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3 Best Waffle Makers with Removable Plates – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Waffle Maker with Removable Plate + Reviews


Since you are here, you probably want to know what the best waffle maker with removable plates is. Trying to find a good product when there are so many up for sale can be very challenging. It’s a good thing you got here, as we analyzed many items in this line, as well as specialists’ opinions and customers’ reviews, and concluded that the KRUPS 8000035972 GQ502D is the model you should consider. First of all, it offers you the possibility to cook four waffles at a time, which is ideal if you are preparing large batches. It also allows you to select the browning level to meet everyone’s preferences. The non-stick coating from the removable plates enables you to clean the unit in no time. In the unfortunate event our first suggestion is unavailable, you can keep the Hamilton Beach (26030) model in mind.



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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Waffle enthusiasts have been around for many years. This dish is a very popular breakfast and dessert with adults and children alike. It is true that you can get waffles at pretty much any restaurant, but why not be able to prepare them any time you want, try different recipes, and all this in the comfort of your home?

A good waffle maker with removable plates can be the perfect solution. If you decide on getting one, there are a few things you need to take into consideration.

Removable plates

Well, if you are looking for this type of appliance, you need to start here — make sure that the plates are removable. You might wonder if this is such an important aspect after all.

Well, just imagine how it would be to push a sponge through each little square of the maker to clean it after you finish baking.

Now imagine simply taking out the plates or the grids, throwing them in the dishwasher, and that’s it! They are much easier to clean, which means that you also save more time for yourself or your family.


Non-stick materials

This is another important aspect you should keep in mind before buying such an item. Surely you would not want half of your wonderful waffle to remain stuck on the grid. Some manufacturers also recommend using various cooking sprays.

You should check this information when you make the purchase. Reading some reviews of waffle makers with removable plates will give you a clearer idea on this matter.


Flipping option

Many people do not even think about this alternative. There are models which have this feature, and we recommend it as well.

When you pour the batter on the waffle machine, you may not always spread it evenly. However, if you can flip the appliance, the mixture will be dispersed equally on the entire surface, and you will get perfectly baked waffles.


Limited space

If you are dealing with limited space in your kitchen, you might be a fan of appliances that can perform multiple tasks in one unit.

Indeed, this saves precious space. Imagine having a 2-slice toaster and a waffle maker in one device. You should also know that there are models that can be locked vertically, which is also very helpful in this sense.

We hope that the information we provided in this article will help you make the best decision for your needs. And while you are here, you might also be interested in purchasing a 4-slice toaster, or maybe you want to know more about tortilla makers or pizza makers as well.




3 Best Waffle Makers with Removable Plates (Updated Reviews) in 2021



We cannot make the decision and tell you which product to buy. We can, however, offer you some information regarding a few of the most appreciated models. This should give you an idea about which one is the most suitable for you. Showcased below, you can read about three of the most sought-after waffle makers.



1. Krups 8000035972 GQ502D Belgian Waffle Maker


You can prepare up to four tasty Belgian-style waffles at a time with the KRUPS 8000035972 GQ502D waffle maker. The device offers five browning levels, which are adjustable from very light to dark. This makes it easy to accommodate personal preferences.

There is no guesswork involved with this unit — the red and green indicator lights, as well as the audible beep, keep you posted as to when the waffle maker is on, when it is ready to bake, and when the baking is done.

Thanks to the design, the waffles are made with deep pockets, which is perfect for filling with maple syrup, jam, powdered sugar, cream cheese, or even fresh fruits. One of the best features this waffle maker comes with consists of the removable die-cast plates, with non-stick coating. This ensures the food will not stick and that the cleaning process is effortless, as well.

The unit also comes with a high-quality stainless-steel housing, with a cord wrap and a handle lock designed for convenient storage. You will surely enjoy your waffles anytime, at breakfast, lunch, or dinner, thanks to this easy-to-use and maintain waffle maker.


Buy from for ($54.18)




2. Hamilton Beach 26030 Beach Flip Belgian Waffle


Can you imagine eating fresh, tasty waffles any time you want? And even better — image being able to create a different kind of waffle every day. All of this, in the comfort of your own home! As a bonus, imagine no mess and an effortless cleaning process.

No, it is not wishful thinking, as the Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker allows you to perform everything we have just described. The unit comes with an ultra flip design, which enables you to bake golden brown and fluffy waffles like an expert, offering you complete flipping control; you can generate restaurant-quality results right at home.

If you have the mouthwatering, sweet taste of a waffle in mind, but cannot decide on the flavor, the Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker allows you to make waffles in 12 different ways. The deep-grooved grid design is built to handle any type of batter you want to pour in. You only need to select your recipe, and the device will do the rest.

Fast, effortless flipping, even cooking, and browning control are just a few of this product’s characteristics. Additionally, the removable grids are dishwasher safe, making the entire cleaning process a simple one.


Buy from for ($61.69)




3. T-fal SW6100 EZ Clean Easy to Clean Nonstick


Do you know what is better than sandwich makers? A sandwich maker that can also bake waffles! For those of you who prefer 2-in-1 appliances, the T-fal SW6100 EZ can be just what you are looking for, as you get both a sandwich and a waffle maker in one product.

This appliance can be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even for dessert. You can enjoy crispy and browned waffles or sandwiches thanks to this two-in-one unit.

The product comes with two sets of interchangeable waffle plates and sandwich plates. They are non-stick and can easily be removed, which makes the cleaning process a piece of cake! When it comes to quantity, two square-shaped waffles can be made at the same time.

This appliance has an attractive design and comes with a convenient cord wrap and vertical storage option that can save you even more space. The power and ready indicator lights show you when the power is on and when it is ready to bake, so it is straightforward to use as well.

If space is a problem in your kitchen, more appliances in one unit, like this item, are the best solutions.


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