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Best tomato slicer


Tomato slicers – Ratings & Informative Guide


If you’re in a hurry and don’t have the time to read our reviews of tomato slicers but you are still keen on finding the best slicer for tomatoes, Grandma Jen recommends the Rösle 12755 as it is a multi-purpose product that offers excellent performance at a fair price. It does not limit itself just to cutting tomatoes as you can use this nifty tool to slice all types of vegetables, fruits, and even cheese. It comes in a premium construction and a quality German design that uses a stainless steel body that has the unique ability to be rust, corrosion and stain resistant. The side handles provide a secure and firm grip that helps make using this product an easy task. If by any unfortunate event the Rösle 12755 is not available for sale, we recommend you consider the New Star 39696 as you second-best alternative as it offers similar performance and quality.



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These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a tomato slicer


A tomato slicer is a welcome addition to any kitchen as it offers you new ways to cook more efficiently. Finding a good model is not an easy task since sifting through all the available models can take ages and most people just don’t have that kind of time at their disposal.

In this case, proper research can take you a long way, but it’s a vicious circle since that also requires a lot of time. Thankfully, we have done the hard work for you and in the buyer’s guide below we have gone through the best tomato slicers review in order to identify the key features that you should consider when making your purchase.




Tomato slicers, especially the affordable alternative, are small devices, slightly bigger than your average tomato. Because of this durability is an essential feature. Since they are so small, they need to have a sturdy design since they can easily escape your grasp and you don’t want a simple fall to ruin your new purchase.

Whether you go with a plastic or stainless steel alternative, they should both have a sturdy construction that does not have any weak points such as blades that are attached poorly to the frame. If your product has moving parts, you should make sure that they are screwed together nicely and don’t risk falling apart after just a few uses.


A sharp blade

Another thing to consider when purchasing a tomato slicer is the blade. Consider the fact that unlike a knife’s blade, the blades of the tomato slicer, depending on the model, will not be easy to maintain. You need to make sure that you choose a model that feature quality blades that don’t lose their edge that easily.

When it comes to the material for the blade, stainless steel is a must since it is rust and stain resistant which means that they are easier to clean and they also keep their edge for longer. The good thing is that even if you’re looking for a cheap tomato slicer, a stainless steel blade shouldn’t be out of your reach.


Consider getting an all-purpose product

Something else that we think you should consider carefully is getting an all-purpose product. These kinds of products are designed to offer a wide variety of possibilities. This means that you can get a product that can cut tomatoes as well as other fruits, vegetables, and cheese.

Such alternatives are really worth your money. Think about it, since you’re already going to pay for a product, why not put your money in one that can serve a multitude of purposes.




3 Best Tomato Slicers (Reviews) in 2021



If you still want to find the best tomato slicer but don’t have the time to inspect the market on your own, below you will find our list of top-rated models. These options have garnered the best tomato slicers reviews due to their quality and reliability.



1. Rösle Stainless Steel 10 Blade Serrated Vegetable Fruit and Cheese Slicer


If you’re looking for a multi-purpose device that can help you with your cooking, the Rösle 12755 is a choice we think you won’t be disappointed with. This unit is equipped with ten sharp, serrated blades for a neat and easy slicing that can handle even the harder fruits and vegetable such as pineapple

What differentiates the Rösle 12755 from other products is the fact that it is a versatile alternative that does not only handle slicing tomatoes but also different types of fruits, vegetables, and cheese. It’s a great purchase for people that want to be smart with the way they spend their money since you get a lot of opportunities with a single purchase.

The 18/10 stainless steel construction is resistant to rust and corrosion, chemical damage, and heat damage. It’s the ideal material that a tool meant to be used in a kitchen environment should be built out of.

The base is built out of synthetic material that ensures a perfect cut right through without the chance of the slices of fruit, vegetable, or cheese to slip and fall. The two handles provide a grip that is safe and makes your job easier.



