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Tabletop Cotton Candy Machines – Ratings & Informative guide


If you’re searching for the best tabletop cotton candy machine, then search no more. Grandma Jen found the Great Northern Flufftastic for you. Loved by many customers for its simplicity and efficiency, this high-quality cotton candy machine will offer sweet delights for you and your children for years to come. Easy to operate and capable of making a huge variety of cotton candy, this model is considered by many to be the best small cotton candy machine money can buy today. It comes with a superb retro design that will surely impress your little ones. At the same time, its great capacity premium stainless steel kettle can deliver a candy floss cone each 30 seconds. In the eventuality that you are unable to find the Great Northern Flufftastic, you can search for the second best model, the impressive Vivo Candy V001, as it shares many of its features.



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These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a tabletop cotton candy machine


With their incredible energy and constant crave for fun, kids are not exactly easy to please. Fortunately having a cotton candy machine around during a party will make sure that everyone will have a ton of fun while indulging in their sweet tooth habits. If you want to get the best model for a party, we selected three of the most important features you should know about whenever you want to buy a new tabletop cotton candy maker.

Speed and reliability

Used to enliven many children parties, a reliable cotton candy machine will be able to supply everyone with candy floss as fast as possible. Start by selecting the models that can provide a constant flow of cotton candy without interruptions or slowdowns and you will make sure that the party will be a total success.

Find out about the model’s warm up time and the average length it takes to make one cotton candy cone, and narrow down your selection to the most efficient ones. Remember to check for warranty and consumer’s reviews before purchase to ensure that you will get a solid, reliable model.


Ease of use

The best tabletop cotton candy machine reviews rank higher the models that are simple to operate. These great hassle-free cotton candy makers are far more suited for home and small business use than the larger and more complex models. Keep in mind that a simple tabletop cotton candy machine is most often more reliable than a complex one, and choose the type that you feel that is the most comfortable to use.


Design and style

Last but definitively not least, the look and design of the cotton candy maker are also among the most important aspects to take into account whenever shopping for such an appliance. Sporting vivid colors and original designs, a good looking cotton candy machine will surely impress all the children at the party.

Whether you aim to get a classic one or a more retro looking machine, make sure that it will allow everyone to see the candy floss making process. Remember that striking the best balance between looks and functionality will surely help you get the best out of your new tabletop cotton candy maker.



3 Best Tabletop Cotton Candy Machines (Reviews) in 2021



We took our time and searched for the best tabletop cotton candy machines available for purchase right now, and we found three models that stand up from the crowd. Read ahead, and you will find why these models are so highly regarded by both the reviewers and their users.



1. 6310 Great Northern Popcorn Cotton Candy Machine Flufftastic


Designed for efficiency, this highly praised tabletop cotton candy maker is by far one of the most loved and used models on sale today. With its superior speed and high capacity, this compact model can deliver cotton candies without interruptions, making it a must-have for all those who value speed and efficiency above all.

Using a quiet and energy efficient 1000 watt electric engine, the new Great Northern Flufftastic can deliver a cotton candy cone in less than 30 seconds. Competing on equal footing with professional models, this high-speed, high-reliability model will make as much candy floss as needed.

Perfect for medium and even large parties, this cotton candy maker only requires two minutes to warm up. Safe, durable and highly efficient, the Great Northern Flufftastic is also incredibly simple to use. It comes with a very handy long stainless steel sugar loading scoop that is extremely convenient.

Featuring a classic candy floss machine design, this superior model will inevitably become the heart of your party. Its large kettle allows everyone to see how the candy is made, offering them a great show before rewarding them with great cotton candy delights.


Buy from for ($204)





2. Vivo Pink Electric Commercial Cotton Candy Machine 


The Vivo Candy V001 earns top praises from many reviewers for its speed and high reliability. Aiming to combine function and style, this high-quality model it is one of the few able to rank on top for both aspects.

Loved by its users and earning high grades on most of the candy maker reviews, this is the perfect choice for all those who want a reliable and good-looking tabletop cotton candy machine for them or their business.  The Vivo Candy V001 combines the functionality of a professional cotton candy maker machine with the simplicity and ease of use of a home model.

Boasting a large capacity high-quality stainless steel bowl and a powerful electric engine, it can deliver up to three cotton candies each minute. Its high efficiency and excellent speed make it a perfect choice for bigger parties, carnival rides, and even sporting events.

Easy to operate, maintain and clean, the Vivo Candy V001 is also quite stylish. Using a classic and time-tested design, it will surely attract everyone around. If you desire for a highly efficient, simple and reliable cotton candy maker, then this is the model for you.


Buy from for ($182.99)





3. Nostalgia PCM305 Vintage Hard & Sugar-Free Cotton Candy Maker


Built to impress, this superbly looking tabletop design is one of the most beautiful and cute cotton candy machines you will ever use. Compact and highly attractive, it is regarded to be the best mini cotton candy machine available on the market right now.

Superbly designed, the Nostalgia PCM305 is by far one of the most appealing and beautiful tabletop cotton candy machines you can buy. Designed to look like a classic vintage carnival cart, it will surely get all the children’s attention. Through its transparent bowl, this model will let everyone clearly see how the cotton candy is made, making it an instant party pleaser.

A real attraction for all family gatherings and kids’ parties, the Nostalgia PCM305 is also very simple to use. It comes with one sugar spoon and two different reusable cones. Easy to dissemble, it offers easy access to all its parts, making the cleaning process as simple as possible.

If you are searching for a fun, functional and beautiful cotton candy machine for home or small parties, then the Nostalgia PCM305 is the perfect model for you. Easy to use and sporting beautiful looks, this cotton candy maker will delight everyone and turn any children’s party into a real carnival.


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