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3 Best Rolling Pins for Croissants – Comparison & Reviews


The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Rolling Pin for Croissants + Reviews


If you are searching for the best rolling pin for croissants, but you are short on time, Grandma Jen recommends that you consider the Fletchers’ Mill Bakery as it offers great performance and quality at a low price point. The 18.5-inch design of this unit will allow you to keep your hands close for a good feel of the dough. The maple bakery rolling pin is designed to work perfectly for both the home baker and the professional chef. What’s more, you are also guaranteed the quality and reliability of a product that was handcrafted by professional artisans. In the unfortunate event that you are unable to find our first choice available for sale, we recommend that you consider the J.K. Adams FRP-2 as it is a reliable option to help you prepare your delicious croissants.



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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Getting a good rolling pin for croissants might not sound like a difficult task – after all, they all look relatively similar. But just as is the case with any cooking utensil, there are details that you ought to consider before you make a purchase if you wish to get the best possible product.

We know that people seldom have the time to research on their own, which is why we have decided to do the hard work for you. In the buyer’s guide below, we will go through some of the critical factors you ought to bear in mind when looking to purchase a new rolling pin for croissants.

Types available

There are two primary types of rolling pins for you to choose when rolling croissant dough: the rod or French rolling pin as it is also known or the classical roller that features handles. A French style rolling pin better for croissants is one that’s easier on your hands and wrists and that allows you to place your palm on each end of the roll to apply even pressure across the dough.

With a French rolling pin, your hands will touch the dough, and that will allow you to get a better feel; this is a technique in itself that you will need to learn. With that said, some might not enjoy touching the dough, not to mention that touching it too much risks heating it, so you will have to work very fast.

The classic rolling pin comes with handles, and it is used by holding them and rolling the cylinder across the dough. Some users find this option easier to use since it is a “cleaner” way of rolling dough, but you will need to apply more force, and as a result, you might not be able to stretch it evenly.



The primary materials you will have to choose from are wood, aluminum, or stainless steel. Wood models are the most popular since they are very cheap, but they have the disadvantage of sticking to the dough and applying too much flour can ruin the pastry.

Aluminum and stainless steel pins can remain cold very well, and they generally don’t stick, which makes them roll dough easier. They also have the advantage of being very easy to clean. Some metallic models can also be filled with cold water to make them colder for longer.



The length of the pin is only important if you wish to make wide sheets of dough. If you do want to get a versatile product that can also be used to roll long sheets of pasta, for example, going for a larger size of around 20 inches won’t hurt.



3 Best Rolling Pins for Croissants (Updated Reviews) in 2021



To help you get a proper product, we have prepared a list of top-rated models that have garnered positive feedback from customers thanks to their quality, reliability, and ease of use. Take a look at our reviews of rolling pins for croissants if you have the time.



1. Fletchers’ Mill Bakery Rolling Pin


With the Fletchers’ Mill Bakery you get superior quality as their product is handcrafted from solid rock maple for increased durability and ease of use for a lifetime of effortless rolling. All the materials utilized for manufacturing this model come from sustainable sources and use clean energy practices.

The 18.5-inch length of this model is designed to allow users to keep their hands close to the dough so that they can get a good feel and prepare croissants that are very fluffy. The tool is built to cater to the needs of home bakers, but professional chefs can also use it.

The baker style roller is ideal for all-purpose use and the lightweight maple cylinder is a favorite of chefs worldwide. Thus, the advantage of this unit is that you will be able to use it to cook almost anything. The 1 ½-inch diameter pin will keep the hands close to the dough for more detailed work.

While looking at the numerous customer reviews, we were glad to see that users were very satisfied with their purchase. They claim that once you season the cylinder with a little mineral oil, nothing will stick to it.


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2. J.K. Adams FRP 2 Maple Wood French


The French rolling pin design of this model means that you won’t have to grasp at the sides of the cylinder to push and pull. You will instead be able to use the heel of your hand to press the unit away from you. Since you are not grasping at the outside of the handles, you will place your hands naturally more toward the center of the pin.

This design will allow you to get more control and intimacy than when using a classic pin with handles. The J.K. Adams FRP-2 has a length of 20 ½ inches and a diameter of 1 ½ inch, which is a standard size for French rolling pins.

As is the case with most models built from wood, this one too uses maple as the primary material. The unit is handcrafted and finished in the US, which helps confer it increased durability and a seal of quality.

Customers have reported that the wood this model uses is very smooth and the cylinder is perfectly balanced which means that you will be able to roll your dough evenly and effortlessly. To clean it, you just need to hand wash it with warm soapy water and dry it immediately after.


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3. New Star Foodservice 37524 Extra Heavy Duty


The New Star Foodservice 37524 is made with durable aluminum which gives it a professional look and quality. While you are more likely to find such an option in a professional restaurant than in a household, this unit is built to satisfy the needs of both huge commercial kitchens and culinary artists that love cooking at home.

The brand believes in providing only the highest-quality products to their customers which is why its products are built to withstand the high volume and heavy-use environments of restaurants while also providing the ease of use and functionality that cooks of all backgrounds demand.

The unit has a length of 18 inches and a diameter of 4 inches. The rolling pin handles are built to offer a good grip and to prevent slipping during use. The barrel rotates around the axel, and that allows for a smoother rolling with less amount of effort required to roll the dough evenly.

Since the unit is built from aluminum, you will not have to worry about the cylinder getting warm, and you can even store it in the fridge before you start preparing your croissants. Even though the unit seems quite massive, it weighs only 3.5 pounds.


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