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Best salad maker


Salad makers – Ratings & Informative Guide


If you’re looking for a good salad maker but are too busy for anything else than a quick suggestion then we’ll start off by recommending the product which got the best salad maker reviews out of all the dozens we’ve looked at. This is the OXO Good Grips, comprising of a rotating cutting tool and a bowl. It is easy to use even by children for slicing and chopping up lettuce, onions, carrots or any other salad ingredient you can think of. It received great appreciation for the convenience it offers, as it can be machine washed and we all know how hard models that use grates are to clean. The bowl is rather sizeable, at 5.5 quarts, meaning you will have to put less effort for more salad. If you’re looking for something that can also keep salad fresh, then the Gourmia GSA9230 will definitely provide.



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These are the aspects worth focusing on when looking for a salad maker


When inspired by an healthy eating cookbook but too strapped for cash to afford anything else than a cheap salad maker, then the hand operated variety of this item is what you should look towards. This will remove the hustle and bustle of using a knife to cut every piece of greenery by hand while also being simple enough not to cost a fortune. What to consider before buying one?


There are many solutions manufacturers use to ease up the job of cutting a salad, some of them as simple as rotary knives, others complicated devices with many pieces for different culinary tasks. Choosing between them might be dictated more by your own preference, of whether you want the salad cut in a certain shape or would rather just finish quicklier.

There’s also the amount of effort, or more specifically the type of effort each design might impose. For example, models where you will be expected to do the cutting yourself with a knife or special implement will impose a certain amount of strain on your hand, and might be avoided by older people who tire easily.

Almost always, salad makers that employ some sort of mechanical action for cutting will use grates, which are notoriously difficult to clean and are easy to clog. Sometimes a special tool is included with the maker just for this purpose, and might be something to look for if you value convenience.



Another important aspect when you compare vegetable slicers, convenience falls primarily to how easy the device is to use and to wash. Something that is safe to use with a dishwasher will definitely make your life a lot easier. If a handle is present, check that this offers a non-slip grip since your hands will often be wet when making a salad.

The best salad maker should have a large bowl or container in order to fit a lot of ingredients. This will greatly speed up the whole process, as you won’t have to keep filling it, saving you valuable time if cooking for many people.


Other factors to consider

Salads are notoriously quick to spoil due to their high water content. Some salad makers allow the ingredients to dry while stored, greatly extending their shelf life. This is particularly important if you want to consume the salad at a later date, such as when packing it for a work lunch, as few of us are the proud owners of an insulated lunch box.



3 Best Salad Makers (Reviews) in 2022



It might be tough finding the best salad maker for your needs with all the many models available out there. That’s why we’ve looked through some reviews of salad makers and only selected the top models for you to consider.



1. Oxo Good Grips Salad Chopper and Bowl


This item basically consists of a double-bladed roller and a salad bowl shaped in a way that will make the blades adhere to its surface without difficulty. We don’t think there’s any need to go into further details regarding how this functions.

The double blades are distanced far enough from one another to allow for large pieces of lettuce to be cut, but also smaller bits of carrots, cucumbers and other vegetables if you put your mind to it. Users loved that the natural juices of the ingredients stay in the salad better than if a cutting board were used, sometimes canceling the need for dressing.

The stainless steel blades have been found to be sharp enough for their task, and can also be used to cut cheese, fruit and whatever else can go into a salad. You’ll be able to prepare for up to 6 people at a time, as the bowl has plenty of capacity, at 5.5 quarts.

The chopper has a non-slip rubber handle for ease of use and the bowl features an extended rim, so it can be rotated while slicing the salad, for no awkward hand motions.


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2. Gourmia GSA9230 Salad Maker Set Chef Salad Maker


A somewhat more complex device than the OXO we’ve looked at, this salad spinner from Gourmia offers great functionality as a 3-in-1 dicer, grater and dryer. It comes with a number of replaceable grates and blades, that can be used to mince everything from lettuce to cheese.

This will either fall in a 5 quart bowl or a special rotating basket which allows vegetables to air out and dry. Some people actually do prefer their salad with as little moisture as possible, but this will come particularly handy if you want to keep it fresh for long, for taking it on trips or as part of a work lunch.

It has a built-in mandoline slicer, which can be changed to a julienne one, as well as a number of graters, which can be used to shape food into fancy forms. These are accompanied by a handguard, which will make it safer to slice through ingredients that might pose a challenge, like meat or tomatoes.

All the blades are stainless steel and have been found to be sharp enough to handle kitchen tasks, while the plastic that the rest of the item is made from is certified BPA-free.


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3. Salad Cutter Bowl Amado 60 Second Salad Maker Bowl


This small device is basically a bowl and tray with holes running through the top part to allow the knife through. It has no moving parts and it can’t be simpler to use. The ingredients get placed in the 3.2 inches deep bowl, turned around, and chopped into little pieces over the tray.

This system might favor some users more than others, as it cannot allow you to shape the bits with the same precision as you would on a cutting board, hence your culinary creation might suffer in the aesthetics department.

Conversely, it does cancel the need for the ingredients to be manipulated by hand during cutting, keeping your fingers and nails safe. Also, it’s been known to limit the effects of irritating foodstuffs such as onions and peppers reduces the time overall needed for mincing.

It might not be much, but it is inexpensive enough to justify its presence in the kitchen as a novelty you might potentially make good use of. Somewhat odd considering the small price, the manufacturer also offers a 6-month money back warranty.

It is of course made of food-grade plastic, so there shouldn’t be any worries about potentially harmful chemicals getting in the food.


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