a water bottle, all you have to do is to remove the infuser basket, and you will instantly gain extra room.



There seems to be some issue with fruit pulp sometimes getting into the water instead of staying inside the fruit infuser, but the same users who talk about this say that they are overall satisfied with this product.


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2. Hydracy Fruit Infuser Bottle 32 oz Sports Bottle


The 1-litre capacity of this bottle will help you drink your necessary intake of water to keep healthy and hydrated. The full-length infuser is an added plus, as it will allow the flavors from fruits and other ingredients you may like to use, to mix well with the water. You will get your daily intake of vitamins and minerals while enjoying the tasty water at the same time.

The insulative cover used for the model helps to prevent condensation, which, in turn, can shorten the time during which the content of the bottle remains fresh. Using Eastman Tritan as the material of choice for this lightweight, sturdy, and easy to use water bottle, the manufacturer shows that they care about your health, by not allowing dangerous compounds, like BPA, to get into your water.

The ring latch on top is made from metal and keeps the bottle sealed while preventing leaks. You don’t need to care a lot about keeping the bottle clean since it takes just one minute to wash it. The manufacturer includes a Starter Guide eBook with many great recipes so you can start making your own delicious water right away.



The bottle has a 1-litre capacity, making sure that you always have enough water to drink to stay healthy and hydrated.

The infuser basket is longer than what you typically see in other models, allowing the flavor of fruits, veggies, and herbs to distribute evenly.

The flip top is leak proof, and you don’t have to worry than the bottle will end up making a mess in your bag. Also, the cover makes sure that condensation will not become an issue.

You will get an eBook filled with delicious recipes that are also healthy and easy to make.

The carry handle makes carrying the bottle around really easy. It also fits in any backpack like a charm.



Some buyers comment on the fact that the bottle is pretty bulky and cumbersome and that does not make it so easy to carry in a holder or a smaller backpack.


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3. Teami Travel Tumbler Best Infusion Bottles


The Teami Travel Tumbler uses a special filtering system so that you can enjoy the delicious flavor of fruit infused water. The mesh strainer used is made from stainless steel, and it can handle any fruit or vegetable you may like to use. Plus, it is super easy to clean, and that helps with always keeping your water fresh.

At the bottom of the water bottle, you will find an extra compartment, where you can store tea, coffee, or vitamins. The best part is that the insulation of the bottle serves for storing all these in perfect conditions. The double layered walls let you enjoy your drinks hot or cold, according to your preferences.

Besides being ideal for travel, this water bottle infuser is ideal for practicing sports, too. The flip top allows you to open the bottle with a single hand, which can be very handy when you are cycling or using strength building equipment. Also, the lid ensures that there will be no leaks, either.

The material used is BPA-free, and you will not have to worry about the annoying taste of plastic in your water. The bottle is dishwasher safe, and the product is eco-friendly, so you can rest assured that you are doing something good for the world around you, too.



The product features a mesh strainer made from stainless steel that will keep your water clean and the flavors of the added fruits and vegetables intact.

The extra storage space at the bottom of the bottle is a nice add-on since you will be able to take vitamins, coffee, or tea in your travels.

The flip top is another handy feature that makes sure that you can open the bottle with a single hand, and also prevents leaks.

The special insulation used serves for keeping your drinks hot or cold, depending on how you usually like them.

The product is BPA-free and made from FDA-approved materials, showing the manufacturer’s concern for your health.



Some reviewers mention that the inside cup will develop stains after using it for a while, so this may be something you would like to keep in mind when making a purchase.


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