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Small cotton candy machines – Ratings & Informative Guide


If you want to make a nice surprise for your entire family and you don’t know which the best small cotton candy machine would do the trick for you, Grandma Jen has a piece of advice for you. One product that you shouldn’t miss out is The Candery cc-ma. This amazing small cotton candy maker is suitable for making delicious desserts, it is easy to use and lightweight. Plus, you can make not only sugary recipes but also sugar-free candy cones made from hard candy items. And the fact that it is easy to clean afterward and specially designed with a colorful, bright look makes this choice one you won’t regret. Don’t feel bad if somehow the product is out of stock because another good option that fits the description is Nostalgia PCM405RETRORED.



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These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a compact cotton candy maker


A person that loves cotton candy knows how precious is to find a cone when you have sweet cravings. Even better than having to go outside and look for this sweet dessert is to actually have a product at home, that delivers as many servings that you like, no matter the day or the season. Therefore, we have gathered some useful tips and made a buying guide that presents the most important features a small cotton candy machine should possess.

What type of cotton candy machine are you looking for?

The cotton candy machine is almost indispensable if you have children or if you plan a future family event. A product like this should not only look attractive but also deliver cotton candy cones in a short amount of time.

The idea is that not all items sold on the market have the same important features. Depending on the purpose, there are cotton candy machines that can be used commercially and for large groups of people and machines that work best in the privacy of your home.

If you don’t plan to start your own business in the sweets industry, a simple machine will do just fine.

The best home cotton candy machine is the one that doesn’t require much space, can keep up with the number of servings and doesn’t need complicated cleaning products.

Therefore, you can opt for a machine that you can keep anywhere in the kitchen and use it only when your need to have an entertaining family or friends session. Just keep in mind that even a small cotton candy machine that comes for sale can be adapted to commercial use if you add a lovely tabletop or a colorful cart.


Sugar- free option comes handy

According to best small cotton candy machine reviews, one great feature is a small cotton candy machine that can deliver sugar- free cones. This comes handy especially if you want to give your children a healthy sweet snack or if you suffer from medical conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

If you like the idea of enjoying sugarless desserts you can easily purchase specially formulated sugar-free cotton candy mixes or use hard candies without sugar if the machine allows this.


Cleaning and storing

Making cotton candy is a fun chore, but nobody wants to spend hours afterward cleaning and rubbing the sugar from the spinning bowl. A good machine doesn’t need magic cleaning substances; a simple cotton cloth and some warm water are enough. Nevertheless, before attempting to clean a product make sure to read the entire manual of instructions.

Also, there’s no need to worry about the amount of space a small cotton candy machine will occupy because most of them disassemble for cleaning and for storage quite easily.  



3 Best Small Cotton Candy Machines (Reviews) in 2020



You’ll find a useful product presentation below regarding the best small cotton candy machines. Our suggestions were verified before with other customers’ reviews and expert feedback. See for yourself the results and maybe your decision will be easier to make.



1. The Candery Cotton Candy Machine


If cotton candy parties are your dream then this machine from Candery will be the most attractive part of your group gathering, not only for children but for adults as well.

Specially designed to last, the resistance of the product is due to the solid craftsmanship that allows you to operate it easily and in total safety.

One important aspect to mention is the fact that it takes only 5 minutes for the cotton candy machine to heat up in order to deliver multiple delicious servings for the entire family. Plus, children will love it because it is so colorful and bright and the simple design makes it accessible to everyone looking to operate the machine.

You can create a variety of different products and style with this cotton candy maker such as candy cones, hard candies or sugar floss.

In order to facilitate the process of making sugar cones, the product comes with a complete kit that includes 10 candy cones and a sugar scoop, useful tools for serving tasty homemade sweets.

Because the machine is lightweight, you don’t need to find a special table to place. You can put in on your kitchen table and store it in small place afterward. Also, once you finish making sweets all you have to do is to dip the spinning bowl into warm water and leave it there for a couple of minutes.



Made from solid material, this small cotton candy machine from Nostalgia is ideal for home little parties and gatherings because it doesn’t need many operations to start.

Because of its lightweight construction, the product is portable and is suitable for many social events or family birthday parties.

