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10 Best Stand Mixers Compared & Reviewed


Best Stand Mixer Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


We know that searching for the best stand mixer can be time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming because there are a lot of products out there and it is hard to review them all. So, after examining the most acclaimed products on the market right now, we have made 10 stand mixer reviews that will help you choose according to your needs. Our team has concluded that the first one you should take into consideration is the KitchenAid KSM150PSER Artisan Tilt-Head Stand Mixer. It is made of sturdy materials that make it long-lasting and it comes with 12 accessories so that it will enhance your cooking experience. Its tilt-head design allows you to easily maneuver it and the 10-speed feature will make your doughs very fluffy. It is versatile and you can order it in more than 20 colors. However, if this product is not available, a good choice is also the KitchenAid KSM75SL Classic Plus 4.5-Qt. Tilt-Head Stand Mixer.



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10 Best Stand Mixers (Updated Reviews) in 2021



Our team has thoroughly examined the quality, the features, and user reviews of some of the best stand mixers that are the hype right now and has gathered a list of 10 products that you should consider if you want to purchase a long-lasting and versatile mixer that can help you with making awesome-tasting cookies.



1. KitchenAid KSM150PSER Artisan Tilt Head Stand Mixer


This kitchen aid stand mixer is our number one recommendation if you want to purchase a high-quality product. It is more than you have dreamed of because of its many features and ease of use. It has a tilt-head design that allows you to easily add ingredients and easily attach or remove the beater. 

You can use it for multiple food choices like cakes, cookies, mashed potatoes and many more. It has over 12 accessories that allow you to make pasta, bread or any other type of dough as well as shred cheese.

This stand mixer will become your best friend in the kitchen as it has 10 available speeds that will help you mix even the harshest types of food out there. The mixing bowl is made of 5-quart stainless steel and it is big enough to make large quantities in just one batch. It has 59 touchpoints per rotation that make it perfect for mixing the ingredients.



The mixing bowl is made of stainless steel, a heavy-duty material that offers durability.

The size of the bowl is also a plus, especially if you want to make large quantities of food, making it a perfect choice for people who have to cook for large families or for a dinner with friends.

It offers a meticulous mixing of the ingredients because of the 59 touchpoints per rotation.

The 12 accessories allow you to use it for almost everything when it comes to cooking.

The tilt-head design offers you easier access to the bowl and also it allows you to easily remove the beaters. Because of this design, you have access to clean the mixer properly.

You can order it in more than 20 colors so that it matches the design in your kitchen.



It weighs 26 pounds, making it hard to handle, so it is better to always leave it on the countertop. However, the weight will ensure that it will not move while you use it.

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2. KitchenAid KSM75SL Classic Plus 4.5 Qt Tilt Head Stand Mixer


This Kitchen Aid stand mixer is a great purchase that will take your cooking to the next level. The Classic Plus has over 10 attachments that allow you to fulfill your dream of making your favorite recipes in a much quicker way than before.

If you have a sweet tooth and enjoy making cookies, you will be glad to know that this stand mixer can mix dough for up to 6 dozen cookies because it has a large stainless steel bowl. It can also mix the dough for up to 3 loaves of bread and up to 6 pounds of mashed potatoes. And as if that was not enough, it has 10 improved speeds to fulfill your every need.

It has a tilt-head design without a bowl handler and it includes a coated flat beater, a 6-wire whip, and a coated dough hook that can help you mix almost anything you need for your recipes.



The tilt-head design makes it easier to add ingredients, it gives you easier access to the bowl and it allows you to quickly attach and detach the accessories. 

It has a long life because it is made of zinc and the bowl is made of stainless steel, materials that are resistant to rust and water, ensuring you that you will be able to use it for a long time.

The 10 speeds offer this stand mixer versatility because you will be able to prepare all sorts of recipes, from whipped cream to grounded meat for burgers and mashed potatoes.



It was hard to find a flaw in this product, the only thing that some people might not like is the fact that it is a little bit large and it occupies some space in the kitchen, weighing 22 pounds. However, this is a minor flaw compared to the quality it provides.

