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Sandwich makers and grillers – Ratings & Informative Guide


Within the category of the most popular cooking appliances used at a global level, there are three essential ones that have managed to become extremely popular over time: the bread toaster, the French fryer, and the sandwich maker. Today, we will reveal the most important aspects you should consider when looking for the best sandwich maker and griller. Moreover, we have analyzed the customer rankings, the best pros and cons as well as the overall performance of the most popular products available for you. Through proper analysis and comparison of features and functionalities, we have managed to come up with the list of the best sandwich makers and grillers for sale in  2017. Number one on our list today is the Cuisinart GR-150, a sandwich maker that obtained the best performance score. It also attracts attention through its stylish design and durability features. Next in line comes the Hamilton Beach 25460A, a sandwich maker that cannot go unnoticed in terms of reliability and flexibility of use.



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These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a sandwich maker and griller


Whenever you consider the idea of making a new purchase, there are several essential features and factors you should consider first. The same way you need to establish a certain budget for the next purchase, you also need to be well-informed about the performance levels and range of features and functionalities that should be offered for that price. Therefore, we will start our guide today with a clear display of essential aspects that are worth focusing on when looking for the best sandwich maker reviews in 2020.  

Easy storage

We are certain that you can live without a sandwich maker, but if you like sandwiches, then this is an accessory that you do not have to miss out from the kitchen, especially since you will not feel the cost of purchase in its case compared to other household appliances. Thanks to their construction and the cable storage space, the best sandwich makers and grillers can easily be placed in a vertical position in the kitchen cabinets.


Removable antiadhesive plates

The antiadhesive plates are usually completely detachable in the case of most professional sandwich makers in 2020. This allows the user to clean these elements easily either by hand or in the dishwasher.

Simplicity in operation

Simplicity in operation also means a very reliable product, with sandwich makers being probably the last thing that should get spoiled in the kitchen. Thanks to their lockable lids, the plates of the machine are pressed equally, and thus the heat is evenly distributed throughout the machine.

The size of the bread slices may seem unimportant at first sight, but depending on the size of the sandwich maker you can use slices of bread that are either larger or smaller. If you use larger slices that come out of the edges of the sandwich maker, you will have to apply a lot of pressure on the lid to close it and catch it in the special clamp that closes the appliance.


Varied capacity options

Depending on how much you love sandwiches or the number of daily cooking sessions you plan on having, you’ll need to choose a machine that is capable of simultaneously making at least two sandwiches. There are also larger 4 or 6 slice makers, but you will typically find double patterns that should be sufficient.



3 Best Sandwich Makers and Grillers (Reviews) in 2020



From a functional point of view, we speak of a simple appliance: two metal plates that are heated by a resistance, acting like an iron, heating and pressing at the same time the sandwich until it gets warm and compact and melting the cheese, one of the ingredients that should not be lacking in a tasty sandwich. However, given the fact that all users plan on making long-term purchases that might prove their reliability over time even when it comes to sandwich makers, it is important to choose one from the best three best sandwich makers and grillers of 2020.



1. Cuisinart GR-150 Griddler Deluxe Brushed Stainless


The Cuisinart GR-150 features the grill function as well. Therefore, if you do not want to invest in a more expensive electric grill, you can rely on this top performing sandwich maker with a grill function, that is mainly represented by the featured walnut metal plates.

It will produce the same results even though you will not be able to eat too much meat and vegetables at the same time given its dimensions. With this well-performing sandwich maker, you get to experience cooking at new heights right in the comfort of your own kitchen. You get access to up to six different cooking options that will cover all your needs and requirements in this field.

Additionally, the Cuisinart GR-150 features an extra-large grilling surface that will help you cook delicious meals for the entire family. It comes equipped with innovative accessories that can be safely and easily cleaned even in the dishwasher.

Finally, the complete range of functionality features that relies on innovative technology and options is entirely completed by its stylish design. It looks great, it is powerful (1800-watt capacity) and helps you cook everything you want in just a couple of minutes. No compromise on those delicious flavors that your family loves!



The Cuisinart GR-150 features perfect power for a sandwich maker. This will help you get everything done faster at the optimum temperature.

The fact that it features adjustable power steps is an added benefit for users. It can also be used as an electric grill, a contact grill, a panini press or a full griddle.

It comes equipped with professional griddle plates that are easy to remove and which operate based on the reversible technology. Also, you will not have to worry about these being stuck to the grill at any time.

