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Best tomato strainer


Tomato strainers – Ratings & Informative Guide


If you’re just after a quick suggestion for a good tomato strainer from what’s currently available for sale, then we’ll tell you straight off that after performing some extensive research on the matter, we found the Victorio Kitchen Products Deluxe VKP250 to be one of the best appraised strainers out there. Its users love it for how well it sticks to the table with a new and improved clamp that offers 10 square inches of contact area, which prevents it from wobbling from side to side while you’re turning the handle. Speaking of the handle, this is said to turn remarkably easier than on most other competing models, partly thanks to the way the auger is designed, with a less pronounced taper than the screen. This also means that less pressure will be put upon the sealing rings, making for a less leaky machine. If you don’t mind seeds in your tomato juice, then the OXO Good Grips food mill might be worth a look.



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These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a tomato strainer


Finding the best tomato strainer out there is never an easy task, as these all tend to look and function the same, but differences in quality can have a great impact on how well these actually operate, and how easy of a time you will have using one. That’s why the first thing we recommend is to consult at least a handful of tomato strainer reviews before deciding on a product. With this out of the way, what are some important things to look for?

Structural integrity

It might seem a bit much to closely check how well a humble piece of cookware fits together, but the tomato strainer will be subjected to a surprisingly high amount of pressure, especially if the auger (which is the spiral that will be doing the crushing) isn’t designed properly.

This will mean more leaking, or even parts of it coming off, so make sure that the device has some integrity if you’re buying from a retail store.

We might be tempted to believe that the best strainers for tomato juice should offer the highest number of features (some models have a screw used to adjust the auger, for example.) This isn’t necessarily the case, because more complexity also means more things to come loose, break down and ruin your day. All else being equal, a simpler model will be more reliable than a fully featured one.


The base

This is a deceptively important part of the device, as it will keep it fixed to the table, and having the strainer wobble around as you turn the handle can be one of the most annoying parts of an otherwise relaxing activity.

Either a clamp system or suction cups are used for holding it in place. While the cup might be the easier to use solution and won’t risk damaging the table, without a doubt, a clamp will secure the strainer substantially better.


Size and function

There are some small strainers on the market, which are intended for grinding small fruit and hard vegetables, but if you’re primarily after a great tomato juicer, then a bigger size will only prove beneficial.

A thing to look for, however, is that the funnel, or “cup” feeding the machine isn’t too large. This could potentially get in the way of your hands and filling a large container to the brim is generally useless anyway, especially since it increases the risk of the thing coming loose.



3 Best Tomato Strainers (Reviews) in 2021



We’ve looked through scores of reviews of tomato strainers to find some of the best products available right now. Our selection for the top strainers for you to consider is featured below.



1. Deluxe Food Strainer and Sauce Maker


Victorio is responsible for the decades old kitchen strainer design we are all familiar with today. With such a high degree of expertise, the brand’s strainers could be nothing by top notch, which certainly applies to the simple but effective VKP250.

Judging by the feedback from people who’ve used it, this excels in all areas where a tomato strainer should, it doesn’t have any significant problems with clogging, it doesn’t leak to any significant amount, the handle turns swiftly and the base provides a secure grip.

A new type of clamp was used for holding it in place, one that is significantly wider than on previous models, while also padded to protect your kitchen table. So, no need to worry about cranking it too forcefully, because the VKP250 won’t be going anywhere.

Equally appreciated was the shape of the auger, which is significantly thinner than the tomato screen as it gets closer to the body, allowing for more skins to be collected in that area, which would otherwise risk clogging the device.

Besides coming with a full set of accessories, including a plastic nozzle and a pusher, this strainer can also be paired up with the VKP250-M electric motor.



This product is a durable one due to the aluminum body and stainless steel screens. You will not be worried about buying another product for a couple of years, because this one will cause no trouble.

It can be used both manually and electrically. It has an improved handle that makes it easy for manual use.

