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Best small pizza oven


Small pizza ovens – Ratings & Informative guide


In case you are shopping for the best small pizza oven, but you don’t feel like reading the entire buying guide shown below, you can count on the information provided in this short paragraph by Grandma Jen. Accoording to the research done on this type of pizza ovens, the model that is deserving of your money and attention is the Ronco Pizza & More. This pizza oven is large enough to bake an entire 12-inch pizza, but it will take up very little space on your counter. Its efficiency is superior since it cooks 40% faster than a standard kitchen oven and it also uses 52% less energy, which will translate in fewer expenses for you. A removable warming tray that sits on top can be used for keeping your food warm while continuing to cook. If the Ronco Pizza & More is not in stock, Grandma Jen suggests the Hamilton Beach 31104, as another option that offers excellent performance at a decent price.



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These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a small pizza oven


What should you be looking for when you are shopping for a small pizza oven? There are many important aspects, but a few are essential, and that is where you should start. Based on the best small pizza oven reviews gathered from buyers and experts alike, this buying guide is focused on equipping you with everything you need for taking the right decision.


All manufacturers will mention technical specs in their descriptions of products, but that may sound a bit confusing. Since we are talking about pizza ovens here, the safest bet is to ask what kind of pizza can be accommodated. The models available for sale can vary in size, but a safe bet is a model that can fit a 12-inch pizza, as this is pretty standard.

At the same time, consider purchasing a compact model so that it does not take up a lot of space on your kitchen counter. After all, saving up space is one of the essential qualities the best indoor pizza oven reviews insist on and for a good reason. This type of oven can be used when you have little space at your disposal.


Is it capable of more than just bake pizza?

No matter how much you may love eating pizza, you are bound to get bored with the Italian recipe once in a while. It would not be a viable choice to pick a pizza oven that makes nothing more than pizza. Now, the models that garner the most praise from buyers are those that come with extra functions. For instance, best electric pizza oven should be used for making pies and toast, and even rotisserie.



Last, but not least, your pizza oven should be efficient to deserve your hard earned dollar. Models using convection heat are more useful as a general rule, as their built-in fan helps the warm air circulate so that your pizza or any other recipe you may try can cook evenly, without getting burned. Because they cook fast, these pizza ovens can even save you some money on your electricity bill.



3 Best Small Pizza Ovens (Reviews) in 2021



The best small pizza ovens you can currently purchase are showed in a shortlist below. Their high rankings among buyers highly recommend them, and they are all fine choices if you are looking for a convenient kitchen appliance to help you cook your favorite treats in record time.



1. Ronco Pizza & More Black


If you are looking for a cooking appliance that can help you put together delicious snacks in record time, the Ronco Pizza & More is an excellent choice. This small electric oven is capable of accommodating a 12-inch pizza, so you don’t have to waste any time. What is great about this model is that it cooks more than just pizza and you can use it for crust pies, cinnamon rolls, nachos, and many others.

The oven is an excellent choice as it is much more efficient than a standard oven, which means that you can even save money in the long run. It is also much faster, managing to get your pizza ready 40% sooner than what a regular oven could offer. Because its baking pan rotates slowly while the cooking process takes place, your pizzas and pies will also be evenly cooked and delicious.

The model comes with a cooking time of half an hour, and it shuts off on its own when the time is up. Now you don’t have to worry about burning down the kitchen because you forgot something is cooking. Everything about this pizza oven is designed for maximum convenience, which is why so many buyers have words of praise for it.


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2. Hamilton Beach 31104D Countertop Oven with Convection & Rotisserie


The Hamilton Beach 31104 offers the user great versatility, as it does more than just bake pizza. First of all, this model is larger than others sold on the market, and it is capable of fitting two 12-inch pizzas, so you can bake a delicious treat for the entire family without wasting any time. In case you are not in the mood for pizza, you can always try something else.

The oven comes with rotisserie functionality, so whenever you are in the mood for delicious chicken recipes, this model offers everything you need at your fingertips. You can cook an entire 5-pound chicken, given the large capacity of the oven. The self-basting process creates a tender meat that will melt in your mouth.

You can also fit inside two casseroles, for more versatility, as well as two cake pans, when you are in the mood for something sweet. The oven comes equipped with a 2-hour timer and also has bake and broil settings that will allow you to cook a large variety of recipes. Another thing you will love about this model is that, despite its large interior capacity, it is quite compact and also a great alternative to a standard oven.


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3. Hamilton Beach 31126 Toaster Oven Convection Oven


When you are in the mood for pizza, instead of calling home delivery or toil in the kitchen, firing up the entire oven for a slice, you can use the Hamilton Beach Easy Reach 31126. This small pizza oven is just what you need, as it can quickly bake six slices of toast or an entire 12-inch pizza with great ease. A versatile model that helps with cooking various recipes, this one has extra bake and broil settings.

The oven uses convection, so that warm air is circulated inside the oven, cooking your food evenly. Now you can enjoy both the most delicious crust possible in a pizza pie, as well as many other delicious recipes. It is ideal for preparing breakfast, too, since it makes six slices of toast with maximum ease. For this reason, you will also appreciate the crumb tray.

Besides collecting all the crumbs that will inevitably fall from your toast, the tray comes with the possibility to remove it for easy cleaning. The way the oven uses heat for cooking is also something to talk about. The top and bottom elements will make sure that your food is cooked properly and the fan will help the air circulate for faster and more even cooking.


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