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Best tea infuser pot


Tea infuser pots – Ratings & Informative Guide


If you’re shopping for the best tea infuser pot, but you’re very busy at the moment, all you need to is to heed the advice offered here by Grandma Jen. After reading customer reviews, evaluating sales figures, and comparing quality versus price, Grandma Jen discovered that the model that stood out the most was the FORLIFE Stump. This particular tea infuser pot is an excellent option for steeping all kinds of tea leaves, from the most delicate to whole leaves. In case you’re the type of tea drinker that prefers tea bags, this infuser will work like a charm, without a glitch. You will love the stackable design; the pot takes up little space, and you will quickly find a place for it. Should the v FORLIFE Stump 309-TRQ be out of stock, Grandma Jen’s next recommendation is the FORLIFE Curve, which almost has the same advantages.



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These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a tea infuser pot


Making tea may not sound like rocket science, but still, if you want to enjoy the perfect cup each time, you need to know a few things about steeping tea leaves in a way that will preserve the delicate taste. We put together a few essential recommendations for purchasing the best teapot with infuser you can get on the market right now.



Safety considerations

Since you’ll be using a pot for making tea that comes with a built-in infuser, there are some things you need to be aware of. One of them is related to safety, as the pot you have must not contain any dangerous chemicals. You will notice that some manufacturers even take the time to mention that their product is lead-free.

There can be other issues, too, such as a faulty design. The teapot should be easy to manipulate without causing splashing and sending hot droplets flying everywhere and landing on your hands. Such simple aspects will guide you towards buying a good tea infuser pot.


Infuser material

A tea infuser pot is nothing else but a pot with an infuser in it, as explained earlier. While the material the pot is made of should be heat resistant, in the case of the infuser, such aspects go beyond just this consideration.

The infuser should be made of stainless steel. This material can withstand high temperatures without showing any sign of deterioration. It will not give your tea an unpleasant taste, and unlike plastic infuser, you don’t risk getting a dose of BPA – a hormone disruptor found in plastic – with each cup of tea you drink.


Dishwasher safe

There’s no point in purchasing a new kitchen utensil or appliance if you don’t plan on using it, and the way the respective item is designed doesn’t help with this. A teapot should be easy to clean, so check the available models with infusers to see if they are dishwasher safe. This will help you with cleaning up after drinking tea.



3 Best Tea Infuser Pots (Reviews) in 2021



As eager as you might be just to purchase the first teapot infuser that catches your eye, we recommend starting by taking a look at the following products. They have already been tried and tested by multiple buyers, so they are sure to offer you some excellent advantages, as well.



1. Forlife Stump Teapot with SLS Lid and Infuser


A lot of the tea infuser pot reviews written by buyers will tell you that the FORLIFE Stump 309-TRQ is an excellent option if you are a heavy tea drinker in search of a new utensil for making your favorite beverage. The beautiful teapot is available in turquoise color, and it will be an excellent addition to your kitchen, regardless of layout.

There are a few things you need to be well aware of when using this particular teapot infuser. For instance, you should not place the pot inside a microwave or an oven. Also, avoid putting it directly over open fire or a heating element. After all, you need your tea delicate and delicious, and using direct heat will ruin most of its taste.

The 18-ounce capacity of the teapot is enough for preparing enough tea when you’re in the mood for this particular beverage. An interesting thing about this model is that it works just as well with tea bags and tea leaves.’

After use, you can just place the pot in your dishwasher and let the machine clean it. Also, if you notice any unsightly tea stains, you can use a bit of baking soda and warm water. Because the infuser is made of stainless steel, you don’t have to worry about rust stains, either.



The sleek teapot is completed by an extra-fine stainless-steel infuser which is 0.3 mm thick. 

You will be able to steep fine loose-leaf tea and even whole-leaf tea, depending on what you and your guests prefer, if that should be the case. 

What is more, the pot can also be used with tea bags which is a great advantage. In other words, there are options available for any type of tea-lover. 

Due to its 18-ounce capacity, this model is great to prepare a bigger amount of your favorite beverage. 

Thanks to the nice design and color, this teapot can fit very well in any kitchen. 



This product cannot be used in the microwave or in any type of oven, nor over open fire, as it is a steeping device only.

According to a few users, the teapot will get warm very quickly, so you should handle it with care in order not to get burnt.


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2. Forlife Curve Teapot with Infuser Black Graphite


You don’t have to worry about your health when drinking tea made with the help of this unique pot. Because the materials used for making it are entirely lead-free, the pot will not pose any health risks. You will love using it, and you will end up drinking more tea just because you find this pot so easy to use.

The stainless steel infuser is delicate, as the material is only 0.3 mm thick and it lets the tea seep gradually, and free flavor, so you can enjoy a delicious, perfect cup every time. Of course, you will have to pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations to avoid ruining the pot.

It must not be used in an oven or a microwave, as it does not resist to superior temperatures. Also, before you start pouring hot water, you should let it settle for about 15 seconds after the water reached its boiling point.

From all the teapots available for sale, this one may draw your attention due to its specific design. Whether you like preparing loose-leaf varieties such as Rooibos, or whole-leaf teas like Oolong, you will find this particular model an excellent option for the tea drinker in you.



If you are a heavy tea-drinker looking for the perfect pot, this one will certainly draw your attention due to its unique design.

You will also like the fact that you can prepare both loose-leaf and whole leaf varieties of tea.

The teapot comes with a 0.3-mm thick infuser that is made of high-quality stainless steel. The infuser allows your drink to seep gradually which will make your tea even more delicious. 

You should also know that the materials from which this pot is made are lead-free. This means that you can enjoy your favorite drink without worrying about your health.

What is more, the item is dishwasher safe, so you will not have to waste any of your precious time cleaning it manually. 



Customers are usually pleased with this pot, although there are some who would like this model to be a bit larger.


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3. Bodum Assam Tea Press with Stainless Steel Filter


Bodum is a company well known for producing high-quality tea gear, and there is no surprise that so many peoples search for a Bodum tea infuser pot. The Bodum Assam Tea Press 1805-01US is one of the most popular models made by this company among the many tea infuser pots on the market, and for all the right reasons.

You may like your tea stronger or more delicate. But what can you do to gain perfect control over this particular aspect? The right answer is to use this specific tea press. It manages to brew your tea at the required strength and that without having you to take out the infuser.

Your tea will never be bitter as the press is designed to stop the brewing process as you like. You will just need to press the plunger and have the tea prepared to the desired strength. Sporting a 34-ounce capacity that can accommodate enough tea even for the most passionate tea drinker, it is an excellent choice.

Once you finish the tea making process, all you need to do is to take the press apart and place the parts in a dishwasher. Because the parts are dishwasher safe, the cleaning process is quite simple and straightforward.



What will probably draw your attention to this model first is the fact that you can brew tea at the preferred strength without having to remove the infuser. 

Since the pot is made of borosilicate glass and the lid, strainer, and plunger from stainless steel, you will not have to worry about exposing it to very hot temperatures.

Thanks to the patented system, the device stops brewing when the tea is plunged. Therefore, you will never have to experience bitter tea that was brewed for too long. 

The 34-ounce capacity allows you to prepare tea for the entire day, or for your tea party. 

Another advantage of purchasing this item is that all of its parts are dishwasher safe, which is extremely convenient.  



You should know that once the water level gets below the holes of the filter, your tea will stop steeping.


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