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Best salad spinner


Salad spinners – Ratings & Informative Guide


If you’re here to find the best salad spinner available for sale nowadays and you have little time to spare, Grandma Jen recommends you consider the OXO Good Grips as it is a premium model that offers outstanding performance for the money. It can be operated with just one hand which makes it ideal for when you want to prepare a fast and tasty meal, and you want the device to do all the job. The knob is soft and non-slip which makes it easier than ever to handle this excellent product. In term of design, the OXO alternative will go well with any kitchen decor so you won’t have to worry about that. If by any unfortunate event this product is not available for sale, we recommend you bear the OXO SoftWorks Little Salad in mind as well since it is another option full of features and that comes at an affordable price point.



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These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a salad spinner


A good salad spinner cannot miss from any kitchen as it can provide you with an easy way to enjoy your vegetables. Finding the right model can take time and effort which is why we have analyzed some of the best reviews of salad spinners to help you find what you need. Take a look below to see more.

Get the right capacity

When selecting your first salad spinner, you need to pay particular attention to the capacity that it offers. Think of how many people you intend to cook for because if you get one with a low capacity you are going to end up wasting a lot of time preparing your salad.

As a recommendation, it is always better to choose an option that is bigger than what you need since you never know when you’ll have to cook for more people and that higher capacity will come in handy.

To help determine what the right size is, you should use the following average rations: 2 quarts is perfect for a small salad for two, 3 quarts is big enough for four to six salads, and 4-5 quarts is enough for about six to eight servings.


Easy to use

As is the case with any kitchen appliance, a salad spinner should be easy to handle as you don’t want to spend more time than necessary using it. As such, you should look for units that feature a tight-fitting lid to ensure proper engagement of the lid mechanism.

The knob that your product is equipped with should also be soft and slip-resistant. When spinning your salad, you don’t want your hand slipping as that could cause you to drop the unit and you wouldn’t want that to happen.

Similarly, you should also look for a locking lid as the centrifugal force can generate a lot of speed, and you don’t want your lettuce flying all over your kitchen. Try and find units that feature easy-snap locks.


Construction and spinning mechanism

For your safety and health, it is recommended you choose a product that is made from BPA-free plastic. This type of plastic does not contain potentially harmful toxins, and it is readily available in kitchen utensils today.

The spinning mechanism is also essential, and you should choose what works best for you. Hand cranks can take more effort to use than push buttons or levers, but they can also be much more efficient in drying the greens.



3 Best Salad Spinners (Reviews) in 2021



Below you will find our top-rated models that have been carefully selected by reading the best salad spinners reviews, customers reports, and more. If you want to find a quality salad spinner, there’s no better place to look than in our list.



1. Oxo Good Grips Salad Spinner Large


The Good Grips is a great unit that focuses on offering users the best experience possible which is why it features a smooth and one-handed operation with a patented pump mechanism and brake buttons.

Utilizing your salad spinner will be easier than ever, and your vegetables will be left dry in just a few seconds. All you’ll have to do is use some good salad tongs to take the greens out of the bowl.

The soft and non-slip knob will lock down when you want to store this utensil, so you don’t have to worry about it taking more space than it has to. The non-slip ring and the broad base will keep the bowl steady on the countertop so it doesn’t fall on the floor accidentally.

The bowl uses an elegant and clear design which makes it ideal for serving, while the basket can be used separately as a colander. With a bowl capacity of 6.22 qt. and 4.95 qt. for the basket, you’ll be able to prepare a salad for the whole family. Get your pizza scissors and enjoy a tasty and crunchy salad.

All the parts of this unit are top-rack dishwasher safe, and they are made from BPA-free plastic.


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2. Oxo 1052421 Serving Bowl Small White


Wash and dry lettuce, fruit, herbs or any other leafy green vegetables with a simple push of a button with this OXO model. Utilizing your utensil has never been as accessible as it is now. When you want to stop spinning, the patented brake button stops the spinner on a dime.

You can do all that with only one hand which means that when you’re in a hurry and you need to get a meal ready fast, the one-hand operation of this product will help you do more than one thing at once. Veggies will get dried quickly so that you can start chopping them with your quality kitchen knife.

The non-slip base will keep the bowl steady on the countertop which is important when the contents are spinning at high speed. The non-slip pump is soft to the touch which makes using it a pleasure. The basket offers great value for the money and can be used separately as a colander.

The bowl is made from BPA-free materials, making it perfect for serving as you will not have to worry about harmful toxins getting in your food. The pump lockdown allows for a compact storage in cabinets or on shelves.


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3. Large Salad Spinner Lettuce Dryer


If you’re looking for a cheap salad spinner for the whole family to use and that can offer features and quality that are on-par with the more expensive alternatives, the Fullstar model is a right choice. This utensil will transform your salad from a limp and lifeless mess into a great looking, fresh, and crunchy dinner that everyone is going to love.

The Fullstar spinner can be used to wash your greens and then remove any excess water from them so that you can enjoy a salad that is crisp and that is full of natural flavors. This option is straightforward to use as the operation can be done with only one hand.

The smooth rotating handle allows for an efficient and quick way to prepare salads while also cleaning them from any dirt and other impurities that they might contain. The clear bowl and lid can be used for serving as it is made from sturdy ABS plastic which makes it withstand impacts.

This durability will ensure that your product can function properly for years to come. The non-skid base enhances stability during use. The lockable 5.5L basket can also be used as a colander while the portability that this unit offers makes it ideal for picnics.


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