The user of this top performing sandwich maker and griller will gain access to dual-zone temperature control and sear functions. Moreover, the appliance also features an adjustable type of top cover that comes equipped with six presets for perfect melting and locking options.



When you use a sandwich maker to make grilled meat, the only problem is that there is no leakage and storage of fat in the kitchen electric grills, so you will need to clean it in the sink with great care.


Buy from for ($113.95)





2. Hamilton Beach Electric Panini Press Grill With Locking Lid


The Hamilton Beach 25460A sandwich maker is ideal for getting your breakfast ready or preparing meat dishes in just a couple of minutes. The cooking plate has a full grill format and is made of a durable material subjected to anti-adherence treatments.

This format allows you to create wonderful sandwiches without being limited in terms of shape. Moreover, the material from which the plate is made will allow easy extraction of the food as soon as it is cooked.

It is a cooking appliance that does a great job. The preparation process does not last long at all. It is also worth buying based on the comparison of the price with the range of features and functions it includes. You can cook more sandwiches at a time, and it is very easy to clean after usage.

With Hamilton Beach 25460A, you can also heat or cook delicious quesadilla or pizza using your own favorite, fresh ingredients. The upright storage option allows you to keep this sandwich maker and griller anywhere you like in the kitchen without taking up too much space.

You can get all the ingredients ready while the sandwich maker preheats for a few minutes. This way, you do not waste any time and make sure that the tool is ready to cook delicious meals for you as fast as possible.



The Hamilton Beach 25460A sandwich maker grills products featuring any kind of thickness. It comes equipped with a café style lid that ensures an even pressing function on any chosen sandwich.

The grids in its case are 10 x 8 inches in size. It includes proper power and preheat lights that allow you to see whatever happens inside this sandwich maker at any time.

Now you no longer have to go to a fancy restaurant to enjoy the most delicious sandwiches ever. You can make these at home using this sandwich maker that is super easy to use and clean.

As soon as your sandwich is done, you will see the lighting signal that lets you know that it is time for you to remove your food from the nonstick grid.

All it needs in terms of time are a few minutes in which it will cook delicious sandwiches no matter their size, number or thickness.



The grill plates in the case of this sandwich maker are not removable.


Buy from for ($23.78)





3. Oster DuraCeramic Infusion Series 2-in-1 Panini Maker and Grill


The Oster CKSTPM21WC-ECO Sandwich Maker features high power options for quick heating. It ensures compact storage with space saving options.  Its cutting and grooving plates provide proper pressing of the ingredients inside the sandwiches as well as of the whole sandwiches inside the appliance.

Moreover, the handle remains cold for safe use during roasting. The special non-adhesive coating makes cleaning easier. Its best advantages are the exceptional non-stick performance as well as the long-lasting durability.

Its flat opening option for grilling operation makes it seem like you get two tools working in one. You can now prepare delicious grilled sandwiches in less than 10 minutes. Moreover, you can throw in your favorite meats and vegetables and get them cooked using the grill function.

Its adjustable feet allow the appliance to be properly tiled to remove any excess in terms of liquids or fat used for cooking. Finally, the Oster CKSTPM21WC-ECO also includes two drip cups that are useful while cooking and during the cleaning stage.

The product dimensions are 5.9 x 13,8 x 12.3 inches, which means that you will not have any problem fitting this appliance in any kitchen. It weighs only 5 pounds, so it will also be easy for you to move this tool from one place to another when necessary.



The Oster CKSTPM21WC-ECO features an innovative finish represented by the latest DuraCeramic coating which does not stick. It is a much more durable material compared to other similar ones used for manufacturing less-performing sandwich makers.

It manages to ensure faster cooking than similar products and saves time and energy every time it is used. This tool is easy to set up and use due to the included intuitive controls.

This top sandwich maker and griller does not take up too much space so you can easily fit it in any kitchen. The removable drip tray featured by it is easy to clean.

Finally, the Oster CKSTPM21WC-ECO is scratch resistant and durable over time as it will not peel or flake no matter how often you choose to use it. It cooks everything you want 20% faster than most products available right now without compromising on the quality of the cooked food.



The Oster CKSTPM21WC-ECO will not function properly or get hot enough to cook delicious sandwiches fast if you do not place it on a flat surface, far away from exterior factors that might influence its performance.


Buy from for ($51.95)




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