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If you’re here just to find the best tortilla maker, Grandma Jen recommends the Victoria TOR-003 as it offers the best performance at a fair price. First of all, this tortilla maker is made of solid cast iron, so its durability is guaranteed for many years to come. In case you are looking for an original product, made after the same utensils they use in countries where tortilla is a traditional food, this is the one for you. Hand casted in Colombia, this model is preseasoned before being sold, so you can enjoy great quality tortillas right from the get go. The ingredient used for preseasoning is kosher Colombian palm oil used from the same single source. If you can’t find the Victoria TOR-003 in stock, your next best option should be the Revel CTM610 as it is a reliable model that should help you with your kitchen work.



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Tortillas are a fixture in Mexican cuisine, and as more and more people from other parts of the world enjoy eating tacos, burritos and other Mexican dishes that require tortillas in their recipes, more people are interested in learning how to make them at home. Normally, tortillas are patted by hand or rolled with a rolling pin, until they become really thin, so they can turn crispy and tasty when cooked. However, making splendid tortillas is not an art many master, and there are even celebrity chefs who admit that it is not exactly easy to make corn tortillas that are decent, let alone close to perfection. A great solution to this otherwise simple dish is to use a tortilla maker, which is a machinery that can flatten the dough so you can obtain perfect tortillas each and every time. Here are the most important aspects to keep in mind when searching for a good and reliable tortilla maker.

Top Features – An overview




Long gone seem to be the days when tortillas were made entirely by hand, although there are still some exotic eateries in Mexico where the cooks would not use a device to replace their skilled hands in order to make this local dish. For the rest of us, a tortilla maker is a much needed appliance, especially if you and your family are big fans of tacos and burritos.

A tortilla maker can be made of metal, such as aluminum or cast iron. Wooden tortilla makers may sound like a better alternative, but you may find them more difficult to use than those made of metal. Plastic varieties are very cheap, but highly ineffective, so you may want to keep this detail in mind when you are shopping for the best tortilla maker.

Electric tortilla makers are very popular right now, as they are very helpful with not only flattening the dough, but also baking the tortillas obtained this way.




If you are going to buy a tortilla maker, you should think about what size you want your tortillas to have. Across Mexico, the most used tortilla presses have 6.5 inches in diameter and they are great at making tortillas for tacos. Since tacos are smaller than burritos and other Mexican dishes, they use smaller tortillas in their recipes, as well. In the US, the most popular models have at least 8 inches in diameter and there are even larger models that make corn tortillas for a wide variety of dishes. It is up to you what size you want your tortillas to have, depending on what kind of dish you want to prepare.



This is an aspect that mostly applies to cast iron tortilla makers, since they usually need some kind of coating. The traditional presses used in Mexico usually have their top painted with some kind of silver paint. The paint does not get in contact with the food, so there are no health concerns. They are not usually sold in the US, and they are not the best to have. A powder coating is more widespread and its main role is to protect the cast iron from rusting. In case you do not want any kind of coating, there are cast iron tortilla makers that come with no finish. Make sure that this kind of device does not sit in water to soak and it is dried properly after use, to prevent rust from appearing on its surface.



Cast iron tortilla maker are quite widespread, because cast iron heats well and distributes it evenly. Aluminum tortillas makers are an alternative, and their heat distribution capacity is worth mentioning as well. Many believe that the best tortilla maker should be made of wood, but getting one crafted by someone who knows what they are doing is not exactly an easy task. The cheapest kind is represented by tortilla makers made of plastic, but keep in mind that they are not very reliable.




Depending on what kind of tortilla maker you get, you will have to know a little bit about how they should be cleaned and dried. As showed above, cast iron tortilla makers should be protected against rust, and some kind of finish may make your job easier. Modern models that come equipped with nonstick surfaces are very easy to clean and maintain.



There are a few other things that may tip the balance in favor of one model or another. For instance, electric models can come equipped with power and ready lights that will make your cooking process easier. Models that can be stored vertically are great, too, because they help you save space, which is not something to take lightly in this day and age, when many household have more appliances than they can accommodate in a single pantry or kitchen.



6 Best Tortilla Makers (Reviews) in 2020



1. Victoria 8 Inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press Tortilla Maker


2.Victoria 85008Cast iron is the ideal choice for tortilla presses because it helps pressing the dough evenly so you can get perfect tortillas. The Victoria 85008 Tortilla Press is made of heavy duty cast iron that provides easy and even pressing without asking for any effort from your part. The model is a traditional one, but the base and the handle are improved in order to provide better resistance and durability for the press.

