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The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Sharpening Stone + Reviews


Are you looking for the best sharpening stone on the market? The cutlery items from your kitchen are incomplete without a proper sharpening tool. Upon checking out reviews and various forums, we recommend Smith’s TRI-6. The set contains 2 Arkansas fine and medium stones and a coarse synthetic stone. A smooth stone rotation and identification is provided by the mounted stones on a rotating molded plastic triangle. The manufacturer offered safety to the product by adding Non-Skid rubber to the molded plastic base. The sharpening angle guide ensures a correct angle for every use. The sharpening stones reviews for this product are favorable, with customers saying that the system is straightforward to use, as well as effective. In case this item is not available, or you are looking for something else, we also recommend the Double-Sided Knife Sharpening Stone by Utopia Kitchen, which is suitable for both short and long knives.


Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Depending on how serious you are about your kitchen knives, you ought to know that there are a few ways of sharpening your cutlery. Since a broad variety of products are available on the market right now, it is pretty hard to get good sharpening stones without any knowledge of the products. There are several aspects worth taking into consideration when searching for such items.


Methods of sharpening

One of the options for sharpening your knives is taking them to a professional who will do this for you. However, if you want to save time and money, you can get a tool and do it yourself. There is a catch, though — there are four distinct techniques to choose from.

Knife sharpening systems are very reliable. They are guided precision devices, which offer a sharp edge, making the blade like brand new.

In the case of free-hand knife sharpening on a water stone, the sharpener utilizes whetstones for grinding fatigued metal and generates a sharp edge without the help of any device, or any angle stabilizers, just plain muscle memory.

There are also other devices that assist the sharpener, such as belt sharpeners and wheels, that all have the capacity of creating razor sharp blades.

Another method of sharpening your knives is by using electric knife sharpeners, which are pull-through devices and are relatively easy to use.



Like any acquisition you are about to make, especially where tools are concerned (kitchen tools, in this case), it is essential to decide what you need the item for. If you want to use a sharpening stone for all your knives, the tools should be big enough to accommodate all types of blades.

On the other hand, in case you wish to use the sharpener strictly for smaller knives, you should get one that is appropriate for shorter blades. It is pointless to keep a large item if you do not need it.



So now you know the methods you can use to sharpen your cutlery, the available types of devices for this activity, and what exactly you need, but you can stumble upon a wide variety of products. You will find expensive and cheap sharpening stones, sharpening stones for sale, or sharpening stones with different designs from different manufacturers.

When in doubt, check the reviews! The customers who own and use those particular items can provide relevant information regarding them, making it easier for you to make the most appropriate choice.



3 Best Sharpening Stones (Updated Reviews) in 2021



We know how hard it is to select the right product from the vast array that the market offers; however, we will try to help you. Below, we present three products that, we hope, will aid you in the selection.



1. Smith’s Tri 6 Sharpening Stones


This sharpening system contains two Arkansas fine and medium stones and one coarse synthetic stone. The stones are mounted on a plastic triangle, which offers an easy stone rotation and identification. The base, which is made of molded plastic, comes with a non-skid rubber base, providing extra-safety when in use. The sharpening angle guide ensures the right angle.

When you use it, you should put a little honing solution on your stone. If you are utilizing a natural stone and no lubricant or water, it can spoil and clog it.

To secure a suitable sharpening angle on your blade, fix the Smith’s angle guide at the end of the tool. It will show you the appropriate angle to achieve the sharpest edge. Afterward, set the blade flat on the angle guide and you can start.

Drive the blade away from you similarly to trying to slice a thin part off the top of the stone. To obtain the sharpest edge, repeat the movement three or four times. Do the same for the other part by just placing the blade at the opposite end of the stone.

Following each use, the stones should be cleaned by scrubbing firmly with water, liquid soap, and a hard nylon brush.


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2. Double Sided 600/1000 by Utopia Kitchen 


The item measures 7-inches x 2.4-inches x 1.06-inches and is suitable for standard and serrated edge blades. The double-sided stone is made of carbon steel for the abrasive material, on one side being 600 grit, on the other, 1000 grit. The high-grade corundum ensures satisfactory sharpening results.

The knife sharpener is easily manageable and safe, thanks to the slip-resistant rubber bottom. The item is fast, secure and comfortable to use, and it can be used with any types of knives, starting from the kitchen, sport and pocket ones to any household knives.

Before you use the product, soak it in water for five minutes, and then put it on a regular stand. Then, hold the knife at a 10 – 30 degrees angle, grind the edge on the surface of the stone back and forth with moderate pressure, and continue until the edge is sharp enough. You should make use of the entire surface of the stone to maintain the consistency when you’re sharpening blades.

After you are done, you can wipe the stone with a wet cloth or rinse it with water, and let it dry. The stone’s surface can be cleaned with a soft brush. Also, to ensure its durability, you should know that by being dropped, the device can get damaged.


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3. Messermeister Two Sided 2000 & 5000  


The Messermeister two-sided 2000/5000 water combination sharpening stone was designed for both home chef and professional use. The 2000 grit side is suitable for creating a sharp edge, and the 5000 grit side is excellent for finishing the edge with a polish.

If you want to get a complete solution for keeping your cutlery razor-sharp, this stone can be the appropriate choice. Also, the silicone base offers safety, as it will not slip when you are using it.

Before sharpening, it is recommended that you soak the stone in water for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Keeping the knife at an angle of 10 to 30 degrees, you can start grinding the blade’s edge on the stone’s surface back and forth with a little pressure until you get a satisfactory sharpness level.

Most of the reviews gathered by this product are favorable as the customers who’ve bought it are pleased to have a tool that can make their home cutlery look and feel brand new.

Messermeister is a known brand in the cutlery business, manufacturing knives, storage and maintenance solutions, and other cooking tools as well. If you are interested in purchasing some new blades without investing too much money, you should also check their kitchen knives under 50.


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