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3. Hamilton Beach Electric All Metal 12 Speed Electric Stand Mixer


As we have written in our buying guide, an important feature that a stand mixer has to have is a stainless steel mixing bowl and this product from Hamilton Beach has it. It is a model that has all the properties that a kitchen aid mixer should have.  

Your cooking experience will change dramatically while using it as it has 12-speed settings that allow you to mix harsh ingredients as well as make very soft custards and whipped cream. You can also make dough for cookies and bread loaves in large quantities and it has a 2-way mixing direction which helps it do the job faster and more thoroughly.

The unit is made of die-cast metal and it comes with a large bowl, a flat beater, a whisk, a dough hook, and a protective guard. It is tilt-headed and has a planetary mixing action, which makes it versatile and easy to use.



This stand mixer is made to last long as it is an all-metal product. The bowl is made of stainless steel and the most important feature is that the motor is made of die-cast metal, which means that it will not deteriorate or break easily.

The 12 adjustable speeds allow you to make the custards smoother than you would be able to make them with a hand mixer. 

The speed also helps you to mix heavy bread dough and allow you to bake the puffiest bread. 

The bowl is large and makes this stand mixer a great tool if you want to cook large amounts of food for large groups of people.

The 2-way mixing action adds more smoothness to your custards and whipped cream.

You can order it in 4 colors to better complement your kitchen design.



It includes only 3 accessories, so if you want more you have to buy them separately which might not please some people.

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4. Aucma Stand Mixer 6.5 QT 660W 6 Speed


Baking enthusiasts have a lot to benefit from buying this affordable stand mixer which is made of long-lasting materials and that will fulfill all the dreams you have about baking. Its motor, made of copper, has 6 adjustable speeds that can help you make a lot of new recipes. The motor has a 660W power that makes it perfect for rough ingredients.

It comes with a stainless steel bowl that has two handles and 3 accessories: a hook, a beater, and a stainless whisk connector. It has a splash guard made of plastic and a speed controller on the right of the mixer’s body.

The four legs on the bottom have an anti-slip suction feature that prevents the standing mixer from moving while mixing rough ingredients such as bread dough. The tilt-head design is also accompanied by a lift-lock which makes it safe to use. The tilted head is perfect for offering access to the bowl so that you can taste the mixture or add ingredients.



The 660-watt motor is very powerful which is a great feature that any mixer can have, regardless of the type, because the rougher the mixing ingredients are, the more power the mixer’s motor needs to blend them properly.

The bowl is made of sturdy stainless steel, a long-lasting material that is resistant to rust and it has a plastic splash cover that prevents your kitchen from getting dirty.

The tilted head makes it easier to add ingredients to your mixture, as well as to taste it and to change the accessories easily.

The design of the legs which have anti-slipping properties doesn’t allow the mixer to move while you are using it.



It has 6 adjustable speeds which some people might consider too little. It depends on what you want to use it for. If you are not preparing very sophisticated recipes, this mixer can be exactly what you need.

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5. Cuisinart SM-50TQ Stand Mixer


This Cuisinart stand mixer is a great choice if you like to bake. It is very robust, made of die-cast metal, that gives it durability because it will not easily deteriorate so you will be able to use it for a long time and for intense cooking. It is suitable for big families because it has a big bowl made of stainless steel that allows you to prepare large amounts of mixtures.

The tilt-head design is perfect for cleaning and adding ingredients and you will be able to prepare various mixtures of different textures using the 12 different speeds that this mixer provides. The manufacturers provide 3 accessories in the package: a flat mixing paddle, a dough hook and a whisk. You don’t have to worry about splashings, as this mixer has a splash guard.

The motor is strong enough to provide sturdiness while mixing and the 500 watts power allows it to mix even the hardest compositions.



The construction of this mixer makes it very robust and trustworthy.

You can cook different kinds of recipes, from the simplest ones to the most sophisticated, because the 12 speeds help you mix everything you wish and give the composition the texture you want.