Victoria is one of the best known manufacturers of cooking utensils on the market, and their products are very popular. This particular tortilla press is hand casted in Columbia, to ensure superior quality and perfect results. Many other products try to imitate those created by Victoria, but you should stay away from imitators, since they cannot guarantee the same manufacturing quality.

The lever has an extra screw, so you can flatten the dough perfectly. Obtaining 8 inch tortillas has never been easier; the Victoria 85008 Tortilla Press is great at making any kind of flatbreads, actually. Whether you want to make tostones, arepas or patacones, you will find this tortilla press very easy to use.

Cast iron is, as already mentioned above, one of the best materials to use for tortilla presses. However, it does tend to rust, which is why manufacturers proceed to preseasoning the utensils made of cast iron with vegetable oil. The tortilla press presented here is preseasoned with palm oil, extracted from a single source in Columbia, which is another guarantee of its overall quality.



This tortilla press can be used for a lot of snacks, including empanadas, patacones, tostones, and many other delights of the Mexican cuisine. You’ll never want to buy store-made products again.

Made entirely out of heavy duty-cast iron seasoned at high temperatures with organic flaxseed oil to ensure easy and even pressing, this product is easy to use and likely to last for a long time if well cleaned and maintained.

The design of the handle has been improved as a result of many usage tests. The reinforcement guarantees a better resistance and a longer lifespan.

This product is the embodiment of smart design in cookware and will help you make the thinnest, flattest tortillas you’ve ever tasted.



Customers have reported that some of the products have trouble closing air-tight, thus leaving tortillas a little thicker than desired.

Another problem this product seems to have is that the metal components gather rust rather fast.




Buy from for ($24.99)





2. Revel CTM610 Tortilla Flatbread Maker


Unlike many of its competitors, this Revel model takes the cake when it comes to ease of use as it is an automatic tortilla maker that will allow you to sit back and relax while your dough gets cooked perfectly. Having been constructed out of reliable materials, this unit has a high chance of withstanding the test of time.

Something other that needs to be noted about this alternative is that it has been outfitted with non-stick plates, which means that cleaning the appliance will be as easy as pie. Also, in case you have zero patience when it comes to waiting for your foods to cook, this model can take care of this issue as its 1000-watt power enables it to bake your tortillas very quickly.

Furthermore, it should be noted that this unit can be stored vertically. What this means for you is that you will be able to save some much-needed space on your countertop, especially if you live in an apartment with several other roommates.

We all know how crowded things can get if you have a busy family or live with other people in the same house.



This product uses 1000 Watts to quickly preheat and cook in just a few minutes, so you won’t have to wait for too long for your meal to be ready.

It’s easy to clean since both of the iron plates are treated against sticking.

The instructions are easy to follow, meaning that you can use this product even if you’re not a cooking expert. Enjoy your favorite Mexican treat at home and much more, since tortillas aren’t the only snack you can cook using this flatbread maker.

The construction is sturdy and the design is flawless, created to help you enjoy your favorite food in the comfort of your own home. The plates spread the heat evenly and flatten the batter nicely.



The two non-stick pans are prone to get scratched due to the light and sensitive nature of the material.

Also, excessive heat might damage some of the joining elements.


Buy from for ($76.29)





3. CucinaPro Tortilla Maker 1443


1.Tortilla Maker by Cucina ProThis tortilla maker does it all. It presses your dough into a perfect round shape, so you can enjoy 10 inch tortillas and other kinds of flatbreads. No effort is required from you, since the kitchen utensil presented here also bakes the tortilla pressed with its aid, so you can have it ready to use right away.

Made of heavy duty aluminum, this tortilla maker is much more convenient than other models sold on the market. Besides being more lightweight, the Tortilla Maker by Cucina Pro will help you bake perfect tortillas any time you want. The nonstick cooking plates make baking a breeze, and they are also very easy to clean. You only need to wipe them with a damp cloth, and the tortilla maker will look as good as new.

This kitchen utensil from Cucina Pro is built for convenience. The ready light will let you know when your tortilla is good to use, and the convenient cord wrap makes storing away the tortilla maker a breeze. It must also be mentioned that the model can be stored in an upright position, so it will take very little space in your kitchen.

Create your own Mexican foods with the help of this very straightforward and easy to use tortilla maker. Making tortillas, quesadillas, tacos, gyros and many other Mexican dishes has never been simpler. If you like Mexican cuisine and you no longer want to get tortillas from your local store, try your hand at making yours at home with this very convenient kitchen aid.



Constructed from heavy weight aluminum, this product is made to last. Uniform baking is facilitated by the two cooking plates, each of them distributing heat evenly for flawless results.

Due to the material, this model is lighter than other tortilla presses and easier to move around and store when necessary.

