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5 Best Rolling Pins – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Rolling Pin + Reviews


If you are in the market for the best rolling pin for the money, but you do not have the time to do the research on the subject, we can help. After assessing the market by taking into account expert’s opinions and the reviews left by some of the current owners, we have decided that the J.K. Adams Maple Wood is the product that you should consider getting. This choice is medium in size, and it is made of maple wood. As a plus, the item has waxed barrels and easy-grip handles that make the pin effortless to use. Additionally, this product was handcrafted in the USA, and it features self-lubricating bearings, which is the reason why it is said to pass the test of time. If the model is out of stock, you might want to check out the Epicurean Rolling Nutmeg as it has also received plenty of positive reviews.



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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Shopping for rolling pins for sale can be a complicated task, especially if you do not know much about the topic. To be of assistance to you, we have composed a short but comprehensive list of features that you should not settle without when picking a product of this type.

Types of pins

According to rolling pin reviews, there are three kinds of devices that you can find available. First, there are the classic Shaker pins that are created from a single piece of material. Usually, these pins have fixed handles that are carved out from the actual barrel of the model.

Next, the French pins are also constructed from a single piece of wood, but, instead of handles, they have tapered ends.

Finally, the classic roller, the American model, has a design that is a little more complex as it includes a barrel that turns along a steel shaft and a ball bearing. Because of its construction, its core part can move independently from its handles. Hence, it gives the user more independence and stability. As a plus, the American roller can be made of wood, marble and even silicone.

No matter the type of roller you pick, the selected option should, first of all, feel comfortable in your hands, as this aspect is directly related to how it performs.



If you want to end up with a good rolling pin, you should get one that measures between 18 and 22 inches. If the model that you like has tapered ends, it is best for its middle part to include a straight section that is at least 7 inches long.

Also, the surface of the roller should not, in any way, be porous, as this is prone to make the whole process difficult, as the dough will constantly stick to it.


Weight and diameter

Another feature that you should look for in both cheap rolling pins and more expensive devices is the weight and the diameter of the model. Generally speaking, light narrow units are easier to maneuver.

Still, according to some experts, the heavier counterparts are more practical as, in a way, they do more of the work on your behalf. However, keep in mind that the roller that you invest in should not be too heavy so that it cracks the dough.

Last but not least, if you are a neophyte cook, and you are interested in investing in quality kitchen tools, go ahead and read this article as it is packed with tips and tricks.



5 Best Rolling Pins (Updated Reviews) in 2021



If you are set on acquiring a new rolling pin, but you are still not sure what products are worth your attention, go ahead and check out these models that we have prepared for you.



1. J.K. Adams Maple Wood Medium Gourmet


If you want to get a model that has already been vetted by prior buyers, be sure to add this device sold by J.K. Adams to your list. This roller measures 12 x 2.8 x 3 inches, and it was made of maple wood. Moreover, the item has waxed barrels and easy-grip handles that make it very easy to maneuver.

Because of its full-length steel axel, this choice is very sturdy, and it can supply you with a lifetime of smooth rolling. According to the manufacturer, this model was handcrafted in the USA, which is a reason why some owners recommend it.

To clean it in between uses, it is advisable that you hand wash it with warm water and then dry it. Given that this option is medium sized, you can use it for a wide array of tasks. Keep in mind that this is an American roller, hence, its pin rolls independently from the handles.

Most of its owners are happy with its sturdiness and with its weight. One user pointed out that the model allows her to roll the dough faster than the previous model that she had. Yet, you should know that this product comes stamped with a sticker that is a little difficult to take off.



This item is not very sizeable. Because of this, you won’t find it challenging to use it when rolling dough. Also, you will surely find it easy to store it.

Plus, this product was manufactured in the USA.

The design of the model is simple, yet effective. Given that the middle part moves independently from the handles, you will undoubtedly consider it convenient.

According to the manufacturer, the item is covered by a lifetime warranty.



This device is not marketed as safe to wash in the dishwasher. Still, most of its users noted that because of its construction, the model is not, by all means, difficult to clean.

A small number of owners were not too pleased that this choice is a little heavier than other similar units. However, the specialists argue that its weight is actually prone to make it easier for one to roll dough with it.


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2. Epicurean Rolling Nutmeg Rolling Pin with Handles


Another eye-catching alternative that might stir your interest is the Epicurean Rolling Nutmeg. This unit stands out because it has a one-piece construction and because it features practical handles. Also, the item is very sturdy and quite balanced.

The material used when making it is non-porous so that the dough won’t get stuck to it. Overall, this item measures 20 inches in length, and it has a diameter of 2 inches. The model is safe to wash in the dishwasher, and it was NSF-certified as safe. The choice is also made in the USA.

On top of that, the handles that the item includes are ergonomically designed to fit one’s hands perfectly.

The wood fabric utilized when creating this roller is heat resistant up to 350 F degrees. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that it will get damaged easily. Still, keep in mind that the product is not microwave-safe and that it should not be used as cookware. Also, this item is covered by a warranty policy.

Those that used this roller so far pointed out that this product has a perfect finish and that it has a great shape. The item is highly functional, and its handles supply the buyer with total control over it.



The rolling action provided by this kitchen tool is smooth, comfortable, and pretty accurate, as its handles glide through one’s hands as one uses it to roll the dough.

Because it is made of a non-porous material, the dough won’t stick to it, and you will be able to save time while preparing your favorite recipes.