If you get bored of this, you can replace the handle with an electric motor that will make the work much easier for you.

This tomato strainer will make your life so easy and comfortable, and it will help you get rid of a problem because it is very good at doing its job fast and well.

The most important thing is that it is very easy to clean, which means that you will save a lot of your precious time.



Cleaning the screen can be a bit of a challenge.

There may be moments where the juice might leak out a little. We would recommend you to put something on the floor so that the juice is collected and you don’t make a mess.


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2. Oxo Good Grips Food Mill 1071478


This food mill is not technically a tomato strainer, but it has some of the functionality of one and can work even better at making puree out of all sorts of fruit and vegetables.

It comes with 3 grinders for fine, medium and coarse textures, which you can rotate via a lever inside the stainless steel bowl while pushing against them with a plate. This will turn any tomato cut between into various forms of mush, to fall directly into a pot beneath.

While far from being an efficient tomato slicer or juicer, you can obtain something very close to what you would with a strainer by using this device, the main difference being that some of the skin and seeds will remain in the final product, which isn’t really an issue unless you plan on conserving.

The food mill will prove the best fit for squishing small quantities of tomatoes intended for a single meal, since it doesn’t require any assembly, setup, or arduous cleaning afterwards.

At 2.3 quarts in capacity, it can produce all the tomato sauce you will require for your next dish within minutes. It works with bowls and pots of up to 11”in diameter, thanks to 3 extensible non-slip legs.



The 3 non-slip legs that this model is fitted with will be a blessing because they secure the bowl and you will not have to focus on maintaining its position using your hands.

The simple, spring-loaded lever is meant to help you exchange the disks easily and disassemble the product in order to clean it or for anything else.

You can cook different types of food using this bowl because the model has 3 stainless steel grinding discs included, which will make it possible for you to prepare fine, medium and coarse textures.

The stainless steel interior is good for cooking both hot and cold types of food. More than that, it is dishwasher safe and it is very easy to store.



The bar that is across the middle may make it difficult for you to scrape the interior using a spoon.

Sometimes the blade may be not strong enough to get all the pulp out of the fruits/vegetables.


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3. Weston Food Strainer and Sauce Maker


The most common feedback you’ll find with this roma food strainer from Weston is that it “works well”. This of course means that it doesn’t leak to a significant degree, it doesn’t clog so much that you’ll have to clean it every half an hour and the handle is easy to turn.

Opinions might be a little mixed regarding its base, however, as this uses a “dual system” to hold itself to the counter or table — both a clamp and a suction cup. Going only with the suction cup is recommended if you happen to own a particularly smooth countertop and don’t plan on turning the handle too fast, as these are notoriously unreliable.

The addition of a clamp is welcome, but it should be mentioned that this looks a lot more flimsy than what the Victorio comes with. You will get an extra-large hopper, however, which will make dealing with extra-large quantities of tomatoes easier, although the added bulk of a 1 gallon container at arm level might not be universally appreciated.

This comes with everything needed for crushing tomatoes, but there’s also a wide array of accessories on offer: a 4-piece kit, a pumpkin and squash screen as well as berry and salsa screens.



This tomato press and sauce maker is the choice for you if you are looking for a product that is able to separate the seeds and the skin from the pulp of the vegetables.

More than that, it is very large and can hold up to 1 gallon of fruits or vegetables.

A stomper is included, which makes it easy to safely apply pressure. The model also comes with a stainless steel multi-purpose screen, which measures 1.5 mm.

Of course, this is not only a tomato press, but you can also use it for other types of food. You can even instantly make juice out of grapes, which is very convenient if you have kids.

Moreover, you can say goodbye to baby food problems if you have a little kid, because this item is very good at preparing baby food without preservatives.



It may be that this product will not work for blackberries, since they are smaller than tomatoes. This strainer should only be utilized with softer types of veggies and fruit.


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