This item can be cleaned up effortlessly, thanks to the non-stick material. Simply wipe the metal plates clean and you’re good to go.

The generous size allows you to experiment in the kitchen. You can use this tortilla maker to bake your own flatbread, tacos or quesadillas. There’s no need to limit yourself when there are so many tasty treats you haven’t tried yet!



Customers have complained that the cooking time for a tortilla is too long. If you know you’re impatient when waiting for your food this is an important aspect to take into consideration.

Also, it’s important to mention this choice is not recommended for any non-gluten flours.




Buy from for ($69.95)





4. Imusa USA Victoria 85008 Cast Iron Tortilla Press


2.IMUSA 85008If you are looking for a tortilla press to help you make tortillas in large quantities, this is the kind of model you should get. The IMUSA 85008 Tortilla Press sports a traditional design and it works exactly like the utensils used all over Latin America for making tortillas fast and easy. Instead of purchasing tortillas from the store, try the healthier solution of making them at home, using this model from IMUSA.

The model is made of heavy duty cast iron, so your tortillas will be as flat as you like them without any effort from your part. The press does it all, and the 8 inch perfectly round tortillas you will get will really make your day.

No matter what kind of Mexican recipes you want to try, it is clear that having a tool capable of turning dough into round flatbreads is a must. With the IMUSA 85008 Tortilla Press, you can make more than just tortillas; you can also make patacones, arepas and tostones, enjoying the same great results. There is hardly a better choice for anyone who wants to start making Mexican food than this kind of kitchen aid.

The cast iron the press is made of is preseasoned, to prevent rusting. The IMUSA 85008 Tortilla Press is highly durable and it also makes for the perfect gift, since the manufacturer sells it with a gift box. Whether you want to surprise your mother or offer your newlywed friends something to help them start cooking at home, this tortilla press is a fine choice.



This traditional style press can be the perfect addition to your kitchen. It helps you cook perfectly shaped tortillas with just the right thickness so that you can enjoy the delight of Mexican cuisine.

Made of cast aluminum for a longer lifespan, this tortilla press will work with different batter with various compositions, giving you the freedom to experiment in the kitchen.

Impress your guests at the next dinner by cooking with this revolutionary product. It is incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is put in your homemade dough and with one press you’ll get a fresh, delicious tortilla.

The excellent leverage makes it a fast, easy way of cooking tortillas properly.



Some customers have complained that the press won’t flatten out the tortillas enough to achieve the desired thickness.

Also, there seems to be some design malfunction where the handle is attached.




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5. Tortilla Press Heavy Cast Iron 8″ Authentic Tortilla Press


5.Tortilla Press Heavy Cast IronAchieving the perfect round shape of tortillas is an art that only a few experienced cooks, predominantly from Latin America, can claim to master. If you are like the rest of us who enjoy Mexican food, but do not have the same skilled hands as these cooks, you will do just fine by using a traditionally designed tortilla press.

The Smart Cook Tortilla Press is ideal for making 8 inch tortillas that work great for a wide variety of Mexican recipes. Made exactly like the presses used traditionally for making tortillas, this model will ensure great results for all your Mexican dishes.

Made of durable cast iron, this kitchen helper will be of use for many years to come. A bit of attention is needed when dealing with cast iron utensils, because this material can catch rust. However, if you take care of drying it well before storing it away, such problems will not occur. The surface is naturally nonstick, so you will not have to work hard to get it clean after each use.

Flour and corn tortillas are easy to make with this tortilla press. The main advantage presented by tortilla makers is that they put you in charge of the entire process of making your food, so you do not have to buy tortillas from the store. Besides being able to save a bit of money, by making tortillas at home, you will also manage to cook healthier, which is essential for the overall being of your family.



You can use this medium sized tortilla press if you want to obtain perfectly round-shaped results! Made of long lasting cast-iron, this product is likely to stick around in your kitchen.

This traditional press is suitable for more types of batter, giving you the freedom to experiment until you find the perfect recipe.

This model is easy to clean due to the non-stick pans, as well as easy to use, even for someone who doesn’t have much cooking experience.

The good quality of the materials used not only guarantees that the press will stand the test of time, but it also helps speed up the cooking process for those of us who are a bit anxious when waiting for their meals.



Customers have complained that the item is slightly smaller in diameter than advertised, thus resulting in a smaller amount of product being cooked simultaneously.  

Also, the joints that keep the handle in place are prone to malfunctions.