This roller has a solid construction and a smooth finish that you are likely to appreciate.

Given its dimensions, this unit is ideal when used to roll an even dough for a standard 9-inch pie pan.



Although it has a 2-inch diameter, some users considered it a little too thin. However, most of its owners are completely happy with it.

It has been said that this choice is kind of expensive, especially when compared to other units that have the same features. Still, most agree that it can be regarded as a great gift for a person that loves cooking pastry.


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3. Fox Run 4009 Tapered Rolling Pin


If you are a big fan of handless rollers, the Fox Run 4009 Tapered is just what you need. This choice has a barrel with a diameter of 1.75 inches and its pin measures 20 inches in total. The tapered, handle-free design is said to allow total dough control and increased maneuverability. In fact, the item is particularly suitable for rolling pie crusts and pizzas.

Although this model is not safe to wash in the dishwasher, it can be effortlessly hand washed after using it, as it has a non-stick finish. Moreover, it dries easily. Because this option is very light in weight, the pressure that has to be applied while rolling the dough has to come from the baker. Consequently, you should be prepared to put in the extra work when utilizing it.

Additionally, because of its design, the ending parts of the model are very comfortable in one’s hands. This option is larger than most devices of this kind, but its size won’t interfere with the user’s ability to roll the dough correctly.

Previous users had many positive things to say about it. They were particularly content with the non-stick material that was used to make it.



This 20-inch model is very convenient and versatile, and it has a design that helps the user even the dough with little effort.

Because of the non-stick natural rubber wood material used in the making of the item, this unit is easy to clean.

This roller is light in weight and handle-free. Consequently, you will have no issues when it comes to maneuvering it.

If you need a roller that can be used when preparing pie crusts and pizzas, this choice is perfect for you.



One previous buyer was not happy with the thin design of the product. However, most owners remarked that this model delivers consistent results nonetheless.

Although this choice is regarded as quite practical, some of its current users noted that the product is not convenient as it cannot be washed in the dishwasher. Still, this is not a significant drawback of the model.


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4. Fox Run 3842 Marble Rolling Pin


This model is made of 100% marble, a material that is known not to absorb moisture, odor or fats from the food. Also, the marble has an elegant design that includes unique colors and patterns. As a plus, this item features nylon ball bearings that allow for a smooth rolling of the pin.

Thanks for the wooden, easy-grip handles that it incorporates in its construction, it is not at all difficult to utilize this model when cooking various types of pastry. To clean it, it is advisable that one uses a mild detergent. Hand washing it is recommended.

The barrel of the choice is 10 inches long, and its diameter measures 2.7 inches. In total, this roller is 11 inches in length, so that you can safely store it.

This option is a good pick when gifted to a pastry enthusiast because its cool marble surface can prevent the dough from sticking to it. Even more so, for best results, you should refrigerate it for 15 to 30 minutes before using it.

When shipped, the item also includes a non-slip rubber mat that you can use with it. Lastly, given that marble has a non-porous finish, it is safe to assume that cleaning this roller is effortless.



This model is made of marble, and it includes wood handles. Therefore, it is convenient to use and effortless to wash after you are done utilizing it.

Because it remains cool when rolling dough with it, this kitchen tool won’t cause the dough to get stuck to it. So, you won’t have to struggle when cooking with it.

This device incorporates nylon ball bearings that enable it to roll smoothly. Moreover, it comes provided with an extra base that includes non-slip ceramic feet.

The actual rolling pin measures 10 inches, which is enough when used to create regular-sized pizzas.



It has been remarked that the ceramic feet that the base includes are not very functional when used on laminate countertops as there is a high chance that the countertops will get scratched.

One user claimed that one handle of the device broke after the second use. Yet, not a lot of similar cases have been reported so far.


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5. Linden Sweden Pastry Rolling Pin


If you are determined to purchase a device that was specifically created to be used when making pastry, be sure to include this unit sold by Linden Sweden to your shortlist. This alternative is made of beech wood, a type of material that is said to be sturdy and durable. As a plus, the wood that was used came from sustainable forests.

Moreover, this handle-free unit has gently rounded edges so that the person using it feels as comfortable as possible while doing so. As the seller notes, this choice is easy to handle, which is why it can be considered a great tool to have in your kitchen.

Size-wise, this roller measures 19 inches, and it has a diameter of 1.75 inches. So, you can store it easily next to your other favorite tools to use in the kitchen. This unit is appreciated because it is medium in size and because it has, according to one user, the perfect weight for rolling dough perfectly. You can also use it when making sauerkraut.

It has also been claimed that the materials used in constructing it are of high-quality. Hence, it can deliver consistent results for years to come.  



This unit is highly versatile due to its design. So, you can use it to prepare not only pizzas and pies but also, according to a user, sauerkraut.

Because it was constructed from high-quality materials, this item is likely to pass the test of time and to supply you with the expected results.

This choice has a handle-free construction that makes it particularly easy to clean in between uses.

Given that it has rounded edges, you won’t risk hurting yourself while utilizing it.



At the time we did our research, this model had only received positive feedback comments. Therefore, it is a tad complicated to say whether or not there are some unmentioned issues with it.

This model has a diameter of 1.75 inches. Hence, some buyers might regard it as a little too thin for their liking. Still, this aspect has not been mentioned by previous buyers so far.


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