Stainless steel is a strong material that keeps your bowl sturdy and safe from rust, giving it durability.

The bowl has a side handle that helps you maneuver it easily.

It has a splash guard that will keep your kitchen clean.

You can order it in 7 different colors to make it fit your kitchen colors.

The tilted head design gives you easier access to the bowl.



Some users have complained about the fact that the paddles do not reach the edges of the bowl saying that the mixing process is not the best because of this. However, most of the user reviews have great feedback on the mixing process.

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6. Dash Stand Mixer Everyday Use


This is a cheap stand mixer that is great for everyday use, but you have to use it wisely. It is perfect for cookies and cakes, as it comes with 2 beaters and 2 dough hooks. If you want to use your mixer for beating eggs and whipping cream, making tasty custards and mixing soft dough, the Dash stand mixer is the right one for you.

Its weight is only 5 lbs and it is a bit small, easy for you to move around and to store it. The 6 speeds help you add different textures to your mixtures and it has a stainless steel bowl that you can access easily due to the tilt-head design. 

This mixer is great for light use, for people who do not cook for large groups and for those who like to cook soft cookies, pancakes, and other simple baking recipes. It provides the best quality for its category.



If you are looking to cook easy baking recipes, this mixer is just what you need and, since it comes at a decent price, you don’t have to invest much if you do not want complicated features.

It is very light and small, so you can move it around with hardly any effort on your part.

It is easy to store because of its size.

It has 6 speeds for precision mixing.

You can order it in 6 colors, depending on your preference.

The tilting of the head offers you access to the bowl and helps you clean it easily.



This is a great purchase for light use; however, if you want to use it for more complicated tasks, you won’t be able to do it. Bread dough, for example, is hard to mix with this commercial stand mixer. But if you are not an all-day cooking enthusiast, this will give you exactly what you need.

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7. Hamilton Beach Electric Stand Mixer 63391


This Amazon KitchenAid stand mixer comes with high quality at an affordable price. It has the much-praised tilt-head design and includes a dough hook, a whisk, and a flat beater. You can cook splash-free because this stand mixer comes with a splash cover included in the package.

It offers you 7 speeds that help you with whipping, beating, creaming, mixing, kneading, folding, and stringing so that you can bake the perfect cakes and enjoy the softest custards and creams. As the motor has a power of 300 watts, it will not be very easy to mix rough ingredients, as the power needed to do so has to be higher.

It has a rotating system that has complete bowl coverage ensuring that all of the ingredients mix completely. The bowl, made of stainless steel, has a side handle that makes it easy to move around and it is very easy to clean.



It is very versatile because of the 7-speed options which allow you to create different recipes and enjoy different textures of the mixtures.

The tilt-head design is always a plus because it allows you to reach the bowl easier and remove the accessories without making a mess.

The side handle of the bowl makes it easy to use and the material that the bowl is made of gives it durability because it will not rust or break, even if you drop it on the floor.

It is easy to clean because of its design and composition.



If you want to prepare very puffy bread of other recipes that involve the mixing of rough ingredients, the motor of this mixer might not have enough power to help you do that. However, all the other features help you a great deal in the kitchen and this mixer will make a great cooking companion.

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8. Sunbeam 002371-000-NPO MixMaster


If you like to bake, you will definitely love what this mixer from Sunbeam can do for you. With the 12-speed option, you will be able to create all sorts of cookies, custards, and cakes that will make your sweet tooth very happy and help you experiment with ingredients and textures.

The tilted head design is practical and easy to use and it also has a locking option for when you tilt the head. It comes with a special feature that offers an off-center bowl position so that you can add ingredients at any time without having to hit the stop button. The mixing is done thoroughly to add softness to your mixture.

The accessories offered by the manufacturer are 2 dough hooks, 2 beaters made of chrome, and a glass bowl, which give you the option to prepare a lot of different mixings and offer versatility while cooking.



The greatest feature of this product is the off-centered bowl option. It makes it easy for you to add ingredients and taste the mixture without having to turn the mixer off.