Buy from for ($21.99)





6. Perfect Tortilla Press and Maker – 2-n-1 Tortilla Machine


3.Perfect Tortilla PressWhat are you in the mood to cook today? If your answer is ‘Mexican food’, what you should get right away is a tortilla maker that creates flatbreads for you fast and easy. The Perfect Tortilla Press 2-in-1 Easy Stovetop Cooker is a great choice, because it offers all the benefits of making tortillas quickly, with minimum effort.

The model is a 2 in 1 solution, because it does not only press the dough, turning it into tortillas, but it also offers you the possibility to bake it over your stove. Your tortillas will be ready in no time, so you can proceed with the preparations for the tasty filling.

No matter what size you want your tortillas to be, and no matter what kind of ingredients you want to use, flour or corn, you will get perfectly round tortillas each time. This is something only the most experienced cooks can achieve with their own hands, but you do not have to fret. With this durable tortilla maker by your side, you will be the master of Mexican cuisine in no time.

Everything about this tortilla maker is designed to help you get the best results. The nonstick cooking surfaces make cleaning a breeze, and also help with baking your tortillas over the stove, without the fear that they will get burned. The Bakelite handle stays cool during the baking process, so you will be in no danger of burning your hands. The aluminum pivot does not catch rust, so you will enjoy this tortilla maker for a lot of time.



Easy to use and fast to master, this product will help you cook several tortillas in no time at all, once you get the hang of it.

The high quality of the materials used ensures its longevity.

If you want a multifunctional item that will help you cook faster meals for your family, this is it! This press incorporates two functions into a single model, as you can use it to flatten the dough to obtain the classic tortilla, or you can use it to bake on your stove.

The non-stick plates help you cook your batter evenly and without having too much to clean up after.



Customers have reported that the batter tends to stick to the two iron pans, meaning you should probably use wax paper in order to make cleaning a lot easier.

Also, some users have said that the time it takes for a tortilla to be properly cooked is slightly longer than advertised.




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Benefits of owning your own tortilla maker


Tortillas are used in many Mexican recipes and they are at the base of various delicious dishes, so you can hardly make South American inspired food without taking tortillas into consideration. Traditionally, tortillas would be rolled with the help of a rolling pin, and, as you can easily imagine, this can be a pretty tedious process. So, the best advice we can give to anyone who wants to make tortillas at home and enjoy the great taste of Mexican dishes, is to get a tortilla maker.

You can find tortillas sold in stores nowadays, but they are not always the best choice. Since they need to sit on shelves for a while before being used, they need to have some additives and preservatives added to their recipes. While this does not necessarily affect their taste, it makes them a less healthy version of the tortillas people use in Latin American countries, so the whole point of eating healthier is basically denied right from the start. There is something that must always be taken into consideration when you are cooking from home, and that is the fact that it is in your power to make healthier food for you and your family.

The process of making various Mexican dishes is pretty straightforward, since many of the most famous, like tacos, enchiladas and burritos, are basically wraps filled with tasty ingredients such as meat, cheese and veggies. They all need tortillas, and if you start by making healthy recipes with tortillas prepared at home, you will know you are on the right path. All the treats mentioned above can be found in restaurants and eateries everywhere, but they are not always cooked in the healthiest manner possible and they come with an attached cost that you can get rid of by cooking these scrumptious culinary delights at home. The best tortilla maker reviews recommend getting a product that resembles the models used traditionally in Latin countries, as it will surely be as close to the original as possible, and you will obtain similar results. For authentic tortilla taste, choose a tortilla maker that will help you achieve exactly that.

The best advantages you will get by purchasing a tortilla maker are those for your health. As tortillas are traditionally made of corn and these are known to be low on calories and fat, you will be able to cut down on the daily calorie intake, just by switching to corn tortillas you can make at home.



How to use a tortilla maker


If you want to learn how to make tortilla at home, the best course of action is to get yourself a tortilla maker for home use. The main issue with the dough used for making tortillas is that it is a springy type of dough, so kneading it and then rolling it to the desired thickness is bound to take a toll on your muscles. Even after you put all the effort you can muster into rolling the dough, you will still not get the same even consistency as you would with a press or a tortilla maker.

The best home tortilla maker is, of course, the one that is easiest to use, so we are going to offer you some quick instructions on how these cooking appliances should be used. You should know that there are two main important categories to choose from: the one including tortilla presses that basically just press the tortillas, and the electric category that does not only press the tortillas, but also cooks them. Depending on what kind prefer, there are certain differences. However, as far as the beginning is concerned, you are pretty much doing the same thing over and over again.