Also, the cotton candy maker doesn’t make much noise and vibrations and can be easily placed on a smooth surface without the risk of falling dawn.

In order to benefit from as many candy cones as possible, all the product needs is a prior amount of 5 minutes to heat up.

As for the cleaning part, the machine needs a little bit of warm water soaking, and the sugar residue will remove easily.



Although the product works great and the serving delivery is more than satisfactory, some buyers complained about the lack of sugar candy mix. Nevertheless, there is an option to purchase additionally to the cotton candy machine, a cotton candy party mix, in any desired flavor.


Buy from for ($44.99)





2. Nostalgia PCM405 Retrored Series Hard & Sugar-Free Cotton Candy Maker


A cotton candy machine such as Retro Series Nostalgia is without any doubt a must have for every birthday party or family gatherings. The unique look and the fact that it operates easily makes this machine a great option for homemade delicious candy treats.

The machine features a colorful base in a red and white design with a plastic bowl with a translucent top that prevents the sugar from splattering outside the machine when in use. Plus, you can watch the entire spinning process and see how the sugar floss looks.

This home small appliance can spin standard sugar or hard candies into fluffy cotton candy, cones and the fact that you can create sugar- free desserts is a plus especially if you want your children to have a healthy lifestyle or if you have special medical conditions.

Inside the product box, you will find clear, specific instructions and guidelines that teach you how to put hard candy in the machine.

Also, it only takes five minutes for the cotton candy machine to heat up and a little bit longer of you are using only simple sugar.

Because the machine weighs only four pounds, the unit is portable and quite easy to store in your kitchen. Plus, most of the product’s parts are removable which makes the cleaning process extremely easily.  



This product is a fantastic acquisition for every cotton candy lover that wants to make sweets out of sugar-free candy, granulated sugar or even regular hard candy.

Once placed the floss inside the heating chamber, the machine will easily heat up in a few minutes, providing delicious servings in a variety of styles such as chopstick or straw cotton candy and even sugar candy in reusable plastic cones.

One great thing about this product is the fact that it allows the users to watch each batch of cotton candy that is spun into the translucent, plastic bowl.

Plus, the item can be easily disassembled in order to be cleaned afterward.



Even though this small cotton candy machine is quite reliable, there were some customers suggested that a starter kit included with the purchase would be great. Nevertheless, there is an option of buying fun packs for sugar floss that go well this model.


Buy from for ($29.99)





3. Nostalgia PCM305 Vintage Hard & Sugar-Free Cotton Candy Maker


It provides easy operation and resembles the carnival vendor carts of the early 1900s for a nostalgic look.

This product option with a retro feel from Nostalgia is a great option for those who want to impress children and friends with a home intended appliance that aims to deliver as many cotton candy servings as possible.

The fact that it looks so much like the old carnival cotton candy trollers makes it a nice appliance for your kitchen or countertop table.

Besides the cotton candy maker, you also get two reusable cones where you can collect the delicious dessert made from simple sugar or hard candies, even sugar- free ones.

Quite easy to clean, the units disassembles so that the electric base stays still while the spinning bowl can be cleaned with a cloth and some warm water.

Plus, the ample power design makes the heating process of the machine faster. Therefore, you and your children won’t have to wait too long in order to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Quite stable and with a level of noise more than reduced, this small cotton candy machine is equipped with suction cup feet that prevent her from falling off the table or from shaking.



A nice tool for any family kitchen, this small cotton candy machine works with hard candy, sugar floss and even sugar- free candy.

The fact that it has a unique and special retro look gives the unit a resemblance of the carnival vendor carts from the early 19th century.

Plus, the clear rim is specially designed to be a protective guard against the sugar, spill and it allows the users to see how the cotton candy is made.

Besides the machine, the package includes accessories such as 2 reusable cones, one sugar scoop, and one extractor head.



Even though the machine delivers as promised, a couple of buyer’s complaint that it took too much to heat up. Nevertheless, this issue is common among small cotton candy machines that are intended for home use. Plus, in order to make more sugar cones, the product needs to heat quite well before pouring the floss or the hard candy.


Buy from for ($30.47)



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