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Best Synthetic Cutting Board


Synthetic Cutting Boards – Ratings & Informative Guide


Cooking is no longer a mere chore meant to ensure your family’s subsistence but has become more and more a field of research and innovation. From putting science to work to create deconstructed food to revolutionizing kitchen utensils, cooking now has more dimensions than ever before. When it comes to cutting boards, more and more people are shifting towards alternative materials, such as bamboo, glass, plastic or rubber. Even when it comes to choosing a cutting board, things are no longer as simple as picking the kind of wood has the sturdiest appearance. If you are looking for good synthetic cutting boards, Grandma Jen recommends the plastic OXO Good Grips model, an economical utensil with a double-sided design which saves you kitchen space, time and money. Should you not find this item up for sale, have a look at the Asahi Synthetic Rubber, the second on our list based on synthetic cutting board reviews.



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These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a cutting board for vegetables


There are multiple reasons why someone would prefer synthetic materials over wood, and a particular material over others. We make it easier for you to find the best synthetic cutting board for your kitchen and cooking needs by listing some of the most important aspects to keep in mind.

Reasons to skip wood

While wood has been the kitchen star for many decades, there are a number of reasons why you may want to consider synthetic alternatives.

First of all, synthetic boards are a safer option for cutting raw meat and fish, as their surface is nonporous and does not allow bacteria to sink in. The same goes for vegetables such as garlic or onion, as the smell doesn’t stick as strongly and can be removed more easily.

Secondly, synthetic materials allow for much more thorough sanitation, as they can very well be washed by hand after each use or conveniently placed in the dishwasher to save time and to obtain a squeaky clean utensil.


Plastic for simplicity

One of the most striking advantages of using a plastic cutting board is the relatively low cost of purchasing one. Being an affordable option, it allows a lot of flexibility to organize your kitchen in a way that maximizes food safety.

Thus, you may choose to assign different colors to different types of food, so as to make sure that there is no risk of cross-contamination. At the same time, plastic, unlike wood, is a nonporous material and does not attract and trap bacteria or microbes under the surface.

The incisions made by knives, however, do accumulate in time, creating just the right environment for bacteria to stagnate and thrive. Another downside of plastic boards as opposed to wood is that they are harsher on your knives’ blades, which will grow blunt with time and usage.


Rubber for sophistication

A synthetic rubber cutting board is comparatively gentler on your knives, but you may find it not quite as readily available as other options, as they are predominantly used in professional kitchens

Because of their material, as well as their weight, they have superior adherence which prevents them from slipping on the countertop. This makes them comfortable and practical and reduces the risk of accidents in the kitchen.

Much like any other synthetic board, most of them can be safely and easily washed in the dishwasher, but rubber has the added benefit that it will not blunt your knives as easily.



3 Best Synthetic Cutting Boards (Reviews) in 2021



Since we cannot choose the right synthetic cutting board for your requirements and personal preferences, we have at least compiled a list of those that seem to have impressed the people who have given them a shot. Check them out below.



1. Oxo Good Grips Cutting and Carving Board


With a double-sided design, this OXO Good Grips is a great deal for those of you looking for practicality. Not only does it save space in your kitchen, but it helps you save money as well, as it eliminates the need to invest in multiple cutting boards.

You can, thus, conveniently use one side to cut raw meat and fish due to the juice groove which captures liquids, helping you to keep things neat. The reverse side is, therefore, perfect for slicing and chopping everything from vegetables and fruits to cheese or bread.

As it is made from nonporous materials, there is little concern for bacteria and microbes getting stuck under the surface. At the same time, you can safely use it for strong-scented foods such as onion or garlic knowing that the odor will not easily permeate the plastic and that it can be washed off in no time.

When it comes to sanitizing, this board is safe to clean in the dishwasher, saving you precious time in addition to kitchen space and money. To make things better, the material it is made from does not require any special care routine so that you can let your inner chef shine.


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2. Synthetic Rubber Cutting Board Asahi Cookin Cut


If you want to add a professional quality cutting board to your kitchen’s inventory, this Asahi Synthetic Rubber model is a wonderful choice. While retaining many of the benefits that traditional wood boards used to provide, it comes with a number of added advantages.

While the surface feels as hard as wood, it has a considerably softer effect on knives, preserving the edge of the blade for a long time. This comes from the fact that the rubber texture stops the knife from slipping once you have cut through your ingredients instead of allowing it to slide across.

Rubber makes for a great gripping surface, which ensures precision and a smooth experience while cutting or slicing ingredients so that your meals can shine every time.

The same texture has anti-slippery properties, as well. Besides preventing cooking accidents by staying put on the countertop, its nonporous surface doesn’t absorb bacteria and microbes and withstands wear and tear without showing visible cut marks.

This is not only a professional, quality utensil but also a time-saver, as cleaning up requires no more than a quick wipe. The producers recommend against placing it in the dishwasher; however, sanitation by hand is as easy as can be for this rubber product.


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3. Professional Rubber Cutting Board 18×12 Cut Proof


Those of you who are looking for a professional cutting board endorsed by chefs and experts alike will be very happy to hear about this Thirteen Chefs Professional Chef model which has been growing in popularity all over Japan.

This cutting board fits equally well in a professional restaurant kitchen and a household kitchen, providing you with the much-needed agility and practicality to process the ingredients for an excellent meal.

Designed with chefs in mind, the rubber surface is gentle on your knives and protects your expensive utensils from growing dull over time. Moreover, it assists you in your chopping and slicing endeavors, for accurate, seamless cuts.

The synthetic rubber surface is highly resistant to damage of many sorts, from knife cuts to stains, water and odor. Therefore, you can safely use it to prepare any food, be it meat, vegetables or cheese.

Add an extra touch of sophistication and convenience to your kitchen with this low-maintenance cutting board. While not safe to use in the dishwasher, you can very easily and quickly clean it after each use with only soap and warm water, without the need to rub it harshly or scrub.


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