This slicer has ten sharp blades that will make it considerably easier for you to slice fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes, pineapples and even cheese.

Since it is made of stainless steel, this model is said to be resistant to rust and corrosion, as well as resistant to heat and chemical damage.

The handles that this item comes with are comfortable to use and they make the slicer very easy to maneuver.

In order to be safely kept, the frame has a ½ inch hole which makes the slicer easy to hang on one of your kitchen walls.

Another advantage of this option is that it can be cleaned in the dishwasher, thereby allowing you to avoid wasting time in the kitchen.



Unfortunately, it may not work with all types of fruits and vegetables. Some customers say that olives and strawberries do not work at all with this slicer.


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2. New Star Foodservice 39696 Commercial Tomato Slicer


The New Star 39696 is a commercial tomato slicer designed to cater to the people that can’t afford to slice tomatoes by hand every single day. Slicing and dicing can be a possible hazard as you can easily cut yourself and inconsistent cuts may add a lot to the cost of food. With this option, you can say goodbye to all that since it will cut your tomatoes perfectly every single time.

This alternative features high-quality stainless steel blades that are built to cut correctly and not to lose their edge even after many uses. This is achieved with the help of the stainless steel construction that is rust and stain resistant. The blades are also designed not to react to the acid that tomatoes contain.

To make sure that you can use this nifty product efficiently, the New Star 39696 is equipped with vertical and horizontal handles that offer proper cutting leverage. The straightforward design makes it extremely easy to use and you’ll find the task of cutting tomatoes a breeze.

The aluminum frame helps to reduce some of the weight so that you can quickly move the unit. What’s more, it also features a built-in cutting board.



The blades of this particular slicer are made out of stainless steel and they’re said to retain their sharp edge for a reasonable amount of time.

The vertical and horizontal edges will make it possible to slice the vegetables and fruits just the way you want them to be sliced.

The frame is made of aluminum in order to make the product weigh less since we all know that hefty kitchen tools are harder to work with.

The built-in cutting board is a neat addition to this slicer’s design as it will prevent you from making a mess.



This kitchen tool won’t work with big fruits and vegetables. Customers say that they found it hard to slice big tomatoes, but it worked well with the small ones.

It is not dishwasher-safe, and that might be an inconvenience for those who are looking to save a little time in the long run.


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3. MSC International 31667 Joie Tomato Slicer & Knife


If you’re looking for an affordable alternative that uses a simple design, the Joie 31667 is a worthy alternative. With this option, you get a slicer in which to place your onion and a knife to use and slice the vegetable. To make things even better, you can use this option to slice onions, potatoes, and more.

The multi-purpose design makes it a great purchase, especially once you consider the fact that it costs so little money. You’ll be able to get a product that can serve multiple purposes, one that you can use on a daily basis since you will always have something that needs slicing in the kitchen.

The slicer is made of durable plastic that can take a beating so you shouldn’t worry if you drop it accidentally. The knife has a plastic handle that is just as durable, and a sharp stainless steel blade.

The slicer can double as a finger guard to allow for a safe and comfortable cutting every time. This means that you shouldn’t worry that using the knife will be a hazard since the slicer will keep your finger safe. Cleaning the Joie 31667 is quite easy since the unit is dishwasher safe.



This 2-in-1 product consists of a slicer and a knife and it can be used for a variety of veggies, as well as potatoes and onions.

Even though the slicer is made from plastic, it is BPA-free. Besides, the reports we’ve found about this product note that it is remarkably durable given its plastic design.

The blade of the knife is made of stainless steel, which means that it is durable and resistant.

The model is safe to use and easy to be cleaned.

If you are looking for a good kitchen tool at an affordable price, then this model may be the perfect choice for you.



The knife has to be sharpened rather often.

If you want a slicer for small tomatoes or cherry tomatoes, then this product will definitely not meet your needs because it has a definite shape only for bigger vegetables and fruits.


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