The feature that allows you to tilt the head makes the cleaning and changing of the accessories easier, as you have easy access and visibility.

The mixing technology allows the beaters to get to every part of the bowl so that you can be sure that all the ingredients are mixed thoroughly.

The beaters are made of chrome, which gives them durability.



The biggest disadvantage this mixer has is the fact that the bowl is made of glass. If you are very busy in the kitchen you may not pay attention to where you place it and drop it on the floor and break it. However, if you are a person who pays attention to these details, it is not a flaw.

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9. Hamilton Beach Classic Hand and Stand Mixer 64651


Hamilton Beach has come up with a design that brings you a two-in-one mixer that is versatile and can fulfill your basic mixing needs. You can use it as a stand mixer, but also as a hand mixer. This means it is light enough not to be a burden when you use it holding it in your hand while mixing the ingredients.

The motor has a power of 290 watts and you can use 6 different speeds, depending on the texture you want to give to your mixture. The stainless steel bowl is rotated during the use of the shift & stir feature so that the mixing is done thoroughly enough. Like all other mixers, it comes with the essential accessories: whisk, beaters, and dough hooks.

It is great for people who want to use it for custards and baking, and not for mixing very rough ingredients such as bread dough.



It is versatile and spares you the expense of investing in two separate kitchen gadgets. You will have a stand mixer as well as a hand mixer, being able to use it however you feel comfortable for the task you do.

The bowl is made of stainless steel, making it durable and resistant to shocks and rust, in comparison with the ones made of glass or plastic which are more prone to deterioration over time.

It is very light, great for maneuvering and while using it as a hand mixer.

The shift & stir feature rotates the bowl, which gives extra mixing thoroughness to the composition.



The fact that you can use it as a hand mixer, as well as a stand mixer, is a pro for versatility, but it is also a disadvantage when it comes to sturdiness. As we have said in our buying guide, the ones that are made in one piece are the most sturdy ones. However, if you do not want to invest much and buy a versatile product, this one is perfect for you.

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10. Murenking Stand Mixer Double Shaft


In this stand mixer review, we are going to talk about this great product from MURENKING which is a good choice for every baking enthusiast. It is a professional mixer with a powerful motor of 500 watts that has 6 speed options. It is a great choice for people who cook a lot and want to make the best tasting bakery products.

The head tilts so that you can have easy access to the bowl and also easily change the accessories. The 5 legs with anti-slipping properties at the bottom help keep the stand mixer in place. It also comes with two cooling settings that keep the product safe while using it for longer periods of time.

It comes with a stainless steel bowl, a dough hook, a y-shaped flat beater, and a wire whip made of stainless steel. It is FDA certified and it has a planetary trajectory that makes the mixing more thorough.



It is very durable due to the aluminum die-cast housing and the stainless steel that makes the bowl.

The tilt-head design offers it great accessibility and makes it easier to clean than other similar products.

The wire whip is made of stainless steel which is great because it will not deteriorate soon as wire whips from other brands do.

It comes with a 2-year warranty that ensures you of the quality of the product.

It has a sophisticated cooling system that will not allow the motor to overheat, keeping it in great shape for a longer period of time.

The splash cover helps to keep the kitchen clean while using it.

The motor is powerful enough to ensure thorough mixing and great texture even for the more sophisticated custards.



Some users have complained about the fact that the head doesn’t tilt high enough, but this can be a subjective view of the product.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


If you are enthusiastic about cooking, an electronic stand mixer is a great companion for the hours you spend in the kitchen. The best KitchenAid stand mixer or one from another reputable brand has a lot of features that can help you reduce the time you need to prepare different types of food as well as the effort you have to put into it. 

People who have standing mixers can better enjoy their cooking experience and have more time to pay attention to details. There are some features that you have to consider before buying a stand mixer, but first, it is important to know that a stand mixer is heavier than a hand mixer and it can take up more space in your kitchen, but all this is worth it.

