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The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Sushi Kit + Reviews


When you think about Japanese cuisine, you can only say two words – sushi and sake! These wonderful Asian products are known worldwide, and they won millions of fans in America alone. And what’s not to love about deliciously cooked fish with the spicy flavors of Asian cuisine? However, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the best sushi in town, as there are plenty of methods of being your own chef and prepare this delicious meal on your own. Grandma Jen has looked throughout the Internet to find the best sushi kits available for purchase, so you should read her proposals. Without further due, Grandma Jen considers that one of the best sushi kits you could buy is the BambooWorx Sushi Making Kit because it consists of two full-size rolling mats, a rice spoon, and a rice spreader. If you don’t like the BambooWorx, you can always pick the SushiAya Original AYA Maker as a great alternative in terms of quality.



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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


If you’re looking to buy the best sushi kit, you need to focus on various aspects, such as the tools you will purchase, the variety of ingredients, the quality of the product, as well as the price. So here is how you can search for the best sushi making kit available for sale:



Tools included

Often enough, the best kit for making sushi includes a variety of indispensable tools, especially for those who are at the beginning and don’t really know how to manage the art of rolling and folding. So, if you want to make sure you choose the right kit, search for one that comes with a rice spreader and a rice paddle.

These two rice tools are really helpful if you’re struggling with your cooking techniques but still want to make a good impression. The key is to practice rolling until you master the art, and only after proceed to actually make the sushi rolls.


Materials used

The materials used are also extremely important. We all know the Japanese culture includes only natural materials, so the key to a successful sushi night in the comfort of your own home is to purchase a sushi kit worth the money. In other words, only choose the ones that are 100% made from natural fabrics such as bamboo and cotton strings. There shouldn’t be any dyes or chemical paints either on the tools, only vegetable oil. Bamboo is one of the most resistant types of wood in the world, so if you choose the right rice spreaders and paddles, success is guaranteed.


Spices and cooking help

There are numerous sushi kits that not only include the rice tools and the bamboo folders, but also a wide selection of Asian spices and ingredients to make sure your sushi night turns out fabulous. Keep in mind that the ingredients you are going to use to prepare the sushi rolls are the most important.

So, apart from fresh fish (we personally recommend herring, tuna, and salmon) and avocado, you should also choose top-quality Asian spices like soy sauce, rice vinegar, regular vinegar, wasabi sauce, and pickled ginger. All these combined together with the best white rice will result in a tasty, mouth-watering dish.

If you’re not sure what to buy, you can also seek for online help or read some sushi kit reviews to see what others have to say about certain products.



3 Best Sushi Kits (Updated Reviews) in 2021



Depending on how much you are willing to pay for, there are some really good sushi kits available for purchase. In our opinion, the best sushi kits are showcased below.



1. BambooWorx Sushi Making Kit


Whether you are a gastronomy beginner or a renowned chef, creating the perfect sushi rolls is a difficult job, so you will need all the help you can get.

If you’re searching for an affordable, yet professional sushi kit, the one proposed by company BambooWorx could be a great option. The set includes everything you need for creating the perfectly crafted sushi rolls and turn a regular dinner into a true gourmet experience. Included you will find two full-size rolling mats, as well as a rice spoon, and a rice spreader.

You’ll also have access to a full instruction spreadsheet in which you learn how to create the perfect sushi rolls, step by step, with the help of this kit.

In addition, all products contained in this set are 100% natural, made from tough and resistant bamboo wood, as well as wood cotton strings. Everything else was put together with the help of vegetable oil, without requiring chemicals or paints.

Since all items used are natural, we suggest looking after your sushi set by hand washing all of the items and not exposing them to high temperatures.



You can enjoy great sushi parties right at home because this kit offers everything you need to make sushi.

The set contains two full-size rolling mats which measure 9.5 x 9.5 inches, a rice spoon for mixing the rice with vinegar, and a rice spreader that you can use to spread the rice evenly.

The items in this set are exceptionally crafted and made of high-quality bamboo material.

Do not worry if you have never prepared sushi before as this kit comes with a full instruction spreadsheet that contains all the information you need to create the perfect sushi rolls.

Furthermore, this can be a great gift for someone who enjoys sushi, as it will create a new and exciting experience.



A few users mentioned that they would have liked the mats to be one or two inches larger.

Some think that it is not the best choice for beginners.


Buy from for ($12.99)





2. SushiAya Original Aya Maker 


This product is everything you need, and a little extra when making sushi at home for the first time. As the producer describes this kit, this is an experience and not just a simple sushi kit.  The set includes no less than 11 different items to help you experience the Asian cuisine in the comfort of your own home, without too much of an effort or spending too much.

If you’re a beginner in the art of sushi rolling, the kit is perfect for creating delicious sushi rolls in all shapes, sizes, and fillings, to meet the tastes of the pickiest members of your family. The kit includes, amongst others, a nonstick rice spreader, as well as a sushi knife, specifically designed to allow you to create delicious culinary experiences.

All products included in this sushi kit are made from FDA-approved, top-quality, non-toxic plastic, and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning after each use. In addition, thanks to the Youtube tutorials provided by the manufacturer, you can learn how to create the perfect sushi starters step by step, using the right ingredients, and the perfect sushi accessories.

The kit is also available in three different colors – red, white, and black, to perfectly complement your other kitchen accessories.



Besides the quality of the items in this set, what makes the product stand out is the fact that it offers online video tutorials with step-by-step instructions to make the best sushi. 

Since it contains 11 pieces, this kit definitely means business! It will allow you to create sushi rolls of multiple sizes and shapes. You can even make heart-shaped rolls. 

The set could not be complete without a non-stick rice spreader and a sushi knife made from high-quality materials.

Since it is so easy to use and you get all the necessary support, you can make this experience even better by including your children in a fun sushi-making experience. 

All the materials used in this kit are BPA free and FDA approved. Also, you will be pleased to know that all of the pieces are dishwasher safe. 



If you do not have a dishwasher, cleaning all the small crevices is not the easiest task.


Buy from for ($29.95)





3. Susimake Premium Bazooka Diy


If you still struggle to not put the kitchen on fire with some simple scrambled eggs but want to prove your hubby your true cooking skills, the Susimake DIY sushi tool is the perfect invention for you.

This easy-to-use tool will turn you into a sushi master in no time, without investing all your money. It was specifically designed for beginners. The product is lightweight and is dishwasher safe, meaning you can reuse it anytime you want, without too much effort. And, since we are talking about a single piece, the Premium Bazooka can easily fit into all outdoor picnic baskets or camping backpacks, if you’re looking for a fancier touch in the middle of nature.

What is more to like about this item? It is not only the perfect sushi roll maker, but also a great help when cooking a wide variety of desserts, from walnut rolls to cake rolls, biscuit cookies, fudge rolls, and other.

Most customers who purchased the item claimed it is not only lightweight, but easy to use, and incredibly convenient. With just a few moves you can turn every dull party into a gourmet sushi experience. The key is to never fully stuff the device with rice and fillings.



This DIY sushi tool is the perfect idea when you want to prepare something other than your usual dinner dish.

It does not matter how experienced you are as a sushi maker because this tool that is very easy to use will make a master out of you in no time.

Moreover, preparing sushi with this tool does not require too much time or effort from your part. The cleaning process is also a breeze, especially because it is dishwasher safe.

As this is a single-piece tool, it is lightweight and compact, so extremely easy to store. You can also fit it into your picnic basket for a more elaborate meal.

What is more, you can also use this tool to prepare various desserts like cake rolls, biscuit cookies, or fudge rolls.



This is a great way to start if you never made sushi before, but it is not for more experienced users.


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