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3 Best Silicone Spatulas – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Silicone Spatula + Reviews


If you have ended up here while looking for the best silicone spatula, then you can check out Grandma Jen’s recommendations. The most popular product these days is the Rachael Ray 3-Piece since it is a set of 3 good spatulas that are heat resistant and durable. They have different sizes and can be used for various tasks. The items are well-designed and do not weigh very much, which means that they are easy to hold and maneuver. The spatulas are flexible and can be used for cooking different types of food, starting with meat and ending with pancakes. However, if this item is out of stock or if you have other preferences, you can check out another product that is available for sale these days, the GIR: Get It Right 3 Piece Set, since it also has excellent reviews and is long-lasting.



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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Finding a perfect tool for your kitchen may be very hard, since there are different models that are used for different types of cooking. Moreover, there are so many products in the line that, sometimes, it may be impossible to choose just one! This is the case with silicone spatulas, too. Since there are so many items, you have to know the features you should pay attention to in order to get the spatula you’ve been searching for.

We have selected the most important aspects, which are listed below.

Size and flexibility

Size is an important aspect to pay attention to when looking for any kitchen tool. You have to think what kind of pans you will use that spatula with. A small spatula will cause much trouble if you use sizeable cookware. A big tool, in turn, will make it impossible to scrape things out of a pan that is too small. Moreover, it goes hand in hand with the amount of food you usually cook.

Flexibility has its own significance. Of course, spatulas have to be flexible, but if there is a chance that your model will bend in an “L” shape, then do not go for it. You will only be able to use it while cooking lightweight food, like eggs.


Handle material

There are different types of handles. There are spatulas that have the handle made of wood, plastic or silicone.

There are also handles made of metal, but you can burn yourself if you touch them right after cooking a hot dish. They will get very hot, and you may forget about this, especially when cooking for a family dinner and are running out of time. The shape of the spatula has its importance, too, but the handle does not stay behind.


Silicone and health

If you have ever cooked something with the help of a silicone tool and you did not feel well after that, then you should choose another type of product. Even if the material of such spatulas is made naturally, there have been cases in which individuals reported a chemical sensitivity while using such tools.

More than that, when buying a spatula made of silicone, you have to check its resistance, mainly the temperature limits, because it may be harmful to you if you do not know the limits and exceed them.


High quality

We would recommend you not to buy cheap silicone spatulas because they won’t last long. Instead of replacing the tool once a month, just opt for a higher quality one which will be by your side for more than a month. You will end up spending the same amount of money, but you will lose your time looking for other models if you choose a low-quality product. Invest once and get rid of the problem!



3 Best Silicone Spatulas (Updated Reviews) in 2021



Here is a list of the most popular three silicone spatulas. These products have some of the best reviews, are high-quality and have a good price. Check out this list and, you may never know, maybe one of our favorite choices will be yours, too.



1. Rachael Ray 3 Piece Silicone Spoonula


This 3-piece product is a very good deal if you are looking for more than one spatula and if you usually cook a great amount of food for a big family. The silicone heads of these tools are heat safe to 500°F, which means that they are very resistant. Moreover, the handles are heat safe to 350°F, so you can say goodbye to burnt hands!

The handle has a nice design which makes the product easy to hold and may make the process of cooking an even more pleasurable activity. You can use the tools for various tasks, starting with mixing and ending with scraping.

You can utilize each piece from this set with different types of food – you can have a meat spatula, but you can also have an omelet spatula, depending on what type of food you cook more often.

Even if the handle does not separate from the head, it will not be a problem to clean this model. You just have to use water and a little bit of soap if it is oily. However, these spatulas are dishwasher safe, so if you do not want to clean them by hand, there wouldn’t be a problem.


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2. Gir: Get It Right 3 Piece Set Premium Silicone Spatula


This set contains three spatulas that come in a great color, if we can say so. They are red and will definitely offer your kitchen a more entertaining look. They may even be attractive for your children if you want to teach them how to cook. You can tell your kids that this is your magic pancake spatula you’ve been using all this time for cooking delicious desserts or breakfast.

The products come in different shapes and are meant to be used for different tasks, such as mixing, scraping, folding, flipping or spreading. Since they have different lengths, they are useful in scraping even the deepest corner of a tall jar. The fiberglass core characterizes the spatulas as being more resistant to heat.

The items are heat resistant to 464°F and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. If you do not have one, they may be cleaned by hand, as well. More than that, if you have non-stick pans, you can use these spatulas safely, without worrying about any scratches.

Besides having a very interesting design, these spatulas are flexible and have no bacteria-trapping joints and holes.


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3. Rösle Stainless Steel & Silicone Flexible Spatula


This model is resistant to temperatures ranging from 94 to 428 °F. The handle is made of stainless steel, which means that it is durable. The spatula is flexible since the silicone blade is able to adapt to the shape of the pans and bowls. The rigid side, in turn, is the perfect choice for spreading. You will be able to use it to get into the little bowls that you couldn’t get in with other tools.

Being a German product, you can be sure that this model is high-quality and will remain in your kitchen for a very long period of time. Moreover, the fact that the silicone is not affected when used in contact with fat, acids, oil or salt says a lot about the quality.

This item has the width of 1”, the length of 8” and it is dishwasher safe. It does not weigh very much, just 1.12 ounces, which makes the tool easy to maneuver.

This good silicone spatula may become your future kitchen tool that can make your life a lot easier. If you want to make sure that the product is a good one, you can check out the silicone spatulas reviews and see the customers’ opinions.


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