Head type

There are three types of stand mixers: mini mixers, tilt-head mixers, and bowl-lift mixers. The mini ones are perfect for a single person or for a maximum of two people, as the bowl is not very big. If you do not want to cook for many people it is great because it is, obviously, smaller, it doesn’t take that much space and it is not very heavy. It can also have a tilt-head design.

The tilt-head design allows you to lean the head so that you can easily add ingredients and take off the beater. These mixers are usually smaller and are perfect for different types of kitchen cabinets. They are great for big families as well as for small ones because they have a bigger bowl. 

The ones that have a bowl-lift design are the best standing mixers because they offer extra stability. If you haven’t used a stand mixer before, you should know that some mixers can move a little bit on the countertop if they have to mix something that is too heavy. 

Bowl-lift mixers are great for this type of mixing and for large amounts of dough or meat grinding because they are very stable and robust.

What you need it for

It is important to know exactly what you want to use it for before deciding on the best affordable stand mixer. Usually, they are very versatile because they have special accessories that allow you to slice, grind, make a puree, and a lot of other interesting features, but the more versatile and robust they are, the more expensive they are. 

So if you want to use it only to mix custards, you should choose one that is simple and small and that does not occupy a lot of space.



Another important feature to look for in an Amazon stand mixer is durability. You have to check the manufacturer’s sheet and see the materials that the mixers are made of. Stainless steel for the beaters, as well as for the bowl, is a great choice. The heavier the mixer will be, the more stability it will bring. This is important for when you want to make dough and grind meat.

The inner mechanism is also important to be made of high-quality materials so that it does not break quickly. The best stand mixers on the market can last up to ten years. If you also pick a neutral color you will be able to use it even if you change the kitchen decor.

Bowls made of glass or plastic are easier to break, so if you want to have a long-lasting product, picking one that has a metal bowl is a better choice, especially if you’re trying to get the best price for KitchenAid stand mixer.




Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What do you use a stand mixer for?

A stand mixer helps you by doing the job in your place for a lot of different chores. It can make dough, custard, cream, it will beat and whisk eggs and most of them have a lot of different functions like grinding meat and blending fruits and vegetables. All these, of course, after you have put all the ingredients in. 

A stand mixer can have a lot of features, depending on the quality and model you pick. Most of them, besides mixing ingredients and making dough, are very versatile and have tools that help you grind meat and mix it with other ingredients to make burgers, for example.

If you like to bake, a stand mixer can be a great companion because it can do the job in your place quicker and with more accuracy. You can even use it to make pizza dough and mix eggs for your omelet, if you want it to be really puffy, of course.

Q: How does a stand mixer work?

Mixers, in general, work using the same principle, which is using a mechanism to rotate some beaters in a bowl. It is no different for standing mixers, except for the fact that they have a sort of autonomy. You do not have to hold them in your hand as you do with a hand mixer. 

It uses electricity for mixing, stirring and beating. It is a strong machine that has a lever-operated arm that you have to put on top of a bowl. To the arm, you can attach different types of beaters in order to mix the wanted ingredients. There are special beaters for eggs and creams, and different types for dough and meat grinding.

After you put all the ingredients in, you attach the beaters and place it on top of the bowl, and then you usually press a button that does the mixing for you. You do not have to do anything, you just have to wait until the dough or cream has the consistency you want it to have.


Q: How do you clean a stand mixer?

Cleaning the attachments is really easy, you can hand-wash them, it is not complicated. You just have to pay attention that the beaters are completely dry when you insert them in the arm. However, when it comes to the mixer itself, you have to be more careful.

First of all, you should unplug it so that you will not get electrocuted while cleaning it. You should clean all the spills and ingredient leftovers that are stuck to it. Then you should wipe the attachment hub. Be extra careful not to get any liquid inside the ventilation area. If this happens, wait for a few days before using the mixer so that it can get completely dry.

For the hard-to-clean areas, you can use a toothbrush and baking soda to clean them properly. You also have to clean the area under the motorhead, just pay attention not to get anything stuck there.