After making the dough for the tortillas, using flour, salt, water and a bit of olive oil, and kneading it a few times for good measure, it is time to start using your tortilla maker. Spread some flour on the surface of the tortilla maker, then make a small ball of dough and place it in the middle. Spread some more flour on top of the dough ball, to avoid it from sticking to the top. Press until the ball is flattened and keep there for about 20 seconds. After that, if you are dealing with a simple tortilla press, just flip the tortilla onto a flat pan and cook it 30-40 seconds on each side. If you want to know how to use an electric tortilla maker, following the manufacturer’s recommendations is the best way to do it. However, these are pretty much straightforward machines, so it is nothing too complicated. You basically do the same thing as with the tortilla press, to make sure that the dough is well flattened, and then you cook the tortilla using the same cooking tool. Your tortilla maker will not just flatten the dough, but it will also bake it, so you can obtain delicious tortillas fast and easy.

After you are done with all the tortillas, that are now nicely baked, it is time for you to experience with different recipes. The best rated tortilla maker is usually accompanied by a recipe booklet, so you can start cooking right away. If you don’t get any recipes, there are plenty of ideas on the Internet to get you going.



Types of tortilla makers we have reviewed with the help of Grandma Jen



Best tortilla making machine


1-best-tortilla-making-machine-homeWhat is the best tortilla maker? This is a question we want to find an answer for, which is why we enlisted Grandma Jen to help us with some great examples of the most appreciated tortilla makers on the market.

By reading reviews from users and experts, we created a great selection of products that anyone can use to make their own tortillas at home.

We all love Mexican dishes and it is impossible to make the most popular dishes without tortillas. While there are frozen tortillas sold in stores, we are not exactly big fans of those, because they usually have preservatives added just for prolonging their shelf life.

These ingredients are not nutritious and they are even bad for your health, which is why we don’t recommend them. On the other hand, we found so many great tortilla makers on the market that it would be a shame not to cook your own tortillas at home.

Dough recipes are easy to make and they require very few ingredients. These tortilla making machines we are including here are very easy to use and they will help you obtain the best looking, best tasting tortillas without having you work hard in the kitchen.





Best electric tortilla maker


Are you looking for the best electric tortilla maker? Then you have come to the right place, because we have a great selection at hand that we want to introduce you to. What makes electric tortilla makers so popular with people who love cooking Mexican dishes at home?

Mainly, the fact that they are capable of baking the tortillas and not just flatten the dough in the desired shape and that is a pretty good reason in our opinion. You just need to plug in the machine and have it do its job, while you rest or take care of the rest of the ingredients for all the tacos, burritos or other wraps you intend to make.

You can experiment with various recipes, while the electric device is baking your tortillas to crispy perfection. All the models we are including here are selected based on their popularity and their great performance. Users really count on these models to provide them with consistent results each and every time and they are pleased with the results so far, which is why we thought them worthy of being included in our shortlist. Now you no longer have to browse endlessly for a good tortilla maker, since we have you covered with these recommendations.





Best flour tortilla maker


3-best-flour-tortilla-makerWhen it comes to tortillas, it looks like there are two important groups of supporters, one that prefers corn tortillas and one that prefers flour tortillas.

The groups are not as segregated as they may seem from this description and you can use corn tortillas for certain recipes and flour tortillas for others.

In case you are definitely a person who prefers flour tortillas over corn tortillas, then we want to help you get a great flour tortilla maker, by presenting you with some great options currently available on the market.

Flour tortillas have the quality of being soft and pliable, so they work just great with burritos, tacos and enchiladas. Keep in mind that they are not easy to turn into chips, so they are not as reusable as corn tortillas. However, what matters most is to get the type of device that works best for making these flour tortillas.

All the products we are presenting here on our website are selected based on their popularity with buyers, and on the positive feedback they have received so far. We want you to be able to make flour tortillas as close to perfection as possible, and these products are the answer.





Popular brands


If you are reading many of the tortilla maker reviews written by users, you will notice that there are various models on the market. However, certain manufacturers seem to have a better idea about how a tortilla maker should look and function like. These brands are the most popular and they are preferred because they offer great quality at a great price.



CucinaPro – offering customers a wide variety of kitchen appliances and utensils, CucinaPro is one of the companies renowned for making really great tortilla makers. From waffle and crepe makers, to tortilla makers, all the culinary tools offered by CucinaPro are made of high quality materials and their overall performance recommends them.



Brentwood – known for their affordable, yet high quality small kitchen appliances, this US based company is also making some really good tortilla makers that you should take into consideration when you go shopping for this kind of tool for your kitchen.



Imusa – with a focus on Hispanic housewares, Imusa is the brand you should have on your list when you want a tortilla maker. Combining tradition with innovation, all the Imusa products are geared towards helping you create traditional recipes using modern appliances, fast and easy.


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